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Latin Love Lessons

I did actually do 1 year of latin at school ... but this story is not about that, it's more a tale of innocence lost, but perhaps not quite in the way you'd expect if you're used to my writing.  Please let me know what you think.

He had pursued her determinedly since the girls first arrived at the resort.  Poppy acted as ‘guide’ as they were staying in her family’s apartment, she’d been here on several holidays. For all 3 girls,though, it was their first holiday without adults.  For Anna it was also her first holiday abroad (a school trip to France didn’t count) and although she was trying to look cool and sophisticated she actually felt wide-eyed all the time.  She’d only been to a few local clubs in the last year, but yet here they averaged 3 clubs a night, using the free admittance, first drink ‘gratis’ tickets they got handed by PR people whenever they went to the commercial centre for groceries.  Poppy explained that all the clubs wanted to be well populated with pretty girls; which is what they were, ranging from Anna’s 18 to Kerry’s 20.

He worked at the Pink Flamingo, the club on the hill, it’s rocky location made it a beacon in the resort, most people ended the night there, even if they began their drinking and dancing at clubs and bars nearer to the commercial centre.  His cousin Marco was tall, dark and flash, the type which made Anna nervous, but Poppy was hot for Marco, which made him off limits.  He was quieter than Marco (his english not so good), but he watched Anna intently and always made a beeline for her when the guys joined the 3 girls at the bar or in their booth inside the club.  When he sat next to her she felt the heat from his leg pressing against her as if it was a burning log.  She was conscious of his gaze on her, raking over her body, already tingling from the day’s sunbathing.

Her friends would nudge her whenever he came over, teasing her about the smouldering looks he gave her and they discretely gave them space when they sat or stood together.  She had told him a song was her favourite, so he always made sure it was played soon after she walked into the club.  She was flattered by his attention, and quite confused as to how to deal with it.

The girls were dancing together, as they did most nights.  All the best music came from the UK and they knew all the songs so were singing as they danced.  Marco came over and started peacocking around them, his trousers were obscenely tight and his presence was palpable.  Today Poppy was sulking with him, turning her back to ignore his slick, practised moves; she hadn’t liked how much attention he’d paid to another group of girls.  Anna and Kerry were always reassuring her it was simply part of his job - he and his cousin provided PR for the club FGS!  So the girls continued dancing while Marco & Poppy drifted aside to a quiet spot for another of their frequent rows.  Kerry and Anna watched out of the corner of their eyes, they didn’t want Poppy getting too upset; although this happened all the time, like a repetitive soap opera.

He came over and started to dance with them, making Anna’s heart beat faster, he danced well, sinuous and fluid without the showy element his cousin had.  He stood close to her, like her counterpart, his moves reminded her of a flamenco dancer and she felt  ‘sex’ coming off him in waves, not like the boys back home who lingered at the bar until the end of the night, when those who had been ‘sharking’ around selected a girl as their partner for a slow dance.

He beckoned to her to follow him, she wanted to but what about the others?  It looked like Marco and Poppy had made up and were heading to the bar. Kerry was dancing with a mixed group they’d met over a game of beach volleyball, so yeah she could leave the dancefloor and not feel she’d ditched them.

She followed him to the back of the club and through a door marked “staff only” to find herself in an atrium or hallway, well lit but deserted, a massive staircase climbed to an upper floor and wound to another below.

“What?” she asked him, expectantly.
He indicated a plush velvet sofa against the wall, so she sat, her already short skirt riding up her slim thighs, showing off the beginnings of a golden tan.

“I never get you … lonely” he said, his broken english endearing, his look intense.
She swallowed.  Suddenly aware of just how alone they were, and she was on his turf.  Her pulse kicked  up a notch as he gently cupped the side of her face and leaned in to give her a deep, tongue dancing kiss.  In those early days of her libido asserting itself, kissing was powerful foreplay so Anna allowed her mouth to respond and her tongue to dance back, unaware of the contract she might be entering into [her virginity still very much in tact].

“You are so beautiful,” he breathed, as they broke apart.  She felt giddy from their embrace, he was turning her insides to liquid lava and making her breath catch in her throat.  She didn’t know how to respond so she just looked deep into his mesmeric brown eyes.

“I have to look at you,” he gazed at her face, “I must touch you.”  He smoothed her hair behind one ear and ran his hand down the side of her face to skim her neck, before his burning eyes settled on her cleavage.  His fingers continued their journey down, making the buttons of her jersey top open.  He dragged the fabric down and settled it under her underwired bra, feasting his hungry eyes on her rounded breasts, which swelled delightfully out of the lace cups.

He didn’t speak, just gazed, and at that moment Anna realised the power of her breasts.  No longer would she think of them as something she should hunch over and disguise, an embarrassment or a hindrance that she must endure.  Jeez no!  This guy was bewitched by them! In that moment she finally understood her tits had been casting a spell on the guys she met for the last few years.  He reverently cupped them in his hands and buried his face in her cleavage and began to kiss her, his stubble rubbing the soft, tanned flesh making her tingle at her core.  Cupping her breasts, one in each hand, he used his curved thumbs to rub insistently back and forth over her aureola, making sensations of delight race around her body.  To her shock her pussy was getting moist. Although Anna knew the mechanics of sex and had read the racy passages of many popular novels, she had nothing concrete to relate it to, except for when she had touched herself, and it had never occurred to her to touch her breasts.

