Monday, 30 October 2017

Further Extract of Bridget Jones Fan Fiction

Diary of Joni Bridges 2017

[Part 2]

6-1-17  a m : at home

Alcohol units:  0  Am sensibly resting, weekend likely to be heavy.
Orgasms:   1  : Had raunchy dream about Dan Clover making me take minutes of his meeting naked, with my feet tied to a chair and a vibrator pressed to my pussy lips.  Felt a wonderful warm throbbing feeling accompanied by buzzing, woke up moist, lying on my phone which was vibrating with incoming messages!  

Argh ‘Buzz Kill!’  First message was from Mum.  She’s suggesting I meet lawyer guy  in a wine bar!  As if!  [delete]

Second was from Shelley - she’s having b/f troubles, as in she wants to settle down and he spends all his money / time on football: season tickets for football, travelling to matches, watching football on TV at their local pub, blah blah.  Why Shelley thinks this would change if she walks him down the aisle I don’t know.  Will text something supportive later.

Third was from Dan Clover!  Yikes! Feels invasive getting a text from him in my bedroom, while wearing teeny shorts and a crop top, having woken from a dirty dream about said manager!  Anyway - DC wants me to grab him a caramel latte on my way into work, then join him for a 1:1.  Oooh yes please! Will wear clingy jersey dress today, with those boots that kill, but are spike heeled and sexy. Must convince him I am smart, efficient and not to be trifled with.

at work

Meeting with Dan went well!  Definitely caught him ogling my cleavage as I leaned forward to put our Starbucks cups on the desk, this so distracted me, I drank too soon and burnt my lip!  Almost said “Fuck” but adjusted it to “For goodness sake!”  Don’t want to be in front of HR for misconduct!

Went over all the details of the client meeting.  Dan wants me to be there (woo hoo!)  Not just to put the presentation documents round table, but for entire meeting to listen and observe the deal discussions and join in with small talk. I can do that, am Googling current affairs from news websites right now! Wish I understood the difference between a soft and a hard Brexit!

Got up to leave Dan’s office, but turned back to with one last question and caught him checking out my ass!  Definitely!  His eyes were glued to my rear!  Thank goodness I’d worn those big, stretchy knickers which flatten tummy while lifting and separating one’s butt cheeks! I’m no Nicki Minaj, but my booty was looking fine, and Dan was looking and liking!  He didn’t leave his office for at least 15 minutes after I closed the door!

7 & 8-1-17  :  Weekend

Alcohol units :  Too many to count!

Was out on the lash on Friday night, again on Saturday night!  My friends are loving my inappropriate office flirtation so I may have exaggerated the details a little ... snog in the stationery cupboard (we don’t even have one!) … an ass grope in the lift (It’s glass!  I’d be terrified people could see!)  Dom and Gareth, my gay friends, suggested I lift my top and flash my boobs at him.  Have to admit it’s an exciting idea, but Dan’s blinds are always open in his office partition.  Still, had a lovely fantasy about him taking me, bent over the desk, with my skirt hiked up over my bum and my knickers dragged to one side!

Orgasms : 4  Yesss! Had a lovely, ‘sticky’ Sunday afternoon daydreaming and playing with myself. The vibe and love egg both got some action (on separate occasions) as did my suction-based dildo, once in the shower and again in tandem with the vibe!  Binge-watched True Blood; Mmmm gotta love Pam and that girl-on-girl vampire action (still prefer her boss Eric!)

9-1-17  a m : at work

Bit of a rush to get here, I'm taking longer doing hair and make-up.  Perdita (luckily) in a meeting so I got away with it.

“Ah Joni, been for an early lunch?” Perdita’s voice comes from behind me. Perhaps not!

Mumble something about running errands for Daniel’s meeting.

“He’s not coming in today,” she looks smug, “but I’ve got plenty for you to be getting on with.”

My heart sinks, not only must I tackle boring spreadsheets and other grunt work for Perdita, there’s no chance of Dan’s flirty banter, which has both brightened my days, and moistened my gusset!

