Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Send Me a Selfie

Hello my Dark Darlings,

I am limbo-ing under the wire of Masturbation Monday, the fantastic meme organised by fellow blogger Kayla Lords here.  There will be plenty of other sexy fodder (not just stories but pictures too) for your pleasure so please visit & comment if you can.

Send Me a Selfie

I get back from the shops and put my bag of ‘swag’ on the stairs, make myself a hot drink and check my phone for e-mails and texts while the teabag steeps in the mug.

“Home safe” I text and act nonchalant, but mentally I’m drumming my fingers on the counter until I get a reply.

“Buy anything?” the reply is frustratingly brief.

“Maybe,” if only I could get the upper hand, but I’m like a puppet on  a string, every move I make is at her whim.   I wait, no reply, maybe she’s busy at work but I suspect she’s toying with me.  I fold.

Walking to the stairs I take a photo of the deluxe carrier bag, making sure to capture its logo and name ‘Tiger Lilly’ then press send.  Now I have butterflies in my stomach until she texts a reply.

“Model for me!” she says, and a swoop of excitement hits my belly, like driving over a hump back bridge in the car when you aren’t expecting it.

“OK,” and with unseemly haste I go upstairs and into the bedroom.  Flicking a switch for music, the kind we listen to getting ready to go clubbing, I drag my boots off my feet and undo the button and zip of my skinny jeans.  After pulling them down and off my hips, I do that ‘tread water’ thing where you step on the jeans' leg with one foot while pulling the other leg free of the tight fabric, hardly sexy!

My phone pings: she’s sent a ‘gif’ of someone waiting and getting sleepy, so I scurry to divest myself of clothes, before reverently easing my magnificent purchases out of the tissue paper in the Tiger Lilly bag.  I step into the shorts-style briefs and pull them up over my hips, they look just as sexy as they did in the changing room, hugging the curves of my rear, the siren red metallic material is hot AF!  There is a golden zip which starts at the front, against my mons, and travels right round to my rear - meaning I’d be at her mercy, to be unzipped and fondled at any given moment.  My heart beats faster at the crazy, filthy scenes which run through my head.  

As a tease, I send my first image, a belfie, but a tight close-up on the fabric and just a hint of exposed underbum.  I laugh, feeling a little giddy, while snipping the tags off the cropped bra top before easing it on.  This is also made of red, metallic fabric, the gold zip at the front, in my cleavage, is cold against my skin, raising goosebumps.  

“You devil!” is the response, with a matching emoji and I chuckle to myself.  I do feel rather devilish wearing such a clinging, revealing outfit, but I want to wrap myself up like a delicious chocolate truffle for her enjoyment!  I’m reminded of Kylie in her ‘Spinning Around’ music video so I reach round to take a tempting picture of my metallic clad bubble butt, using the selfie stick to get a better angle

The bra top has a secret weapon, a really cute cowl hood attached to the halter-neck.  I drape it over my pixie-cut hair and take another selfie, looking back over my shoulder seductively (taking these pictures, knowing she’s going to see them when she’s at work, in her little cubicle surrounded by other worker bees, is getting me really hot!)

“Little red riding hood” she texts me before long, “Wolf is hungry”.

I can’t wipe a big grin off my face.  I feel so desirable and naughty,  there’s something about wearing just underwear in the middle of the day that is so out of the ordinary that I feel like a rebel!

Another text.  “Tug on your nipples, make them hard.  I want them visible in that outfit!”

Oh!  My slit moistens at her commanding tone, I melt when she gives me orders.  I sit on the bed to roll my nipples between pincer fingers, the ache has me pressing my thighs together as I hurry to follow her instructions.  Holding up the phone to take the picture, I notice they haven’t stayed hard, if only she was here to bite and suck with her insistent mouth.  I rummage around in my toy box for my nipple sucker; depressing the bulb I apply it to my left nipple while increasing the manual pulling and pinching on my right.  I groan  with pleasure/pain, but once again the warm room thwarts my efforts, my nipples won’t stay hard.  