He pulled down the edge of the bra’s lace to tease out her nipple, she was frozen with shock, no boy had ever seen her bare breasts.   Looking down at herself she could see the white triangles left by her bikini as a strange frame to her rosy nipples, which were now pinching into hard points and darkening with desire.  She felt an ache and a burn in an area of flesh which, until now, she hadn’t associated with desire.  She watched the top of his head as he bent to his task, licking and nibbling at her nipples, unleashing flashes of sensation and tingling which seemed hot-wired to her pussy.  She watched him in fascination, licking and sucking, moving his attention from one nipple to another, and began to float off on another plane with arousal and lust.

It was strange, Anna felt detached from what he was doing (breast worship as she interpreted it) anchored only by the burning, yearning sensation he was whipping up between her legs.  She felt burning hot, soaking wet with a pounding pulse throbbing in her panties. She longed for more but was unsure of the next step.  Previously all she’d experienced were her own thrumming, questing fingers, and always over the top of her knickers.

Anna’s breasts felt heavy and swollen, his nipping and licking had awoken a hot desire, she couldn’t get enough, she was yearning for more and she parted her thighs and let her head drop back to draw him in closer.  His hand landed on her leg, hot and heavy, like a branding iron and she squirmed, inviting him in.

“Touch me” her subconscious shouted, “stroke, me please me;  You’ve stacked the kindling, now light the fire!”  The faintest flicks of nerves she might have felt were totally overridden by the pounding throb of desire beating between the cleft of her thighs.  His roving fingers brushed over the bare flesh of her upper leg to sneak higher and under the elastic of her panties with ease. Anna felt them sink into her warmth and wetness as if her core was melted wax.  There was no time to feel bashful that she was wet, soaking wet from his caresses, and while she cringed to hear the squelch of her fleshy folds enjoying the delightful probing of his fingers, he did not seem surprised.  Instead he seemed delighted, probing and stretching and stroking under her skirt, his hand buried in the folds between her legs, he groaned in pleasure and suckled her breasts whilst exploring her pussy.

“I don’t even know how many fingers he has in me!”  Anna’s subconscious cried out with joy as her pussy throbbed and pulsed around him, building towards the oncoming rush of a climax.

At that moment a door banged, followed by footsteps pounding down the stairs.  A harsh male voice said something to her companion in spanish, and he lifted his head to respond.  She opened her eyes blearily, coming back to sanity with a bump.  What was she doing? out in a communal space where anyone could (and did) see what they were doing, she felt suddenly shy and ashamed now the mood was broken.  What had the other guy said?  She was convinced he’d called her a slut or similar.

Anna pulled down her skirt and re-buttoned her top to cover her breasts.  She wiped her hand across her mouth in case her lipstick was smeared and ran her fingers under her lower lashes where her eyeliner had smudged.  She could barely look at him, although he’d been more intimate with her than any other person, and he seemed to feel the same way.  He led her back to the nightclub, which still throbbed with the back beat of music and strobing, twirling lights hitting the obligatory mirror ball.  She made her way back to her friends and he disappeared into the crowd, reappearing later in the DJ booth where she couldn’t reach him.

Her friends didn’t seem to think there’d been anything odd about the time she’d been absent, and Anna didn’t want to confide or share what’d happened.  She was still trembling from her earlier arousal, while slightly frustrated to have been denied the climax she knew she could achieve.  She always could make herself cum with her fingers, although it took a lot of rubbing and and tickling, or in the shower soapy fingers stroking.  This had felt much more exciting, to have a stranger touching her, she’d been cantering towards the delight which usually she could only tease out of herself slowly.

She was in a daze the rest of the night, barely interested in dancing or drinking with her friends.  She withdrew into herself - torn between the joy of discovering how exciting it was to have someone else touch her intimately and the bitter feeling of shame in case she’d acted cheaply, like a slut.

Later that night,  they left the club, her friends giggling and stumbling, trying to hold each other upright as they navigated the stone steps outside the club.  It was dark, the only light in pools at the foot of each lamppost, so she almost didn’t see him - tightly clasped in the arms of another holidaymaker.  The girl’s slim body was pressed up against him while his hand roved under her frilled, short skirt.  He glanced briefly at them, then buried his face in the girl’s long hair, pretending not to know it was Anna, while she endured the stab and twist of rejection.

She felt physically sick, but kept walking, her friends had seen him too and were stunned that he’d switched his attentions to a new girl.

“Bastard!” said Poppy hotly, taking Anna’s hand.

“Bloody gigolo,” shouted Kerry with a hiccup, and Anna shushed her and urged them to carry on walking, the last thing she wanted was a scene on top of her humiliation.  Kerry was right of course, boys like him probably had a new girl each week or fortnight, aligned with each new influx of holidaymakers, but that didn’t make the pain any duller or lessen her shame.