A yawn-inducing afternoon drags by inputting Perdita’s expenses, at 4.30 a message flashes onto my phone.

<How is skirt today? Has it made an appearance?>

I smirk, <Skirt is taking compassionate leave, after persistent workplace harassment>

<Refer back to my earlier comment about being fully clothed in the workplace.  Confirm whether I need to take disciplinary action?>

Easy Tiger! I chuckle, <Skirt is temporarily being replaced, no need to involve HR.>

<I ought to vet skirt’s replacement.  Can you meet after work?>

Must resist the urge to fist pump, Perdita is watching.  No - delay replying, keep icy cool while pondering best response; Dan Clover is the kind of bloke who loves the chase.  20 minutes later have texted Shelley & Dom for advice and am ready to reply.

<I’ll see you in All Bar One at 5.30.  Can only stay an hour as have 7 pm appointment across town.>

My knees are knocking as I approach the bar, which is half full as it’s a Monday night.  Dan is my Kryptonite and am not sure I can resist his power.  I swing open the door and all I see is his wide smile and twinkling eyes as I make my way over to the table, he stands up to greet me and appraises my outfit shamelessly.

“I think I can work with skirt’s temporary replacement, although she looks a bit of a lightweight.”

I laugh, smoothing my dress self-consciously.  He’s already bought a glass of red wine for me, so I sit.

“So Joni, we’re working together on this important client meeting, but I know nothing about you, except that you have a skirt with militant tendencies!"

“What did you want to know?”  I ask, a gulp of wine helps, but I’m still feeling nervous.

“Do you live in London or do you commute?  What’s it like working for a stuck-up bitch like Perdita?  Have you got a boyfriend?”

Oh!  No conversational foreplay then! Straight to the big question, which I decide to hedge around.  “I’ve got a bed-sit in London, my parents live too far away to commute from there.  Yes Perdita’s a bitch, but we were in the same year at school so we go way back.  What about you?  Where do you live?”

Of course he lives in London, Chelsea no less and he tries to get the conversation smutty by asking about what the girls at school got up to after lights out.  I laugh it off, explaining I hadn’t gone to boarding school.

“Lucky you!” he replies and regales me with hilarious stories about rugby tours and getting caught breaking curfew by the prefects and how the masters at his school were known as beaks.  Before I know it my wine is all gone, and we are giggling and getting quite tactile as we talk.  I glance at my phone and it’s nearly 6.45, should I stick to my story of having an appointment at 7 and run for the tube?

“It’s been great getting to know you,” I stand and drag my jacket back on, scooping up my phone.  “Must dash, I’m running late.”

Dan gazes at me with those knowing blue eyes, “Joni, you’re already going to be late.  Ditch your appointment and stay for another.”  

I feel my nipples harden to points under his compelling gaze and I nearly give in, but Dom’s advice about playing hard to get runs through my subconscious, although it’s nearly crowded out by my appreciation of Dan’s hard pecs, visible through his shirt.

“Sorry!  Must dash!” I groan, frustration evident in my voice.  

He leans in to kiss me and I’m in heaven.  His lips land partly on my cheek but a tiny bit on my lips and I’m overwhelmed with lust.  Go Joni, go!  My warning inner voice has me scurrying out of the door and towards the tube station whilst my pussy juices are pooling in my panties.  ‘Treat em mean to keep ‘em keen’ was Dom’s advice, which I intend to follow, I’ve shown my hand too early before and it always ends in me being ‘rumped and dumped’ - another of Dom’s warning phrases.

10-1-17  a m : at work

Alcohol Units :  4 - I needed more wine when I got home to steady my nerves.  Also needed a long chat with Dom and Gareth who convinced me I’d done the right thing by not staying too long at the bar last night.
Orgasms :  0  - but not for the want of trying.  Somehow frustration had transmitted to my traitorous body too, I was unable to get satisfaction, as if all the ‘vibing’ got my pussy too tight to cum.  Is that even a thing?

At my desk bright and early, wearing the short suede skirt again, a plain back jersey and the boots with killer heels (the trainers I walked to work in are hidden in the coat cupboard).