Back to the toy box I remove a tiny pot of nipple bands.  I roll the 2 smallest onto the suction part of the nipple sucker and apply again to my nipple, watching with fascination as it elongates into the perspex ‘mouth’ under pressure.  It tingles delightfully and I can roll down the band and trap the tip in its engorged state.  I repeat the process on my other boob and Voila! I have 2 hard nipple points straining behind the red spangled fabric that cups and covers my breasts in the crop top.

Snap!  The picture is taken and sent.  My heart thuds in my ribcage, I hope she’s pleased with what she sees, although she won’t be amused that it took so long!  I lie down on the bed, striking different poses, taking selfies and capturing different angles.  Knowing that I’m doing it to please and titillate her is making me horny.  Already I can feel a damp patch  in my gusset and the urge to rub one out is driving me crazy.  The little devil in me wonders - am I’m making her horny too?

“Very nice!”  
I preen at her praise.  
“Pull the briefs tighter, show me the outline of your cunt!”  
An illicit shock runs through me at her choice of words, but I can’t disobey. I pull on the waistband of the shorts till I feel them pressing tight against my hot wet pussy and pulling up into the crack of my arse.  I take another selfie, review it then press send.  Yeah I captured the ‘camel toe’!

“I need a bathroom break,” she texts.
She is sneaking off with her phone to have a wank in the toilet cubicle.  Yay! I’m delighted!  I lie on the bed with my legs spread and my hands near my pussy, waiting for my next instructions, my dirty mind already creating little scenarios for my pleasure, warm juices gathering in my folds.

My phone rings, startling me.  It’s her.  I press it to my ear.  “Yes Lucy?”

“Finger yourself, I want to hear how wet you are.”
I bite my lip with suppressed emotion, my pulse thumping.  
“But first slut, unzip those panties and show me how soaking wet your wanton display has got you!

My cheeks burn with shame, but I angle the phone camera at my crotch and use my other hand to drag the zip down, feeling the cool air brush against the swollen, hot  folds of my pink pouting pussy.  Doing things because I’ve been instructed, showing myself to her for inspection is a very familiar pattern, which never fails to increase my desire.  I hear her intake of breath at the sight of me, spread out, vulnerable and wet just for her.

“Do it!”  she commands, and I set to work.

I no longer try to hold the phone so she can see me, instead I lay it on my stomach so it’s close to my pussy because Lucy wants to hear. I circle my index fingers round my clit several times, it’s humming with alert nerve endings and the sensations are exquisite, I’m awash with throbs: hot and cold.  Dipping inside my pussy I drag moisture out of my depths to spread it around my labia, making the whole area smooth and slippery, so my strokes and presses have a fluidity to them which I enjoy.  I’m not ashamed of the squelching noises my fingers make as I dip in and out of my honey pot, using my own lubrication, it’s what Lucy wants to hear, along with my moans and sighs of satisfaction.

In my imagination I picture her standing in the cubicle of the ladies, with her skirt pulled up around her waist, stockings and garter belt framing her trimmed pussy, while her silky panties are dragged down, taut between her spread thighs.  I imagine her using her ring and middle finger  the same way as I am, rubbing and circling and stroking her labia, trying not to focus on her clitoris too soon.  She has to be silent, neither of us want her to be overheard, but my cunt is making distinctive squelching sounds as I pump two fingers in and out of my wet pussy, as my arousal builds.

The tension in my body increases, my legs strain and my abdomen braces, while I suspect Lucy’s body is doing the same.  I make two fingers into a V shape and rub them either side of my engorged clitty hood, it feels so damn good and has me gasping for air while my heartbeat thrums a tattoo in my chest.  At the same time I imagine Lucy tapping hard and fast on her clit, it’s how she gets off when she’s on the final straight.  My climax is building - everything in my body is as tight as a bowstring, straining for that moment when it breaks.  Suddenly I’m awash with great sensations, I’m soaring and throbbing with pulses powerful enough to make my torso twitch.  Starbursts of colour flare behind my eyes and my elation expands to lift me and make me feel fulfilled and satisfied.