Poppy said he was snake-oil persuasive, skilled at getting what he wanted.  Anna had been just 1 girl of many in the revolving door that was his life.  He probably didn’t respect the girls who came on holiday at all; weren’t spanish girls catholic, remaining virgins till they got married?

Anna stopped on the stone bridge to dry-heave over the parapet.  He had cheapened her pleasant, sexy experience, but it’d wised her up to the way some men behaved.  She wouldn’t be fooled so easily again, her feelings would not be invested, things must be kept casual, and she should make sure to take her pleasure, that way she wouldn’t feel used.

Innocent Anna had left the building, look out boys!

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Sharing Saturday No. 7

Hello my Dark Darlings,

Apologies for posting this so late on a Saturday the Christmas / New Year break has me not knowing what day it is!!

As I wrote a very comprehensive round-up of blogs which had influenced me for 2017 please excuse me not sharing any post links here, instead I'll do my interview thing for #SoSS

Let me introduce you to Little Switch Bitch, and if you're already familiar with her awesome site, you may appreciate getting to peek under her 'Zorro' mask (C'mon, look at those devilish buckled boots, she surely wears a leather mask too?!)

Love her strapline, but lets find out more!

What made you decide to write a sex blog?

I dunno really. I started out writing reviews on a sex toy site and other blog sites and it went from there. I toyed with the idea but was worried I’d analyze everything too much. One night after one too many, I jumped in with both feet on the spur of the moment, bought my domain and my blog was born. 

What’s behind the title of your blog or your blogging “name”?

My OH calls me his Little Switch Bitch so my name came from there.

Describe your blog in a nutshell:

A mix of toy, lingerie and bondage reviews with dash of our BDSM lifestyle, erotic photography and sexual health articles.

How long have you been blogging on this theme?

Since I started blogging nearly two years ago - however 2018 will see this change, I have plans in place so watch this space :D

What is your favourite type of adult toy?

I genuinely don’t have a favourite toy. Since learning how to orgasm internally, I have no preference. I can come easily with a dildo or with a vibrating clitoral toy.  I currently love the DoDil and the Lelo Sona Cruise but this could change next week (lol)!

If you were sent to a desert island (with no power issues) name the 1 adult toy you’d take with you:

Ha - such a hard question to answer. I can’t pick a favourite anything but if I had to it would probulary be my Tango. And I’m gonna cheat and say my Blush Helio too. I guess a rabbit would give me the best of both but I’m fussy and don’t always want both!

What’s your current sexuality?  At what age did you realise this was the right ‘fit’ for you?

I am pansexual. I only really realised this recently. I have previously identified as bisexual for years but as I’ve gotten older I’ve realised I am attracted to non binary and trans folk. That being said I still seem more interested in the femme side more so. While I still find men attractive - I am more attracted to folk who are feminine looking.

What’s your preference - naked or “dressed up” for sex?  If dressed up, how so?

That really depends on what kind of play - as a rule I am usually dressed in whatever outfit I am requested to be in. If I am topping, I dress how the mood takes me and the direction I feel the session should go in and how evil I wanna be. But regular vanilla, I usually leave a pair of knickers on as I love to feel him remove them or perhaps not, as he sometimes loves to leave them on.

Is there a kink or fantasy you’re yearning to try?

Yes, suspension and water bondage. So much yessss for both.

Name the fictional being or species you’d most like to have an encounter with:

Vampires. It’s the teeth and blood.

Anal sex - Meh or Yay?

Yip - we indulge every now and then. Not really my OH’s thing. He does however love jewelled plugs so I do wear those quite often.

Sex needn’t always be serious - do you have a funny moment to share?

I do but it’s mortifying and I’m sorry but it’s coming to grave with me. I can feel my cheeks burn up even typing this!

Sexting - love it or hate it?

Neither - I don’t particularly love or hate it. What we do I wouldn’t class it as sexting but I guess it could be classed that way!

Which mainstream film depicts your favourite erotic scene?

Pretty certain this will prob freak folk out but my favourite scene is in Hostel. I love when she lays in the bath and gets off slitting her victims throat and bathing in the blood. Her body in blood is one of the most erotic scenes and I find it so hot!

Do you watch porn?  

I do, sometimes.

Nominate your favourite adult film:

I don’t have one!

Before you go, please tell us 1 adult blog (aside from yours) which we must add to our reading list:

I’d recommend checking out Sinful Sunday meme because loads of blogs I enjoy take part in it . As well as that check out the #SOSS hashtag on twitter. I myself have found new blogs to enjoy following both memes❤

Thank you so much for sharing with me and my Dark Darlings!
You can find LSB on her blog here  or on Twitter @_LittleSBitch

Thursday, 28 December 2017

My 1 Year Bloggiversary

Roundup of Blogs I’ve Enjoyed this year : 2017

My blogging journey began in summer 2016 started when I joined Lovehoney’s chat rooms to find people who were discussing their erotic writings - 2 or 3 already had blogs where they showcased them.  I copied and pasted URLs and checked out their work (and wondered if I’d ever be as good).  My initial choice was to submit my own first stabs at stories on the Literotica site, making full use of their writing guides and an editor for my first 2 submissions.  I knew Lit had a huge visibility and I needed to know if people appreciated what I was writing, because I’d tried a mainstream blog (book reviews) and hadn’t been able to build up much of a following.