Everything is finalised for the client lunch tomorrow, and once more I’m surfing the internet to increase my knowledge of current affairs.  Despite keeping my head down, I’m acutely aware when Dan enters the office.  He looks like he plans to come over and talk to me, but Andrew from IT stops by his cubicle, coffee in hand. He bores on for about 10 minutes and by then the office has filled up and most people are at their workstations.  Operation ‘Quiet word with Joni’ has to be aborted!

The day feels frustratingly long, we exchange many heated glances and I don’t get much work done, but Dan doesn’t text me at all, until I stand up at 5 to get my coat from the cupboard, then my phone flashes.

<Looking forward to tomorrow.  Please get to hotel at 11.00 with the brochures and samples, need to set up well in advance.>

Immediately I feel the familiar pulse in my panties.  I hope he wants me as much as I want him!  As my computer powers down I gaze across into his office and our eyes meet, there's such heat there I feel as if my clothes just fell off and I’m under a theatrical spotlight.  I glance left and right, the office is empty with only the cleaners dragging their Henry hoovers and trolleys of cleaning stuff.  Although it’s not exactly on my exit route, I stride towards Dan’s office, maintaining eye contact all the way.  As I pass the glass partition to his office, I grip the hem of my jersey with both hands and whip it up to flash him a glorious view of my c-cup boobs in a lacy Victoria’s Secrets balconette bra!  It’s only a 3 second flash, but it’s enough, his eyes are agog as I cover up and flounce out of the office, heart pounding at my audacity.

p m : in pub

Called emergency meeting with Shelley, Gareth and Dom.  All have varying ideas on how I should play it tomorrow.  Gareth is convinced Dan wants me there early for a pre-meeting shag!  Although the idea is outrageous, have to admit I got a pussy-buzz when Gareth said it, as if I was an irresistible Sex Goddess!  Shelley thinks the hour pre-meeting is above board, that Dan really does want everything prepped for the clients, but she suggested he's got a room booked for a post meeting celebration. Ding Dong!  I liked the idea of that too, could feel my pussy throbbing against the seam of my jeans for the rest of the night; my mind wandered, what it would be like to have a piercing ‘down there’? would I find myself in a semi-excited state at all times?  Resolved to Google that at a later date, as the idea was quite appealing.

Once home, sought relief from my BoB (battery operated boyfriend) and fell into bed feeling as relaxed as possible, although so much hangs on this meeting going well that I doubt I'll sleep.

10-1-17  a m : at work

Alcohol units : 4
Orgasms : 1
Aaargh!  Fuckity fuckity fuck!!  Overslept!  Mad dash to get ready this morning and no time to wash hair - instead have used lots of gel and pulled it into a tight ponytail, at least the ends of it are clean and swishy.  Also left trainers at work last night so had to wear my 4” heels on the tube and some arsehole stepped on my toe, am now hobbling with pain.

Perdita quizzed me regarding presentation but was luckily interrupted when Lucy from Marketing brought up the bags of samples & plonked them on my desk.   Determined not be distracted I’ve left phone in bag.  Currently waiting for the last 5 presentation brochures to be laminated then I’m off.  Ooof! They make a very slippery stack, and I feel rather like a pack horse as I stagger down to reception to meet my taxi.

In taxi, get out my phone and see a text from Dan: <Sincerely hope skirt will be present for this key meeting.  Are you on your way?>

Hmm, I wonder what to reply as I’m wearing a wine coloured dress with a feature gold zip which runs from its plunging v-neckline to its hem.

<As meeting is important, skirt has been advised to stay home; replaced by something with more gravitas.>

Taxi pulls up outside the hotel and, in my struggle to get out, I inadvertently flash driver with the lacy tops of my black hold-ups - oh well, all part of being Sex Goddess!  He leers at me happily before loading me up with the glossy brochures and the rope-handled bags of samples.  I try to remain poised as I shuffle within the revolving door then walk down a plush corridor to the conference room.  The room is empty and set out as I requested in my email, so I dump my stuff on a chair and half the brochures promptly slide off onto the floor.