As I come back to earth I slow my hands, although my fingers, still deep inside me, feel the fading twitches throb within my pussy.  Once I’m able to think outside my body, I wonder if Lucy has climaxed too.  Snatching my phone off my stomach I hold it to my ear, able to hear ragged sounds of heavy breathing at her end of the line.

“Thank you Lucy,” I say quietly, wishing she was here to hold me and cuddle as we come down.

After a pause, she sends me two emojis: thumbs up and clapping hands.

“See you tonight.”  I text back.

She sends the emoji of a lipstick kiss.

If you're curious about the underwear my subject models it can be purchased from Crimson Princess.

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Mad Hatter's Tea Party

Hello my Dark Darlings!

I have nurtured a seed of an idea from Alice in Wonderland - Lewis Carrol's fantasy book.  I've stolen a few elements and crafted a sexy tale about a (fairy tale) date I'd enjoy ... see what you think!  It seemed to fit with Kayla's prompt for #MasturbationMonday 218 also!

Mad Hatter's Tea Party

I’m excited getting ready for my birthday treat, which has been cloaked in secrecy, but my B/f (known to everybody as Hatter since his time at boarding school) told me to wear something pretty and accessible, and to be ready at 3.30 on the dot.

I’ve had the day off and spent time pampering myself.  I regularly have intimate waxing, so that box  was ticked, but I’ve shaved my legs and armpits, washed and styled my long hair into loose waves and moisturised all over with Jo Malone cream and matching fragrance.  I’ve done my makeup (to look like no makeup) but added false eyelashes and a flick of eyeliner.

I choose a fishnet/lace bodystocking and a short, flared dress which buttons through the front.  Totally accessible and, teaming this outfit with high peep-toe shoes, I feel sexy with a twist of innocence, Hatter will love it!  A text pings on my phone, the car is outside, so I grab my clutch bag and hurry downstairs to the street, where a sleek limo with darkened windows awaits.  The door swings open, Hatter leans out.

“Alys!  You look gorgeous - hop in!”

I bend forward and step inside, feeling the cool air swirl around my bare crotch, which thrills me.  As I slide onto the leather seating I beam at him and he leans in, kissing  me, before nuzzling at my neck - enjoying the fragrance - I’m already melting into his embrace.  He rests a hand on my thigh and I feel hyper-aware of its heat & weight.
“Unbutton your dress!”  Hatter’s voice is commanding and low, sending a chill through me which moistens my slit.

I comply immediately, getting goosebumps when he sucks in a breath admiringly.  He opens my dress, pushing it to either side of my torso, baring my nipples which poke through the mesh in the body stocking.  The patterns of the black fishnet and lace enhance the curves of my breasts and the toned muscles of my abdomen, while my belly button looks deep and dark.  The mesh narrows into suspenders and then becomes fishnet stockings, which hug and contour my legs; Hatter’s eyes darken as he feasts them on me.   Leaning in for a kiss, his tongue swirls around in my mouth while his hands grasp my waist to pull me towards him, onto the edge of the limo’s seat.  He moves to my side and looks over his shoulder, I follow his gaze and catch a glimpse of the driver’s eyes in the mirror, he can see everything we’re doing.

Hatter sucks on each nipple in turn and blows on the damp flesh, making them pebble and ache for more.  I breathe deeply, enjoying the sensations shooting straight to my pussy, then he pinches and rolls each one between finger and thumb, ‘til I’m panting to cope with the painful but delicious ache.

“Do you want more, dirty girl?”

I know he wants to put a show on for the driver, “Yes please,” I moan “it hurts so good!”.

“Spread your legs, I want to lick your pussy - I know you’re soaking wet, little slut.”

I comply with a smile, I like it when he talks dirty, and I can’t wait for him to discover my ‘birthday surprise’ for him!  He gets to his knees in front of me and bends his head towards my pussy - then stops.

