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Sharing More of the Good Stuff

Hello my Dark Darlings! It's come round to Saturday again and I need to share
more blogger love! Firstly let me show you some of the blog posts which have
captured my attention this week #SoSS

Hey Epiphora's Great demo of the superiority of rumbly vibrations on the 
Love this discussion, with personal ancdotes on sexting & its value from 
Exhibit A
Discovered a new erotic writer hhastngs: Summer Night
This picture makes an evocative writing prompt.
2 Brief erotic pieces'This' &  'Girlfriends' from Hannah Lockhardt.

Next I want to introduce you to a fellow blogger Emmeline Peaches, who had been very frank and revealing in her answers. 

What made you decide to write a sex blog?

A good question, and one I ask myself at times too.
As the years go on, it becomes a bit harder to pinpoint one specific reason that I decided writing about sex was the right avenue for me. My go-to answer used to be that I was passionate about sex, craving an additional project to balance out my love of writing and the gruelling process of a PhD, and very interested in raising awareness about vaginismus and other important issues regarding sex, sexuality, and sexual confidence.
I certainly started my blog with those intentions in mind, having been inspired by discovering the sex toy greats such as Hey Epiphora, Dangerous Lilly, and the then prolific Marvelous Darling and Toy Meets Girl (the latter two being my icons). Epiphora and Lilly’s guides on starting an adult blog were godsends for me at the time, whereas Marvy was the first blogger I built up the confidence to DM directly to help me with a site concern. I owe these people a huge debt.
But, looking back further, I already had a deep admiration for sex writing long before I launched my blog. I watched documentaries on TV discussing sex writers and sex, and even wrote a few of my own very short (very smutty) product reviews on the Bad Dragon forums. 
So, in this way, I guess I always wanted to write about sex as a young teen. I just didn’t realize I could be a sex writer until I found a space that fit my academic style in until I discovered the broader adult product review community. 
At that point ‘God I wish I could share my love of sex’ turned in to ‘Yeah…I think I can do this…Just as a passion project though. I’m no pro’.
The rest is history.

What’s behind the title of your blog or your blogging “name”?
When I was doing cognitive behavioural therapy with a sex therapist and my then partner (now ex), we were encouraged to come up with a word that we could use to indicate any change in ‘thrusting speed’ as it were. 
I thought for a moment before blurting out ‘How about Peaches?’ and the phrase stuck from there. ‘Peaches’ then evolved in to my safe word and, when I was thinking of my blogging name, seemed like the perfect way to speak for my own sexual situation. 
From there I wanted a first name that felt timeless, dignified, and was associated with feminism and empowerment. Emmeline Pankhurst came immediately to mind (probably because of the shared ‘P’) and so I made my name.
I suppose given that I’m no longer with my ex and partner of 11 years, the name could be considered as somewhat bittersweet (especially considering the emotionally abusive dynamic that emerged come the latter years),  but I don’t see it that way.
At the end of the day, I was the one who selected the term ‘Peaches’ for my own recovery. I then took that word with me into my greater adult adventures, and forged my own unique identity with it.
Now, as I’m expanding in to additional projects too, I’ve even created a business name out of it – Peaches Independent – and I could think of no other way to summarise my contemplations on all that has happened since my recent relationship dissolution.

Describe your blog in a nutshell:
Ha ha, I’ve already waffled so much and it’s only question three (oops). This one is short and sweet: Emmeline Peaches Reviews is an adult product review blog with an educational twist. When visiting my blog readers can expect to find in-depth product appraisals, articles on sex and sexuality, and personal musings of an adult nature (also a whole lot of veganism, when the content allows). I always do my best to balance objective information with my own subjective voice. That’s the theory, at least!
How long have you been blogging on this theme? When it comes to my own site, it’s just past 6 years as of this January. …Wow. I feel old!

What is your favourite type of adult toy?
I was very tempted to say ‘a powerful G-Spot vibrator’ – because this gives the option of a strong toy you can use internally or externally, as you wish – but, if I’m being true to myself, I’d have to say a wand.
I love wand vibrators so much. If my sex session doesn’t involve a wand (usually the Lelo Smart Wand Large or the Doxy Number 3) then it’s probably because I’m using the Zumio. There’s really no other exception. 
I just love how broad, rumbly, and deep a truly great wand is. Wands don’t give me an instant climax – they allow me to press and caress their surface over my vulva and clasp my free hand wantingly around their head. 
They tend to have great handles, simple controls, and the option to pull away easily if things get too intense. 
Plus they have such a rich and powerful iconic history which really plays into my background as a social art historian. 
I just adore them!