“Fuck, fuckity fuck!” I bend over to retrieve them, hoping they’re still pristine, when I become aware of the door opening behind me.

“Joni, let me help you,” Dan’s voice is all concern, yet when I feel his groin pressed against my bum, the outline of his dick making its presence felt against my warm flesh, I realise he has no plan to pick up the literature!  His hands grip my hips and he presses and rubs himself at the crevice of my butt.  Yum! With trembling legs I struggle to right myself, feeling flustered and aroused.

“Hubba, Hubba!” he says appreciatively as I step away and he surveys the dress, stockings and black suede shoe ensemble I’m wearing for this meeting.

“Love the hair Bridges,” he says, his voice a lust-filled growl, “very dominatrix!”
A blush rises in my cheeks but am delighted with his praise.  He too looks smart, in a suit with a contrasting lining, which I recognise as expensive, but it’s the first time I’ve seen him in a tie.  His aftershave is a subtle fragrance, slightly woody, with a hint of citrus and I feel lightheaded with desire.

We work in silence, I set out the samples and presentation brochures, one at each blotter, while Dan connects his laptop with the whiteboard and, to make sure his remote control works, he flicks through the powerpoint slides of his presentation.  There’s an unspoken frisson between us, an animal magnetism which charges the air and my pussy swells, engorged with blood, as wicked thoughts run through my head of Dan pressing me up against the wall, lifting my dress and dragging his fingers through my sticky pussy before pressing his cock deep inside me and thrusting.  I shake my head to dispel the image but my nipples have tightened and I’m throbbing inside, wanting something to happen.

At 11.55 Dan stops and gives me a penetrating look, “Let’s do this!” he says.  My heart lurches, until I realise he means the presentation, because he heads out to meet the clients in the lobby.  I’m in a complete fluster, so check myself using the camera on my phone, cheeks are a little flushed, and there’s a hint of nipples visible against my dress, but the tight ponytail looks neat and only my lippy needs a re-touch.

The clients arrive and take their seats, Dan introduces me as his assistant (I wish!) and I dim the lights so that the whiteboard‘s easier to see.  The meeting passes in a blur, I don’t totally understand everything, the sales projections or market forecasts, but I use the time to study Dan’s face when he’s animated and passionate and I imagine those emotions focused on me.  Looking round the table at the clients, they seem engaged by his proposals, his pitch is being well received.  He wraps up, asks me to adjust the lights, then it’s time for lunch.

The efficient hotel staff wheel in a trolley bearing a buffet and lay it on the sideboard.  Everyone gets up and takes a plate, helping themselves to food, mingling and talking in a relaxed way.

Dan moves to stand near me, “That went well I think,” he says in a low voice.

“Mmm yes, your pitch seemed to go down .... alright.”  I stifle a surprised yelp as I feel Dan’s hand on my bum, massaging one cheek through my dress.  I dart my startled eyes to the clients, who don’t seem to have noticed.
“Yes, I’m feeling really quite bullish!” he continues, letting his hand roam to the other side, palming and squeezing my buttock delightfully.  “I’ve worked up quite an appetite!”  With a playful slap (luckily no-one hears, but which I feel) he heads for the buffet and grabs himself a plate.

My cheeks are glowing with embarrassment, but I’m so turned on right now I don’t trust my legs to walk.  I take a moment to redirect my thoughts in order to calm down, then I gulp some sparkling water.  Dan seems totally absorbed, schmoozing the clients, answering their questions and discussing points of his presentation.  My appetite has gone, but I nibble on a piece of french bread and make small talk, while my pulse races and my mind jumps ahead to when Dan gets me alone.

I notice a lot of handshaking and a client slaps Dan on the back while arranging to call him tomorrow, then they all leave with their bags of samples, smiling and nodding.  Silence descends in the conference room and the tension ramps up - Dan locks eyes with me and all the teasing and flirting from the past couple of weeks comes home to roost.  I want him and he wants me, it’s simply a question of ‘where can we go’?