I subsequently returned  to the Lovehoney chat rooms a few times and noticed the newbie bloggers had all branched out on their own, so I took inspiration (& advice) from them.  I trawled their reading lists to expand the blogs I watched.  So the next 3 blogs are very important to the ‘birth’ of Posy!:

Scandarella  A mixed media blog, stories, reviews & opinion pieces
Miss Jezebella  A mixed media blog, stories, reviews & opinion pieces
Alastor Musing  Powerful pieces of erotica (a series) - she hasn’t updated for a while

On New Year’s Eve, with some bubbly inside me (and full support of my OH) I decided to launch my own blog and Pillow Talk hit the ‘airwaves’.  So 31 December 2017 marks my 1 year bloggiversary!

My next batch of muses were:

Random Red Rose A mixed media blog, stories, reviews & opinion pieces

Little Switch Bitch A mixed media blog, photos, reviews & opinion pieces
Cara Sutra  A mixed media blog, stories, reviews & opinion pieces, advice for sex bloggers Everything on Cara’s site is on a bigger scale, she has a panel of reviewers, she’s clearly turned her blogging into an ‘enterprise’.

Although I enjoy reading toy and product reviews (in fact some of them have inspired my writing) what I devour voraciously is great erotica, so I tend to follow blogs which feature well crafted stories. 

I cheekily suggested to Miss Jezebella that she feature one of my stories on her site, she kindly agreed and in July I was her first guest contributor, this brought new traffic to Pillow Talk.  She’s always given me great advice & tips, she encouraged me to try for a Kinkly rating (Erotica category) and join Twitter.  Scandarella echoed her advice and also suggested I get on board with the weekly memes.  Since taking their advice I am continuously discovering new blogs, photos, discussions and competitions.  I’ve even had my first complimentary toy sent to me for review (thanks Lelo).

So here are some of my most valuable blogging discoveries, with (I admit) a heavy bias on those who write erotica ~ both short and long stories. C’mon there’s a need for quickies as well as a teased-out story!  

Aurora Glory  A mixed media blog, stories, reviews & opinion pieces
Candy Snatch Reviews  Predominantly erotic stories, with erotic photographs
Tabitha Rayne  Predominantly erotic stories, with erotic photographs (and sex toy designer)
Lascivious Lucy  Predominantly erotic stories, with erotic photographs
Midnight at the Oasis  Predominantly erotic stories, with erotic photographs
Nero Speaks Erotic stories from a male PoV, Opinion pieces with erotic picture content
The Smutlancer  Advice and opinion pieces for sex bloggers & writers (some as podcasts)
Sexponential  Opinion pieces on sexual topics, with external contributors
Emmeline Peaches Reviews  A mixed media blog, predominantly reviews with
opinion pieces & interviews
Cousin Pons  Predominantly erotic stories from a male PoV, with erotic photographs
May Moore  Predominantly erotic stories, Some thought pieces and erotic photographs
Joanne’s Reviews  A mixed media blog, predominantly reviews with opinion pieces
and a new section of erotic stories
Cara Thereon  Predominantly erotic stories, with erotic photographs
Molly’s Daily Kiss  Predominantly erotic stories, with erotic photographs
Bibulous One  Predominantly erotic stories, true accounts from a male PoV, with erotic

And not forgetting Petra Pan - a talented freelance reviewer, whose work you can find on Random Red Rose’s blog and as part of Cara's Pleasure Panel.

These blogs are opening my eyes to/ expanding my understanding of a wider variety of sexual orientations and proclivities, and I love it!  I am corresponding with a fascinating Dom and a submissive Little who’ll help me write my BDSM series (Cleaner Close) with more authority and realism.  Now my blog has a fascinating, fun-filled Bi-sexual contributor Vampy Valentine who will write my adult toy reviews, which was my least favourite topic to blog about.

Big love to my followers old & new and thanks to this inclusive community for #SoSS: a fantastic use of Twitter and a resistance movement against narrow minded censorship.  For 2018, my 2nd year of blogging, my goal is onward and upward for Pillow Talk - I plan to expand into audio stories and to share the writing of others.  (Let's start with trying to squeeze this post into #wickedwednesday)

Saturday, 23 December 2017

Sharing Saturday #SoSS No.6

Blogger Uncovered - Posy Churchgate
Hello Dark Darlings, it's Christmas Eve tomorrow and I'm still struggling to type with one hand, so this blog shares less about other bloggers whose work I'm inspired by but more about me, hope that's OK? Also huge thanks to Vampy Valentine for her input/collaboration and 3 of my most loyal followers who regularly give me feeback, advice or share their writing/thoughts with me. [Telugu1, Calm Roper & Stimpy150]

In recent months I've discovered some awesome new blogs which I think I'll make a special post about so look out for that. But here is my usual interview script with me providing the truthful answers.