“What’s this Alys?  You got a tattoo?”

“”Mmm Hmm.”  I nod, a big smile breaking out on my face, so very proud of my bravery.   Hatter’s the first person outside the tattoo parlour I’ve shown it to (I doubt the driver can see it from his vantage point!)

“It says Eat Me,” he observes, leaning in so close I can feel his breath tickle my naked mons. The inked words are framed by a small heart at the top of my thigh, so they’d almost be covered up by the triangle of a thong, if I was wearing any panties.  “I like it!” he declares.

His face comes in close to nibble my mons and lap at my lips so I relax into the sensations he’s waking in my core.  I let my legs fall wider apart, thrusting my pelvis up to allow his tongue to probe deeper, he suckles my stiff clit.  I can’t suppress my groans, my head is a dizzy fog of desire;  unconsciously I move my hands to pinch and pull at my nipples while he sucks and licks me out.  I’m oblivious to the driver now, who can barely keep his eyes on the road, diverted by the action on his back seat!

“You’re so wet Alys!” Hatter draws back from my pussy, allowing the cool air to tickle across my engorged lips and the moisture running from my slit onto the leather car seat.  “Finger yourself, but don’t come!”  he commands in his sternest voice.

I comply eagerly, sliding my index finger over my clit and around, enjoying the thrill from the slightest touch in its engorged state, then I plunge both my index and middle fingers into my wet pulsing hole to pump them in and out, while Hatter digs into his pocket for an object I can’t clearly see.  He watches me intensely, because we both know it won’t be long before I near the point of no return.

He grabs my hand and pulls it away to suck on my fingers, licking my juices off  suggestively, his eyes locked with mine, which is so sexy.  Next  I feel something nudging at my pussy folds and Hatter slides an object inside me.

“We’re nearly there Alys,” he says, looking out of the window at our surroundings, leaving me spread open, wet and unsatisfied.

“You’re not kidding!” I mutter, being denied an orgasm makes me a little tetchy.  Hatter just smiles enigmatically and holds my hand, kissing my fingers, and nipping them with his teeth.

The limo stops at the kerb outside a classy London hotel, and Hatter lets me out ahead of him, fondling my bare buttocks under my dress, as I try to step out of the car with dignity.  The driver holds the door open  and gives me a knowing look, making me blush.  Hatter takes my arm as we tackle the flight of steps up to the grand, glassy hotel entrance.  At that moment I feel a buzz inside my pussy, which thrills me and terrifies me in equal measure, it’s so unexpected.  

Hatter, the little demon, must’ve inserted a remote control love-egg!  It’s nearly impossible  to walk and be so turned on, but I bite my lip and set my pelvic floor muscles, knowing there will be punishment if I cum without his permission.

Inside the hotel, Hatter turns off the vibrations and I can relax for a moment and drink in the surroundings, which remind me of pre-war glamour, parlour palms, brass furnishings, leather bound books and dainty tables draped with damask cloths.  An obsequious waiter seats us at a table and Hatter orders  a pot of Earl Grey and the high tea option, which consists of tiny triangular sandwiches and a selection of bite sized cakes and petits fours.  He knows I have a sweet tooth, so this treat will hit the spot!

“Happy birthday Alys.”  He smiles at me delightedly, a wicked glint in his eye, “how are you feeling?”

“Excited!” I say, determined not to give too much away.

“Yes, it’s a beautiful place,” he says, playing along and looking around the tea room, which is like a grand conservatory, with pillars and exotic plants, some which hang down from the ceiling in inverted flower pots.

“Undo the top 3 buttons of your dress and don’t attempt to cover yourself when the waiter comes.”  Hatter’s tone is firm and he holds my gaze while I unfasten my dress as instructed.  The fabric hangs open, revealing shadows near my navel.  He knows this both embarrasses and excites me, he often makes me display myself in public.