It turns out Shelley was half right, Dan goes to book one of the rooms in the hotel.  He has the foresight to grab a bottle of wine and another of water from our buffet before we head into the lift and up to a room on the third floor.  Once the door is closed I feel suddenly shy, but Dan’s cool as a cucumber, easing the cork out of the wine and pouring us each a glass.

“A toast Joni, to great teamwork on the presentation.”  We lock eyes and I swallow a mouthful of wine, still lost for words with my heart pounding, making a pulse jump in my throat.  “And to absent friends,” Dan continues, with a twinkle in his eye.  I’m puzzled so he laughs, “your skirt, AWOL again!”

“Joni,” he continues “this replacement for your skirt …”  he invades my space and fiddles with the zip at my cleavage.   “I’ve been thinking all morning …” he slowly, steadily tugs the zip down, revealing the intricate lace of my bra, then the bare skin of my torso and stomach.  He plants a few feathery kisses on my heaving breasts but keeps dragging the zip down, while I stand rooted to the spot as the dress opens, revealing my lace brazilian panties clinging to my curves but parting the lips of my sodden pussy.  Dan tugs the zip to the hem and drops a hot kiss near my belly button.  “I think it’s sick.  It needs to lie down.”  So saying, he eases my dress off to lay it down on a chair.  I stand in my black lace underwear and black glossy hold-ups, still wearing stiletto heels while Dan steps back to admire the view.

“Well, well Joni, this was worth the wait! You’re like a ripe peach, all curves and the promise of delicious, sweet juices within.”

It’s true!  I’m getting wetter by the minute as he devours me with his hot gaze, making me feel empowered, wicked and wanton.  Dan has pursued me; all my teasing and playing the ice queen to keep him interested has worked, so now I stand before him in a hotel room, wearing just my scanties, when we both ought to be at work.  I’ve never been so bold in my life but it’s exhilarating and I feel sexy.  

I reach out for him, grabbing the end of his tie, pull him to me and kiss him long and hard.  Dan responds and while our tongues do a complicated dance, our bodies press together. His hands roam over my back and down to my buttocks, pulling and kneading my fleshy cheeks.  In turn I run my hands over his pecs and under his jacket to feel his muscled back and tight bum.  I ease the jacket off his shoulders and he gets the message and begins to unfasten his shirt and the knot in his tie.  Soon his chest is bare and I enjoy the outline of his abs and well-defined pecs.

Dan hooks his finger in the waistband of my briefs and drags them down as he sinks to his knees in front of me.  They slither down my legs and he helps me step out of them, before pressing his mouth to the crack of my pussy, nuzzling and licking, while keeping a firm grip on my buttocks.  His tongue probes and tickles, licks and sucks, sometimes he nibbles at my pussy lips and others he sucks on the nub of my clit until I moan and writhe and can hardly keep still - except he holds me tight.  He’s sending me to ecstasies of delight, I'll cum soon, so I let my hands rest on his head while my pussy soaks his face with juices.

Without allowing me to cum Dan stands up and flicks the catch on my bra, releasing my tits, which he starts teasing and tweaking, rolling both nipples between his fingers at the same time.  I gasp and moan as he torments my nipples, the tingle and ache is what I need to take me over the edge, but still he doesn’t let me cum.

Dan quickly removes his trousers and boxers, displaying a firm cock that’s already drooling with pre-cum.  

“I want you, you saucy minx,” he growls appreciatively, before taking my shoulders to spin me 180 degrees and steer me towards the end of the bed.  He presses me down until my torso is on the bed but my legs still take my weight and I imagine my bum tilted in the air provocatively.  I feel him tangle his hands in my ponytail to pull it tight while he trails kisses down my back, then delivers a stinging slap to my buttocks, followed by another and another!  I yelp with surprise and a little pain, but soon realise what I’m feeling is exciting and warming - I like it.  I’ve never been spanked before but each blow is an explosion of sensation, pleasure and pain overlapping until I find I’m yearning to be spanked in the one place he hasn’t touched yet, my pussy, now dripping and oozing with juices.  