If you were sent to a desert island (with no power issues) name the 1 adult toy you’d take with you
The Doxy Number 3. Easy choice.
I love my larger wands, and my Zumio, but the convenience of the Doxy Number 3 not needing to recharge between sessions (what with it being a plug ‘n play) is more my style.   

What’s your current sexuality?  At what age did you realise this was the right ‘fit’ for you?
I identify as bisexual in the sense of being attracted to more than one sex/gender (bi then referring to ‘same’ and ‘different’ rather than the restrictive ‘male’ or ‘female’ often imposed on bisexual individuals rather than meant by them). 
I also use the term queer with open confidence, as I’m rather gender fluid too, and really pretty much ‘anything goes’. 
For as early as I have felt attraction, that attraction has mainly been towards those with female physical features or a feminine identity. As I got older I found I was even more attracted to women who showed traits that would be considered as ‘butch,’ ‘gender fluid,’ or ‘androgynous’. But I also knew that I liked other options too.
As a teenager, the best term I had for this was ‘bisexual,’ and that was the term I used when ‘coming out’ to my partner (and then casually mentioning it to most others). I suppose that’s why the term resonates with me so strongly, even though I’ve since  learned a lot more about sex, sexuality, and gender.
Now when people ask me ‘What are you attracted to?’ I typically answer ‘Anyone and everyone’ before elaborating and bringing out the B-word, but I doubt I’ll ever drop ‘bisexual’ from my lexicon altogether. 

What’s your preference – naked or “dressed up” for sex?  If dressed up, how so?
Does ‘decorated in the cosy embrace of a thick blanket’ count?
Nah, just kidding, I tend to go for naked or very minimal aesthetic complements. These would usually be a body chain, a faux leather harness, or a collar. 
Oh, a collar *melts*
Is there a kink or fantasy you’re yearning to try?
If given the chance I would love to get in to fitness domination (either being the Domme or getting dominated), branding (as a sub), or cupping (again, as a sub).
I really don’t get enough chances to be a pup either.
I should rectify these things.
That being said, I am a very shy Peach and usually don’t have the confidence to ask for my kinks to be fulfilled (nor the people around me to help me explore them).
Coming from a place of emotional abuse (and sexual, at a much younger age and with a family member), I also struggle with giving people control and can have a rush of panic if I feel I no longer have power in a sexual situation. 
I haven’t ever told the greater adult community my own biggest fetish. Only a select few people know what makes my clitoris instantly throb. 
Name the fictional being or species you’d most like to have an encounter with:
Gosh, that’s a hard one (and kind of gives hints towards that currently unspoken fetish).
I think I’d have to say…a werewolf. 
God, I’m such a tween cliché. 
Second choice has to be a very adept spell-caster (or Raksha from the roleplaying game, Exalted). 
The kink clues are dropping hard now.

Anal sex - Meh or Yay?
‘Yay’ when giving it to others.
‘Stay the eff away from my sensitive IBS booty’ if asked to receive. 
Sex needn’t always be serious – do you have a funny moment to share?
Oh, where to start!   I guess the beginning is a good one. 
The first adult product I was given ‘free’ to review was (believe it or not) a fully functional fucking machine, which you sat on as it thrusted mechanically up and down. I won it by changing the lyrics of Bohemian Rhapsody to be about using the toy, and I’m still proud of that achievement. 
At the time I pretty much lost my mind with excitement. An actual fucking machine! It even had a squirting feature. I was screaming.
Buuut, when it arrived my emotions soon balanced out a bit. 
The toy was not dreadful, by any means, but the attachments were porous, the saddle wasn’t made from antibacterial material, and, deep down, I knew thrusting wasn’t my most loved sexual motion. 
I was still excited, though, and I tried and enjoyed the product with my, now, ex multiple times.
The first time we tried to use the ‘squirting feature’ though – which involved essentially pouring water down its spout so that it could squirt out on activation – we weren’t even sure it had worked upon release. 
After we’d finished up I checked the saddle and it was semi-damp but not massively. Curious, I picked the entire saddle up and gave it a little shake.
Sure enough, water sloshed mockingly inside of it. 
My, now, ex and I were baffled. Wide-eyed, daunted, and oh so new to the whole ‘technical issues’ thing with sex toys, I did the only thing I could think of: I tipped the entire saddle upside down and gave it a shake. 
Water spurted flaccidly out, like vinegar from a semi-blocked container. 
All we could do was laugh our heads off.
The water never fully came out of that saddle. It sloshed and dribbled for the entire time I had it, until I decided that I didn’t want such an unhygienic product in the house anymore. 
I imagine/hope that someone (a very bemused waste disposal employee) had the same amused moment as I did with shaking and tipping my old fucking machine. 