Soon the waiter pushes a trolley towards us, bearing a silver teapot in the old russian style along with sandwiches and cakes.  The cups and saucers are old fashioned, fine bone china and I notice the bowl of sugar lumps has tiny silver tongs with which to serve them.  I study the details of our food, rather than at the waiter, I’m humiliated by my state of undress.

“Alys will be mother,” Hatter tells him calmly so he sets the teapot down in front of me, I lean forward to pour us each a cup of earl grey.  If the waiter has noticed my tight pink nipples peeking out of my dress, he is the soul of discretion, but at that moment (of course) Hatter uses the remote to set the vibrating egg in motion within my pulsing pussy.   I can’t help jumping a little and making a cry of surprise.  The egg rumbles and buzzes within me in patterns of vibration which make me grit my teeth with suppressed desire, yet I do my best to pour 2 cups of hot tea without spilling any on the tablecloth.

“Cake madam?”  the solicitous waiter indicates the delicate tiered stand he’s just placed on the table and my mouth waters to survey the selection of cup cakes, pastries and eclairs.  As I raise my hand to select one, my devious B/f turns the vibrations up to maximum and I’m sure my arm trembles.

“Take that one with cream in the middle,” Hatter urges, “I know you’re going to love it kitten.”

At those words I close my eyes and cum, silently, momentously, a single tear squeezing out of the corner of my eye; the waves of clenching, squeezing delight burst over me like a rainbow coloured waterfall.  I release the breath I’ve been holding and feel a pulsing burst of joy while my pussy throbs and clutches at the love egg still buzzing within me.

In a few moments I’m back to myself and, out the other side of my hazy feelings, I notice Hatter staring at me, a smirk on his face.  I smile back, his use of my pet name ‘kitten’ was the secret signal, permission for me to climax.  I realise I hadn’t got as far as selecting a cake so do it now, and a sandwich, settling back into my armchair to sip tea and enjoy the dainty food.  He watches me a little longer, but I sense he’s pleased that I held off my orgasm until given permission and I’m pretty sure no-one else in the tea room noticed me coming unravelled.

We spend a very pleasant hour sipping tea and sampling cakes and sandwiches, although Hatter continues to torment me with the remote control vibe, activating it suddenly whenever a guest or waiter nears our table, to test my skill at ‘styling out’ my arousal, which once more is building.  He pulls his chair close to mine and lays the white damask napkin ostentatiously in his lap.

“Stroke me Alys,” he instructs, so I reach my hand into his lap to unzip his flies under the screen of the white fabric.  His cock springs free eagerly, already aroused from our play in the limo and watching me cum, I imagine.  

My nimble fingers circle around the girth of his shaft, stroking and smoothing it up and down, allowing his foreskin to move rhythmically.  I look at Hatter’s face, which he’s deliberately arranged in an impassive expression. I check left and right to ensure no-one is watching me, before gradually speeding up my stimulation of his member.  I maintain a steady rhythm and pressure, but I have no clue how my ministrations are being received, until I feel the moisture of pre-cum creeping over my fingers.   Observing Hatter, his face looks blank, but unnaturally stiff, so I guess he’s close to cumming, so I continue to grasp and stroke, pulling up and down, feeling a burn in my arm at the unnatural angle and repetitive movement.  

All of a sudden I’m startled by a clatter from our table, Hatter has contrived to knock his cup, saucer and teaspoon to the floor.  He signals with his eyes that I should retrieve them, so I drop to my knees, part-way under the table.  He pushes my head towards his lap while jerking himself the last few times to release his pearlescent jiz, which hits my neck and chest, in startlingly warm, wet droplets.  Keeping my upper body immobile I feel around with my hand on the floor for the fallen crockery before rising to my seat, setting them on the table.

“Thank you kitten,” he smiles, his hand, concealed by the napkin, tucks his cock back into his flies.  I sit upright and a little awkward, knowing he wants to admire the rivulets of cum decorating my chest, whilst I’m hoping that the hotel guests can’t see it.