The moment I realise this, I feel Dan’s cock nudging at my entrance, then he powers forward, pressing his engorged member into my swollen cunt.  He’s kept me at the edge of cumming for so long that I feel myself crest a wave of sensation even with his first thrust, then his hard flesh is driving into me with long steady strokes that stretch and stimulate me to the core.  My swollen pussy delights in the sawing motion of him fucking me doggy style, and I take my weight on my arms to push back at him as he drives into me.  We’re both grunting with effort, and excitement on my part as I’m cumming like never before.

Dan reaches his hand round in front of me to press and rub at my pussy, tiny circles on my clit, and I feel more waves and throbs as I continue to orgasm, my pussy grabbing at his cock, he cums too, spurting his seed in rhythmic pumps.  Satisfied and exhausted, Dan rolls to one side and I sprawl on the bed, letting my shoes fall to the floor.

“How long have we got this room until?”  I ask Dan with a sexy smile once my breathing returns to normal. I stroke his smooth chest and graze my fingertips over his neat, tight nipples.  “Have we got time to do it again?”

“You rampant little minx!” Dan chuckles, “the room's ours all night, we can do it as many times as you want.  Shall we have some more wine?”

I know this was a long one, my Dark Darlings, but I hope you liked it.  If you're a fan of the original Bridget Jones, let me know if you think Joni is her sexy-alter ego or otherwise!

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Fan Fiction - Bridget Jones Re-imagined

Hello my Dark Darlings!

I'm sorry it's a while since I've up-dated my blog but I've been 'wrestling' with 3 new ideas, none of which has been easy to achieve.  The first which I feel ready to share with you is my attempt at Fan Fiction.  I've long been a fan of Helen Fielding's original two books about Bridget Jones, and the films have been great adaptations of the literature.  What I've done is trying to 'sex' up the idea and introduce the technology we all use nowadays.  I hope you like the final result, which is in 2 parts, and is 'inspired' by Bridget Jones' diary but has gone off in its own wicked direction!

Diary of Joni Bridges 2017

New Year’s Resolutions:

I Will Not

  • Drink more than 14 units of alcohol a week
  • Spend more than I earn
  • Fall for any of the following:  workaholics, commitment phobics, people with girlfriends/wives
  • Get emotional over men, but instead be a poised and cool ice-queen
  • Obsess about Dan Clover as it’s pathetic to have a crush on boss (and think of him when using my vibrator)


Alcohol units 14   (but effectively spread over 2 days as party went on til early hours of NY day)
Orgasms 2   (1 induced by hot dream about Jamie Dornan after watching 50 Shades on Netflix)

1-1-17 Noon. London: my flat

Ugh - feel way too wasted to drive to Waterfordbury to attend parents’ New Year’s Day buffet, even though my Mum told me in August to put it in my calendar.  I tried my damndest to fob her off, said I’d most likely be working, but she didn’t listen, eagerly hammering on about a ‘top-notch barrister’ who’d be attending with his parents, who are her neighbours.

I tuned her out, I wish the oldies understood, the worst kind of emotional fuckwit to get paired off with is a stuffy lawyer who goes to boring buffets with his ageing parents.  I made a mental note to give the buffet a swerve, but now I realise (with my head pounding and stomach swirling like a washing machine) that Mum still thinks I’m coming!

One embarrassing, grovelling phone call later and I’ve managed to convince my parents I’m working.  Luckily my Dad answered the phone (he’s much more practical than Mum) and swallowed my complete bullshit about needing to go to work & wrap up end of year.

So I’m off the hook!  No stressy drive up the motorway arguing with SatNav, no need to wear some dire outfit approved by my Mum, and no fending off questions about my love life. Staggering to the bathroom I feel sick, so mix myself a glass of Dioralyte then slink back to bed, to sleep off monster hangover.

3-1-17 9 am : at work

Alcohol Units 4 :  Pub last night with Shelley.  Hair of the dog!  It had to be done.

Can’t believe I’m back at work, with Perdita boring on about her Christmas break on a cruise with her b/f Hugo.