  • What made you decide to write a sex blog?
I’ve always enjoyed talking about sex!  For a long time I didn’t know how to deal with it: It seemed immature and it can be misread in a social setting as a vehicle for flirting (not my intention).  The fact is - I’m always curious about what other people do.  What are their kinks?  What can they recommend or advise against?  I’m curious about it all.  I love giving advice and (let’s be honest) I get off talking and reading about it!  So writing a sex blog enables me to achieve involvement in all aspects.  

  • What’s behind the title of your blog?
“Pillow Talk” is a phrase which refers to couples talking together, sharing secrets or intimacies, after having sex. Pillow conjures up an image of being ‘in bed’ and I’m hoping erotica like mine is the ultimate bedtime story.

  • Describe your blog in a nutshell:
Primarily the blog is a forum for my erotic short stories, but to add variety there are reviews of erotic books I’ve read, discussions on sex topics and evaluation and opinions on adult toys (I have a new contributor, so it won’t always be me trying the toys).

  • How long have you been blogging on this theme?
I created this blog on New Year’s Eve 2016, so just less than a year, but I started out writing erotic short stories and posting them  on Literotica a few months before that having read discussions about erotic writing in a Lovehoney chat room.

  • What is your favourite type of adult toy?
Previously vibrators, but my glass dildo is catching up fast as its so great to use with my partner.

  • If you were sent to a desert island (with no power issues) name the 1 adult toy you’d take with you:
The Tracey Cox Supersex USB Rechargeable G-spot Vibrator

  • What’s your current sexuality?  At what age did you realise this was the right ‘fit’ for you?
I am heterosexual, I’ve always felt this way.  Although I view other women as attractive, sexually alluring creatures, it’s more from a standpoint of appreciating their various allures rather than finding them physically appealing to me.  

There’s a danger that if I was on the dating scene now I’d be a cougar,  (I find younger men more attractive than those my own age!!)

  • What’s your preference - naked or “dressed up” for sex?  If dressed up, how so?
Always dressed up!  Underwear, or kinky-wear, stockings or boots (I Love boots) naked makes me feel vulnerable!

  • Is there a kink or fantasy you’re yearning to try?
Wax play - having read some product reviews and plenty of stories which involve it, I feel lured towards (but terrified about) exploring it.  My OH may not be ready quite yet though!!

  • Name the fictional being or species you’d most like to have an encounter with:
That’s easy - Vampires!  I am a mega fan of the Sookie Stackhouse books [True Blood to you TV heathens!] and I loved the Twilight saga and Anita Blake vampire hunter, so I’m longing to be a Fang-banger!

  • Anal sex - Meh or Yay?
Anal sex is something I’m building up to, training  with plugs and toys, having endured a couple of badly executed attempts in my youth.  I know I can do it better!

  • Sex needn’t always be serious - do you have a funny moment to share?
In my first physical relationship my BF & I used to park up somewhere and play for hours.  I liked to keep the interior light on to see … one night we had a visit from a policeman (by then I was only wearing a mint green thong) he knocked on the window to ask us what we were up to; apparently a resident had seen the light from the car & suspected we were planning a burglary!!

  • Sexting - love it or hate it?
Not had the opportunity to do it (OH hates to text) but I think it could be super fun and very sexy, getting your imagination and libido simmering prior to the big event!

  • Which mainstream film depicts your favourite erotic scene?
There’s an american film called Bound where Jennifer Tilly is a gangster’s girlfriend - she finds herself attracted to female ex-con Gina Gershon when she comes to fix the plumbing.  The first scene when they are acknowledging their attraction and comparing tatoos is so sexy and tense, Violet (Jennifer) just oozes feminine sexuality and Corky (Gina)’s tomboy has a toned body and a ‘bad girl’ look which I found very hot.

  • Do you watch porn?  
Not really, it’s always so fake looking, everyone is unnaturally toned, flexible, waxed.  Their facial expressions and the noises they make have me cringing.

  • Nominate your favourite adult film:
Sorry I really don’t have one.

  • Before you go, please tell us 1 adult blog (aside from yours) which we must add to our reading list:
That would have to be Scandarella’s :  Her erotic stories are so varied in style, content and yet always hit the mark.  The site is very professional, her product reviews and opinion pieces are great.  She’s even made time to give me some mentoring, so a ‘full house’ regarding this customer’s satisfaction.

Friday, 22 December 2017

Tales from Posy's Toybox! SONA Cruise Clit Stimulator Review - Leg Shaking Orgasm!

SONA Cruise Clit Stimulator Review - Leg Shaking Orgasm!

For starters SONA Cruise is a very pretty toy, and the most expensive I've ever owned - sent to me from LELO in exchange for an honest review (as always) and so far I love it!