“I’ve eaten enough, have you Alys?”

“Plenty thank you,” I smile.

“We’ll take these home with us please.”  Hatter smiles at the waiter, arranging to pay the bill, he points out 2 pastel coloured cupcakes, top heavy with buttercream icing.

I visit the ladies while he calls the car round for us, but I know better than to clean up the droplets of cum which are now sticky against my decolletage.  I re-apply my lipstick and meet Hatter in the lobby, he takes my arm solicitously to help me down the steps in my high heels.  In his other hand he carries the dainty box with a ribbon handle containing the cakes.

The limo purrs at the kerb and I climb in, while Hatter holds the door open.

“Well that was fun wasn’t it?”

“Yes, I enjoyed it very much.”  I smile happily, because I did.  I love him toying with me in public, instructing me to do things which make me feel slutty and ashamed.  Feeling at Hatter’s mercy is a strong aphrodisiac, then he acts like he can’t keep his hands off me and I feel a shift in power.

“Take off your dress Alys,” his voice is low and saturated with lust.  I comply immediately whilst feeling the moisture gather in my slick, soaking cunt.  He pushes me back onto the seat of the limo until I am horizontal.  “I love your tattoo, Alys. However, you must be punished for getting it done without seeking my permission.”

I’m trembling with desire, there’s a heaviness in my pussy and lower abdomen from the long drawn out foreplay.  I watch him through lowered eyes, pretty sure I’m going to enjoy however he chooses to punish me.  He sits beside me on the edge of the leather seat, and opens the cake box, removing a cupcake, then he presses the piped icing to one nipple then the other, coating both liberally with pale blue frosting.  My heart’s pounding so hard now I can see each breast quiver with its momentum, and as he bends his head to lick and nibble the icing off, I’m quivering with suppressed lust and emotion. He takes it slowly, and insistently, his ministrations making my hands claw and scrabble at the hard leather seats, while his sucking and pulling at the delicate nipple tissue makes them engorged and swollen to twice their usual size.

Smack!  He slaps my breast hard, mostly impacting the under-breast, but he catches the engorged tender nub of my nipple too and I cry out with shock, while the burning flame of climax begins to climb within me.  Smack!  The other breast receives similar treatment and I yelp, the throbbing pleasure/pain overlaps with the last slap and my back arches, wanting more.  Slap!  Smack!  Slap!  Smack!  He rains blows on my tortured breasts, before delivering a final open-palmed slap onto my pussy and clit!  

I’m cumming and writhing and crying and cumming and begging, a jumble of words flow out of my mouth, releasing the pressure along with the clenches and waves of pleasure which wash over me.

My B/f gathers me into his arms and cradles me while I throb, twitch and pant out my sobbing, delightful climax, then he smooths my hair and soothes me, held safely in his warm embrace the rest of the journey home.

The beautiful underwear I've used to illustrate my story is available from Bondara

Friday, 26 January 2018

Sharing : Another Superstar Blogger is Interviewed!

Hello my Dark Darlings, welcome to another Saturday post where I am sharing by 'lifting the lid' on a very prominent blogger who I admire - May Moore has kindly agreed to answer my interview questions.

  • What made you decide to write a sex blog?
My man and I had been together a few years when he put the idea in my head. He couldn't believe how much I talked about sex. The reason being he was so easy to be open with. I had not enjoyed such honest sexual conversation since I was young, so I took advantage of it Anyhow, at that time I was going to start a blog about nutrition, as I am qualified in that area, but at the last minute I changed my mind and made it a sex blog!
  • What’s behind the title of your blog or your blogging “name”?
That's a very good question and one I will be writing a post about sometime in the near future. Lets just say for now that a version of May More was my name once.

  • Describe your blog in a nutshell:
I see my blog as a living thing. It has evolved over the last year and I am confident will continue to do so. Originally I was just writing about the relationship I have with my man – erotic non-fiction. Focusing on the attributes of communication and honesty. Occasionally, I would write a more serious lifestyle article too. But when I got involved with the memes Sinful Sunday and Wicked Wednesday I really found I enjoyed publishing photos, (although the more risqué ones are in my password protected gallery), and then tried my hand at erotic fiction.