Mmmm.  Dan Clover.  He has a real bad-boy vibe, while being successful and clever.  He was hilarious today.  Told a story about his Aunt thinking the onyx kitchen-roll holder she got for Christmas was some kind of dildo!  Cracked me up! yet I’m shocked (do people that age know about sex aids?)  Dan asked me if I got anything nice for Christmas, do I detect a sub-text? I’ll wear short black skirt tomorrow.

4-1-17  a m : at work

OMG - just received an email from Dan Clover!  Was trying to sneakily up-date my CV without Perdita noticing (Shelley advised me to make a career move soon, so have joined Linkedin).  My first guilty thoughts were that he’d somehow spotted that I wasn’t working on spreadsheets, but on opening it - seems he’s not thinking about work either!

To: J Bridges             From:  D Clover
You appear to have forgotten your skirt.  Contract of employment clearly states that: staff are expected to be fully clothed during working hours.

Lol - no mistaking the flirty banter, I felt a twinge in the knicker region.  Peeked over my monitor, Perdita was still on phone and Dan in his office on a conference call, in fact he seemed so absorbed I wondered could anyone have prank-sent the e-mail? but there was no mistake, he was logged onto his computer.

With a thumping heart I typed a reply, lighting the touchpaper.

To: D Clover            From:  J Bridges
Am appalled by your message.  Whilst I don’t dispute my skirt being on the skimpy side, it is undeniably present and will remain so until close of business today.

Waiting with baited breath for his reply, I watch through the glass wall of his office for reaction, thrilled with my audacity.  I squeeze my legs tightly together, feeling a tickle of excitement in my pussy.  Dan is so hot and looks particularly tasty today, his sky blue shirt accentuating his penetrating blue eyes.  My mind wanders to imagining what his pecs and abs look like under that shirt, does he go to the gym to keep in shape, or just a lucky bastard?  I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s noticed how firm and sculpted his bum looks in his …

“Joni, are you listening to me?”  Perdita’s posh, nasal, voice breaks into my reverie, snapping me back into the present.
“Sorry, what?”
“I’ve just had an email from Dan about you.”  

Whaaaat?  Fuck Fuck and fuckity fuck, I knew I shouldn’t have flirted back.  Try to rein in panic, keep face blank.

“He wants you to arrange a meeting with some clients, at a nearby hotel.  What’s your work mobile?” she drawls.

“Er - I don’t have one.” Am stunned with this news and struggling to process, at least I’m not in trouble.

“Well, shall I give him your personal number?”  Perdita sounds slightly miffed, I bet she thinks this task should have come her way, but Dan’s asked for me to do it - woo hoo! Then I realise she’s still waiting for me to provide number, so I reel it off and she types it into the e-mail.  It dawns on me; Dan Clover is getting my mobile number!  Crafty git!  Another throb in the knicker region, I feel damp, my pulse is jumping.

“I’ll forward all the contacts and paperwork.  From now on Dan will deal directly with you.” Perdita’s eyes are hard.  The unspoken message:  “Don’t fuck-up.”

I smile my complicity but my heart is pounding.  I head to the ladies, needing a moment to myself to think.  As I pass Dan’s office he glances up from his computer and our eyes meet...
Aha!  Aha! Aha!  

I continue on route to the loos, putting an extra sassy swing in my walk - my nipples tighten with excitement.  That gorgeous, minted manager is interested in me, and I’m definitely interested in him!

I get into a cubicle and lock the door, a text lights up my phone and it vibrates (I have it on silent at work).  The number is unrecognised - but can guess from the content who sent it:

<If walking past office was meant to prove existence of skirt, it failed miserably. Skirt is most definitely absent.  Is skirt off sick?>

Ba ha ha!  He does make me laugh, a sexy trait in a man.
My fingers fly over the keyboard on phone, composing an icy reply:
<Skirt is present, definitely not sick.  It may be manager who is sick, hallucinating perhaps?  Why would I walk around the office half naked?>

Couldn’t resist that last bit, wanted to put the image in his head.  The throb in my pussy is undeniable now, I want to  touch myself, to press my fingers against my clit and rub -

Phone vibrates <Half naked - Hmm - that’s a dress code management could get behind.  How about I take you out to dinner, see if we can fatten your skirt up a bit?>