Mine is pink silicone & gold plastic and its distinctive shape makes it very 'palm' friendly, it's easy to focus it on my clit and hold it in place while it rocks my world!! I'm jumping ahead though - some of you like to discuss packaging (yawn). The shipping package was very protective &; totally discreet, the inner display box was definitely luxe and attractively designed - inside the box a nice out-of-sight compartment conceals the silky drawstring storage bag, the USB charger, some instructions & a sachet of LELO lube.

Charge up the SONA Cruise before use, I left mine for a few hours so I could get the maximum play. The instructions included are for charging/care, there is a web link for usage advice, but I took guidance from what other reviewers had said. Being made of super velvety silicone please only ever use water-based lube to avoid damaging your SONA Cruise.

Having other reviewers I already knew this baby packed a powerful punch and so I made sure I used the minus button and took it down to its lowest vibration before putting it anywhere near my clit, but when I did I loved how its rumbling buzzing set me tingling and yearning straight away! My pussy ‘woke up’ and was interested immediately and I got ready to feel the 'sucking' or 'rasberry blowing' sensation I'd heard so much about. I applied it directly over my clit, which felt lovely and not too much. As I'd read in Sona reviews , it was a very dynamic clit vibrator which brought me to a climax intensely and quickly. I can't say I've experienced this type of orgasm before, it was so powerful it was almost torturous, but it's lovely and rather addictive!

This toy makes quite a loud buzz and whine, so background noise would be required to cover up its usage if you share your house!
There is, of course, a plus button too and the central button has a brackets logo () and this selects the vibrating patterns. Using just straight, low vibrations (waves similar to sonic ones from a speaker I gather) I had a powerful, leg shaking orgasm. My pussy was pulsing and straining towards the LELO SONA Cruise for more, and I literally can't wait to try it again; It's rather addictive!

Clean up is easy, although I wanted to take special care around the little 'sucky mouth' bit, I wouldn't want to leave residues of lube or body fluid in it, so I used a cotton bud to make sure it was totally clean.

This sex toy usually retails at £113, but I believe there are offers on at the moment, so it could be purchased as a gift for a 'clitoris owner' who you love and want to bring great pleasure to, or simply treat yourself! I was sent this item by LELO and the opinions I give here are my own and unbiased - I was excited to try out this type of clit stimulator toy and it met - no! exceeded! - my expectations of awesome sensations.

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Sexy Secret Shopping!

Treat Me Gently!

Hi Dark Darlings

Imagine me looking sexy and ready for action - my OH is going to have to do a lot of such imagining!  I'm actually on the sofa with my left 'paw' in plaster (just a finger straightening op) so this'll be a minimal typing post!

Following on from my review yesterday of a very tiny discreet vibrator, I thought I'd remind you of a story I wrote where the heroine Carrie never leaves home without one.   It is, however the Sequel, so Part 1 is hereEnjoy!

Wicked Game : Playing Dare with a Bad Girl (Part 2 of 2)

I do my best to get dressed, choosing shell pink french knickers which are loose and cool around my swollen, sensitive cunt lips (from my earlier session with the pussy pump) with a matching bra which is made of filmy fabric and lace, underwired with a half cup; it’s like I’m offering my tits out to be fondled and caressed.  I run my hands over my hard nipples, trapped as they are by the tight little bands I’m wearing, the pulse of arousal I feel in my pussy shocks me with its intensity.  In truth I want to curl up on my bed and frig myself until I cum (which won’t take long I promise!) but I have  made a deal with Big, and I know that pleasure deferred is almost always pleasure multiplied!

Although I can barely think straight, I choose a formfitting pastel blue jumper which clings to my breasts, it allows a hint of the darker flesh of my nipples to show through, naughty but nice!  I select a navy blue skirt which has pencil pleats, this feels very free and swirls air around my heated pussy.  Let me tell you, I’m SO VERY aware and enjoying every stroke the silky panty fabric makes as it brushes around my pussy and clit.  I have to concentrate very hard on the most minor tasks, because I’m thinking with my genitals now, and they want me to lie down, spread my legs apart and be taken roughly by an anonymous cock! I slip into some beautifully soft brown leather boots, which have a high heel and a pointed toe, I know they complement my slim legs. Now I’m good to go.

I grab my keys, phone and bag, pull on a trench coat and wave goodbye to the webcam - I know Big is no longer on line, but I feel as if he’s ‘watching’ how I obey his commands.  I walk carefully to the bus stop to ride into town, my legs are like jelly and the friction of walking makes me feel as if I could cum at any moment.  Standing at the bus stop waiting, I have to take several deep breaths to steady myself.

A text sounds on my phone, Big’s distinctive signal, and my heart lurches like I’m in a fast lift going down!

“Go to a public toilet.  Masturbate until you cum, make sure people hear how much you’re enjoying yourself, my little sex doll.”

