Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Book Reviews You Might NOT Want to Tell Your Friends About!

DIRTY ENGLISH - Ilsa Madden-Mills

Elizabeth is a girl with a past she'd like to forget.  On prom night her rich privileged, date persuaded her to drink to excess and take a drug before taking her to a hotel room where he raped her.  Elizabeth doesn't want to be broken or defined by this, but the trauma has shaped how she lives her life now: A college student, not a hermit, but afraid to be in a relationship and limited to sex which fits her list of rules:
  • She initiates it (the boy must not be too popular or too rich)
  • It happens at her place
  • She must be on top
  • It's always a one-time-thing
27152124Now meet Declan - a British college student, tattoed, sculpted and a notorious street fighter known as Dirty English.  He's just the type of boy Elizabeth avoids.  Yet how can she when he occupies the apartment next door and the walls are paper thin?  Plus he takes the same english class and this shows his soft side - an in depth knowledge of Pride and Prejudice.

The falling in lust with each other is pretty convincing and the sex firstly teases, and builds up to red hot.  What's not to like about  a young limber girl getting pressed up against the wall by a well muscled hunk who's unable to resist her?  Elizabeth manages to get past her trust issues and Dexter is the perfect mix of wild, ferral fighting machine and strong, patient sex god [sigh].

This was a real page turner  [teen, vanilla sex] and the love story was tender and believable, so it brightened up my bank holiday weekend.

Forbidden Pleasure (Bound Hearts Book 8) - Lora Leigh

Forbidden PleasureThere is a secret club, located just outside Washington DC, where men go to indulge their desire to share their women with a selected male partner.  John 'Mac' Macoy used to be a member, but he resigned from the Club when he married his luscious but innocent bride Keiley Hardin.  But he can't let his kink go!  Mac is haunted by fantasies of sharing his woman with the one man he trusts - Jethro Riggs.  

Jethro is a reformed  bad boy with a vulnerable core, and Mac plays on this while, unwittingly, Keily feeds it too.  She represents everything Jed wants to own and be part of, respectability, family and Keily simply oozes unbridled sexuality - but can these two men persuade her to partake in their fantasy?  Will she succumb to pleasure such as she has never known before?  A sex act that she believes is wrong, twisted, dangerous?  However, can her marriage survive if she continues to deny her true love his deepest desire? 

The sex described in this book is fantastic, as is the sexual tension, while the depictions of the deliciously depraved activities undertaken by different combinations of the 3 main characters were incredibly arousing.  As there are other books in the series, there is bound to be more pleasure to be had but this is one of the few books I go back  and re-read, as it's a guaranteed panty dampener!  

I hope, my Dark Darlings, that you will sample these books, or perhaps you have some that you could recommend [by way of a comment] so we can all share our reading pleasure?!

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

The Birth of your Sexual Curiosity

Hello my Dark Darlings!  It’s been a while I know, I left you alone and wondering  (wandering? having a solo play?) while I’ve been away.  I’m back now - so slip into something less comfortable and I’ll spill the beans!

I had a school reunion recently, people I hadn’t seen for many years.  The girl I was back then was very different from the woman I have become … but the foundations were there I realised, because a couple of them asked me “Remember those sexy stories you used to write? We all passed them round and read them.”  I had pretty much forgotten I used to do that - how funny that I have begun doing that again just this year! At the time I was inexperienced but had a good imagination!  Of course my audience knew no more real facts than I did, so they were entertained and titillated by my scribblings!  

So I’d say my sexual awakening began reading ‘adult’ passages in books, and I read loads!  These too got passed around at school,  usually the corner of the pages were folded down at the dirty bits!  ‘The Fog’ by James Herbert was pretty depraved and all Harold Robbins’ books were popular as was ‘Lace’ Shirley Conran.  A personal favourite of mine was ‘The Virgin Soldiers’ by  Leslie Thomas.   My mother was fine with me reading these books (she got me a copy of Emanuelle by E Arsan)  so no need to be sneaky about it.  I’ll admit to creeping into my sibling's room and borrowing ‘The Story of I’ by Fiona Richmond - what an eye-opener! it probably fired up my early interest in the balance of power so important in BDSM.

Soon I moved onto Victorian erotica, and I loved it! The language is so quaint (quim and cunny being the current term for pussy in these stories) but woah! plenty of spankings and floggings.  The gents are lusty and the girls are saucy and with much bedroom hopping, there follows ‘spending’ and sighing.

My next erotica discovery was the Black Lace books - erotica written for women by women (they made it hard for a male writer to slip under their radar!)  These novels had an entire story- a beginning, middle and end - the plots were choc full of sexual adventures.  The buyer choses the era and genre which most appealed.  I had two favourites about secret sex clubs where club members partake in all manner of displays and private parties.  If you’ve read my ‘Cleaner Close’ series you can see they inspired many of my fantasies!

In more recent times my reading needs are being satisfied by a Kindle.  I’m able to download all manner of erotica to read without giving away what I’m up to - erotica can be read on a train or a plane so long as it doesn’t make me squirm in my seat (too much) or pounce on a fellow passenger because I’m overcome with lust induced by my reading matter!  

Update - NOW!  the enlightening discovery of the Literotica website, with its short stories in so many different genres, I can stick to what I like or try something new.  It's all so accessible and straightforward that it's inspired me to unleash my dirty fantasies and write again (full circle to school days!). The kind feedback I began getting from discerning readers encouraged me to set up this blog with the intention of building a following of my own.

All I ask of you, my Dark Darlings, is to share what started you off on your sexual journey.  Did you discover a stash of porn/ girly magazines (as one of my followers described to me)?  He finds he now prefers his partners not to shave as those early images of girls with a full bush had a formative effect on his ‘kink’.  Were you the very shy type who tried to satisfy your early curiosity by looking through the underwear and bikini sections of your mother/sister’s clothes catalogues?  In a book I read recently the hero thought he knew all about sex (despite being a virgin) because he’d watched farm animals, and he was surprised to find (on his wedding night) that copulation was often done face to face!

Final question, as a connoisseur of good erotica, what did you think of Fifty Shades of Grey?  Did you read it at all, or was it just an eye opener for slightly prudish women?  I had to read the first one, there was too much buzz about it for me not to.  I found the writing rather repetitive and the scenarios were tame compared with what I’m used to reading.  Could you believe Anastasia was a virgin, bearing in mind her age and attractiveness?  I wondered why she went along with Grey’s kinks whilst seemingly finding them so disgusting and repellent;  her end game being to revert him to vanilla!  In my experience, once you start to dabble with dark, you never want to entirely go back!  Missionary, with the lights out, at bed-time - boring!  But perhaps I’m beyond hope!  

Please share dear readers, I’d love to get your comments and insights.