OMG!  I press my thighs tightly together and feel several throbs, I’m getting a wide on!  That man is super fit, and he’s asking me out!  Must stay cool like an Ice Queen!  Channelling my inner bitch I reply:

<Skirt enjoys being a size zero, no need to fatten it up!  Lets arrange this meeting, perhaps we’ll want to celebrate over dinner when it’s over.>

I’m prickling with sweat and unchanneled adrenaline, I need a a release and - all alone in this cubicle - I know what to do.  Tucking the phone in my skirt pocket I lower the toilet lid to sit.  Hiking up the skirt hem, I ease down my skimpy knickers, then make gentle, teasing strokes over my labia now puffy and moist with excitement.  My clit peeks out between the lips and as I begin to tease it with the nail on my index finger, making zings of sensation radiate out through my core, hotwiring into my moistening pussy tunnel.  Hell yeah!  I bite my lip, getting hot and cold sensations while my nipples crimp into hard points of desire.  Soon I can’t stand the teasing any longer so begin to rotate the pads of two fingers on and around my little nub of desire.  I keep biting my lip to stay quiet, but let my head drop back, blissed out by the warm, wet and exciting sensations I’m getting from stroking and mashing my clit stalk.  One finger taps rapidly on its very tip and I soon feel the sensations of an orgasm building.

Can’t be away from my desk too long, so I don’t drag out the tease and play.  I want satisfaction - and fast!  I tilt my pelvis up to squeeze and pulse my pussy walls in a rhythmic pattern, while dipping two fingers in and out of my hole, knuckles grazing my clit with every greedy thrust.  

Oh that’s good! I’m getting there now! If only I could pinch and tease my nipples, but I’ve no free hands!  I’m thrusting with one and stimulating my clit with the other. The throbbing and clenching builds, ‘til I feel my abdomen walls tighten with a strong but pleasant ache, every bit of me pushing and squeezing, yearning for release.  My mouth falls open in a silent scream of delight and I pump wetly in and out of my silky glistening pussy until I start to cum, then hold still, pressing my legs together; drawing in the throbbing and pulsing sensation that washes over me.  I’m filled with awesome feelings of joy and release. I suppress my groan of satisfaction.

I take deep breaths, letting the sensations wash over me. My head swirls with euphoria, not just from the orgasm I just had but from knowing Dan is on my fishing line, I’m reeling him in!  I withdraw my fingers, coated with strings of my sexy goop, and wipe them clean on some toilet paper.  Blotting my pussy and crotch dry I re-arrange my clothes.

Outside the cubicle I wash hands and check my reflection.  I look flushed, but in a sexy way.  An observant co-worker might detect my nipples poking at the fabric of my blouse - I hope that Dan notices that.  Sashaying out of the ladies I return to my desk, making sure to make eye contact and smile at him en route.

Phone vibrates <I see skirt still hasn’t materialised yet.  But you look happy, like the cat that got the cream!>

I smile smugly and text back <Meow. Purrrr>  
Leave it at that, preserve air of mystery.  Sitting down, I put phone on desk and get back to work.

5-1-17  a m : at work

Alcohol units 2 - finished off red wine in fridge.  Yesterday was a stressy!
Orgasms 1  - wore love egg while vacuuming flat, then finished myself off with vibrator, imagining Dan Clover fighting over me with a mystery man. It was so hot!

Busy day: obtained menus from hotel. Dan made initial selections.  Invited guests, requesting information regarding their food intolerances /limitations.  So far 1 vegan and 1 gluten-free.
To do: Create the seating plan, finalise the menu choices, make place cards, book taxis, collect bound presentation from marketing.

Doing this required texts back and forth with Dan.  He’s as witty and inappropriate as ever, remarking on my ‘luscious long’ legs (wore a short suede skirt today) and perky breasts (my blouse is tight, with an extra button undone).  We both made jokes / said things with double meanings.

All this while trying to carry on as normal - doubt I fooled Perdita, she was huffy all day.  Am sex goddess with office lothario after me!  Go Joni!