OMG!  Is he crazy?!  I’m excited but also terrified!  Sure I’ve got myself off in a ladies’ toilet before now, but always secretly, that’s the reason I carry a silent bullet vibrator hidden in my make-up purse.  The bus looms into view and I get on.  Stepping up into the bus I feel a breeze stir up and under my skirt, maybe the people behind me just caught a glimpse up my skirt, at my pert buttocks in pale silky knickers.  Let them look, I shrug, apparently today I am going public with my sexuality!  I’m lost in my own dark world of arousal as the bus drives its bumpy way to the shopping centre.  Even the roughness of the seat fabric stimulates my engorged lips as we drive, and the rumble of the bus engine buzzes to my molten core.  My mind runs through lewd images of fucking and licking, fingering and spanking.  I try to hang on, holding back on my imminent orgasm, I don’t want to disappoint Big by getting my rocks off too early!

As I walk into the shopping centre my high heels make staccato taps on the tiled floor.  It’s not too busy today, being a weekday, so I can get to the ladies' loos without getting jostled by other shoppers.  I can feel moisture from my pussy soaking the gusset of my french knickers now and my heart is beating quite fast.  I choose a cubicle and hang up my coat and handbag behind the door, then I locate the little silver bullet shaped vibe within my bag.  It looks small but has a powerful buzz and throb when turned up to full power.  A girl doesn’t always need something big inside her, but on this occasion I’m amazed how big the silver device feels as I press it between the fat lips of my pussy.  The pump has done an amazing job, I’m really swollen down there and the tunnel of my pussy has a strong grip on the little vibe, as I twist its base the buzzing begins.

Immediately I begin groaning with desire, I’m not acting, it really feels so good that I can't keep quiet!  I slide it up and down the banana split that is my cunt and my juicy lips offer no resistance, making slick, slurping noises as I alternate that action with sliding it in and out of my hole.  Shit! that IS good!  I let the vibe press back to my perineum and then all the way forward to the exaggerated stalk of my clit and BAM! That’s where I want it!  It's hyper sensitive, but I can’t bear to move it away, it feels so good.

“O Shit! O Shit!  ” I say  this out loud, but Hey!  Today I’m a slutty sex doll, who intends to be overheard, so it’s OK.
“Mmmmmh”  I moan and rock my hips forward and back, the clenching  begins in my burning hot core and builds.  My climax is galloping towards me like a racehorse, I let my head drop back and make guttural moans as I thrust the vibe steadily in and out of my cunt while using my other hand to circle and pluck my clit.  My whole body seems to be throbbing and I squeeze my eyes tight shut, feeling the climax well up through me.  My breath is ragged and the clenching throbs continue squeezing my pussy and sphincter, so I clutch the silver vibe deep in my body until I cease to cum and the after shocks diminish and eventually stop.  My shoulders are leaning back against the cubicle wall and I attempt to catch my breath.

Once I’m back to myself again, I delve in my bag for my phone to take a photo of my dishevelled but satisfied demeanour, first with the vibe still pushed inside my cunt followed by one where it’s pressed against the darkness of my sodden french knickers.  I send the pictures to Big.  I’m adjusting my clothes and checking in my handbag mirror that my face isn’t too flushed when I hear a return text from Big.

“Naughty Carrie.  I have a boner!
I want to kneel in front of you right now. Lick those juices off your pussy and thighs.  How wet you are! I’m rock hard looking at the pictures, stroking myself.  If I was there Carrie I would fuck your face until you gagged.”

My pussy pulses with desire at his coarse words, I would love to have Big in front of me licking my pussy clean of all my cum.  The thought of his tongue probing between my lips and him sucking on my clit has me squirming and pressing my legs together.  BUT I would also love to open my mouth wide and have him jam his cock deep into my throat, yeah I might choke at first, but after a few attempts I’d be swallowing him whole, sucking on his erection and breathing in the musk of his arousal.  Feeling my mouth filled with his veiny cock would be bliss, I longed to feel it for real.

“Yes Please!”  I texted back  “I have a dull gag reflex
Not long after sending that he replies with my next dare.
“Go to a women’s’ shop, use the changing rooms and leave your sex-soaked panties on a hook for anyone to find.  I like thinking of you walking about with no knickers on and pussy juices running down your thighs.”

Well!  Leaving the stall in the ladies, I notice a few people giving me sly looks.  Two teenage girls can barely contain their giggles as they stare at me, then each other.  Big’s demands have been satisfied again, several women heard me masturbating to orgasm, and I feel strangely proud and elated.  My inner ‘bad girl’ has made the transition to sex doll easily!  I wash my hands, on a whim I even give my silver vibrator a rinse under the tap!  (More furtive glances and teenage giggles) then I fluff out my hair in front of the mirror, re-apply lip gloss and smooth my sweater over my pert breasts.  Yep!  You can definitely see my nipples through it, even in the dim lights of the ladies’ room!