Sexting - love it or hate it?
Love it. Don’t get to do it enough. Interested people hit me up.
The disclaimer being that it needs to be consensual and I need to be in the mood to it. 
Sometimes I’m feeling incredibly receptive and want to talk to everyone in all capacities. 
Other times I want nothing more than to be left alone with my own thoughts. If someone were to try and persist when I was in the latter mood, I think they’d likely get the cold shoulder and accidentally land on my list of ‘people who I find mildly annoying’.

Which mainstream film depicts your favourite erotic scene?
Oh gosh, that’s tricky. 
It’s not a ‘sex scene’ in the conventional sense but the climax to the Little Red Riding Hood story in the Trick ‘R Treat horror anthology movie is unrivalled in terms of erotic allure.
No spoilers.

Do you watch porn?  
Yes, but only professionally. 

Nominate your favourite adult film:
Crashpad’s Guide to Fisting, because I like my smut to be educational. 

Before you go, please tell us 1 adult blog (aside from yours) which we must add to our reading list:
Squeaky Bedsprings is a brilliant writer, a beautiful individual, and needs to be on everyone’s radar. 

Thank you so much for sharing your more ‘private’ side with me and my Dark Darlings!  
You’re most welcome! Thank you for having me. 

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

White Panties

OK - this was confusing!  She could not stop looking up another girl’s skirt!

She liked boys, she knew she did, she’d done some thrilling kissing with boys and let one feel under her jumper but over her bra, yet she couldn’t take her eyes off the glorious glimpse of pristine white panties under an older girl’s games kilt.
Her year were gathered in the library to do prep, while the rain pelted down on the lacrosse pitch and dripped from overhanging trees. The goal nets hung abandoned, soggy and wet, while the 2 games mistress retreated back into the staff room with a cup of coffee. There was general shuffling, huffing and fidgeting going on in the library, but most people were knuckling down and tackling work they’d been set earlier in the day.
The older girl was a legend to younger years; she was in the school lacrosse team, tall and slender with fabulous deportment (school gave awards for that - walking with a straight back and looking poised). She had long smooth legs, great hair, smooth complexion and a pretty face. She seemed uber cool to, but she was also a rebel. Sure, there were tales of her sneaking out of school after curfew … but we’re talking choice of underwear. Lisa was not wearing navy gym knickers!
Gawd but the regulation gym knickers were ugly! Usually baggy, they were made of a towelling fabric, but because of the brevity of the regulation games kilts, most girls wore them to protect their modesty. Not Lisa, she simply wore white briefs, so sitting on the edge of her seat at the table with her legs uncrossed, the younger girl could see between her legs to a triangle of white cotton. She was fascinated.
She wasn’t hot and turned on, so that was 1 positive, but she kept stealing furtive glances at Lisa. It seemed she was trying to ‘learn’ from her, how to channel her sexy yet innocent air. What kind of panties did she wear, what shape? Tanga? Bikini? (This was before the advent of boyshorts and thongs) and where did she buy them? Was Lisa’s skirt as short as hers, or shorter? How did she keep the pleats so knife-sharp?
As she was contemplating these questions, Lisa looked up and caught her looking up her skirt. A look of irritation flitted over her face and she crossed her legs, shifting position. Argh! How to style this out? She looked like a peeping tom, Lisa might start a rumour that she was a lesbian (a fairly common rumour at an all girls’ school as you can imagine). She tried looking round the room at other girls, and what she could see under their tables, as if she wasn’t fixated with Lisa, before she realised this made her look even more like a lesbian!
She turned her attention to the maths, long division made even less sense than usual, then sneaked another peek. Lisa was gathering up her books and pens, she turned her back and left the library, looking cool and elegant, but not swinging her hips sexily (because that would ruin her deportment). Hey! Is that what the award was about, trying to squash the girls’ urges to channel their inner ‘foxy’?

Once Lisa was gone she tried to analyse what she’d felt and why she’d been so fascinated, and it seemed the same thing was true back then, with the 14 year old version of me as it is now. I look at girls with a critiquing eye - are they sexy or alluring? If so, how? What are they doing or wearing that I can mimic? I’ve shaped my ideas of what grabs the attention of the opposite sex and ‘reels them in’ from other women who I consider exemplary. So if you ever catch me gazing at your cleavage, your elegant long legs or your peachy, cute butt, please feel flattered as I’m probably planning how to steal ‘style’ tips from you.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

A Little Bit of the Side!

Good afternoon my Dark Darlings!

A little bit of side-boob encased in the softest, halterneck black lace bra.

See who else has been / is sinning today!