Outside, I buy myself a latte to go and then set out in search of a ladies’ outfitter, I want a small exclusive one, not a big shop aimed at teenagers and female office staff. One shop seems aimed at mother of the bride so I swan in, browsing a few high price dresses and suits as if I’m interested in them.  Selecting a cocktail dress I hold it up to the sales assistant to indicate I want to try it on.  I head into the changing rooms, which have heavy curtains drawn across each cubicle, and duck inside with my potential purchase.  I have to walk a little less purposefully than I normally would as my pussy lips still feel swollen and sensitive, rubbing together at every step.  Despite the mind blowingno orgasm I just had, I’m starting to feel a tingle of arousal again.  I flick up my pleated skirt and shimmy my silky panties over my hips - it’s a shame, I liked these, but a dare is a dare.  I hang them on a wall hook in the cubicle, sniffing them, I take a selfie.  They smell deliciously sweet-and sour, I love the fragrance of my own pussy juice.  I send the picture to Big.  

While waiting for my next challenge I admire my box in the mirror, waxed bare and smooth, it is still very rosy and plump from the vacuum of the pussy-pump which I applied earlier. My clitoris no longer nestles discreetly between the lips, today it’s distended, its hood clearly visible.  My phone sounds, a text from Big.

“Last dare Carrie! - you’re so fucking horny!  Go shoe shopping, find a male assistant .  I want him to touch your feet putting the shoes on, to get a glimpse of your naked pussy and a whiff of your female arousal.”

Hell fire!  Big is a devious dirty man!  What a tease he wants me to be.  I sense he’s proud of me and my minxy ways, but this one’s a big ask; to flash my pussy at a total stranger, at such very close quarters!  I feel flustered and unsettled at the outrageous challenge, and yet ... my pussy is heating up again, I want to take this dare!

It isn’t easy to find a shoe shop with male assistants, I walk in, scout round and walk out again about 3 times before I find one.  The shoes are expensive but beautifully crafted and elegant so the sales staff hover at the edges of the shop, discrete but eager to help.  I make eye contact with a guy in his early 20s who hurries over.  I point out 4 pairs that I like and then spin him the story that I’ve been in a car accident recently and my back is still too stiff to twist and bend, so could he help me try them on.  With a nod and smile he says “Certainly Miss,” and hurries off to the stock room to get the shoes in my size. I settle down on an an upholstered seat and wait.  Soon he’s kneeling at my feet with a stack of boxes, he reaches forward and begins to gently remove my boots.  His fingers are just a little cooler than my legs and I’m very aware of his touch as he lifts my leg a little and eases the zipper down the boot, gently, as if any sudden move might cause me pain.  He proceeds to do the same with the other foot and I wonder if he can smell wafts from my moist pussy from his low vantage point.  

Next he reverently unwraps a pair of court stilettos from their tissue paper and gently eases my foot into the sole of the shoe.  I allow my knee to rise up while he does this, but am not sure if he can see my lady garden.  He carefully lifts my other foot to fit the shoe, this time I’m sure he gets an eyeful as he freezes just a little bit, but then he carries on fitting the shoe before asking how they feel, watching my face very attentively, suggesting I walk around in them. This I duly do, then sit again to try the next pair.  He’s just as solicitous, but I make sure to lift my knee higher than necessary so he can get a clear view of my ‘shaven haven’.  I’m confident he can see it when his top lip begins to sweat!  I wonder if he can see that it is hairless, or if he is surprised how swollen and engorged it is.

The next 2 pairs of shoes I try are strappy, which gives him plenty of scope for handling my calves and feet while easing them into the shoes and tightening up the buckles on my ankles.  He rests my foot on his leg which elevates it and he bends down low, supposedly to deal with the fiddly little buckle on each shoe but I'm pretty sure he's looking at my my pulsing snatch.  I’m glad I’ve given myself a pedicure recently as my feet are soft and supple and my toenails painted a vampy claret colour..  As I walk around testing how the shoes feel, I make sure to stand over him while I admire them in the mirror, my short skirt brushing his shoulder.  I feel sexy, voluptuous and desirable, a veritable sex doll!

“Please would you take a picture of me in these?  I want to see if my fella likes them.”  I smile at him innocently and unlock my phone.  Sitting back down I do an elaborate leg cross (which Sharon Stone would be proud of) I then strike a playful pose, he takes a picture which I then send to Big.

“Like them?”  I text.
“Indeed Carrie!  I’ll treat you!” comes his swift reply.
“I’ll take these.”  I smile at the sales assistant, “he thinks they look hot!”
“They certainly do!” sales guy replies.
Glancing at the trouser bulge he’s trying to hide as he gathers up the other shoe boxes I feel another tingle of excitement. I got him that horny with just a few stolen glimpses of my snatch!  

My phone sounds again, which makes my pussy throb with excitement hearing Big’s tone, it’s as if he’s training me to become aroused at his command.
“Did the assistant see your cunt?”
“Did it make him horny?  Did he try to touch you?”
“Yes and No.”
“Buy any of the shoes which you liked, You've been very obedient today Carrie!”  
At the till, the shop assistant still looks flustered but also seems delighted when I add the peep toe pair to my order.  

We ALL get a happy ending, I think to myself as I walk out of the shop, to catch my bus home;  Ready and willing to perform delicious lewd sex acts for Big over skype.  Maybe he will want me to wear nothing but my new heels?!