  • How long have you been blogging on this theme?
I started my blog near the beginning of 2016 but because of a serious injury I sustained it was put on the back burner until about a year ago.
  • What is your favourite type of adult toy?
Apart from whips, rope and the occasional blindfold we don't really use many sex toys. I have a butt plug I quite like and recently I did a Guest Review for Molly Moore and got to keep the bullet vibrators – They have become a welcome addition to my sex life! Since then I have certainly thought about trying some other toys.
  • If you were sent to a desert island (with no power issues) name the 1 adult toy you’d take with you:
Goodness, I don't know. I have my mind that constantly thinks about filth so I think I would skip the toy and take a good book!

  • What’s your current sexuality? At what age did you realise this was the right ‘fit’ for you?
Sexuality seems to be a loaded question these days. I think I am heterosexual - I have never had sex with a woman. Though when I was a teenager a girlfriend and I explored each others bodies a little. I really think you fall in love with the person, not their gender. Hope that answers the question.
  • What’s your preference - naked or “dressed up” for sex? If dressed up, how so?
I like dressing up for sex on a date night. Sexy or slutty clothes – heels – stockings – you know the look! There are plenty of photos on my site with me dressed in such a way.

  • Is there a kink or fantasy you’re yearning to try?
One of my main fantasies is being fucked by a couple of guys while my man has to watch. But I think we will leave that one safely in my head! A fantasy I did have, and he made it come true for me, was one that had plagued me ever since I fell in love with the Rocky Horror show. My man carried it off with panache, hold-ups, my black lacy knickers over the knee boots, a tight waistcoat and of course a whip. It was fucking horny! You can read about it here.
  • Name the fictional being or species you’d most like to have an encounter with:
The character Roy Batty from Blade Runner – played by Rutger Hauer. In fact Nero put out a tweet with a fab photo of him only the other day.
  • Anal sex - Meh or Yay?
I used to really enjoy anal but I had it too much with a past lover and now me and my man only venture there once in a blue moon. I have enjoyed it in the past though and the intense orgasms it helps you achieve.
  • Sex needn’t always be serious - do you have a funny moment to share?
Oh my goodness my man and I laugh such a lot when having sex. I adore the moment when he cums as he really puts so much enthusiasm into it that usually we both fall back on the bed laughing at that point.

Years ago a boyfriend of mine was trying to shag me in a shop doorway in London. That was quite amusing as even though it was late at night we were disturbed a few times so gave up. I remember travelling home on the train with my knickers in my pocket, smiling.

  • Sexting - love it or hate it?
We spend 24/7 together so don’t really get into the sexting. There was a time before we were a couple when we would text sometimes, but they were usually more serious and only occasionally would it be class it as a 'sext'. Also my man hates the phone so it never gets overused.
  • Which mainstream film depicts your favourite erotic scene?
Difficult question – I remember seeing Nine and a Half Weeks years ago and loved some of the scenes in that. But Mickey Rourke (then) was so damn sexy.
  • Do you watch porn?
I used to watch porn before I started reading and writing smut every day! I don’t feel the need for it so much now. My man does now and then. Once I sucked his cock kneeling in front of him whilst he watched some porn.

When I was young I used to watch it with a group of friends in a recreational setting. That was cool. It was movies in those days. I think now that porn is on tap, because of the internet, it has lost its allure.
  • Nominate your favourite adult film:
That’s a difficult one – as I said I used to watch porn movies with friends – they were made in the 70’s. Bloody hilarious. Always such a naff story, but a story nevertheless. And my first boyfriend used to take me to see the Emmanuel films. I don’t have a favourite. I don’t watch TV nowadays and if I watch a movie it’s usually an old black and white one (as they are made so much better than modern films).
  • Before you go, please tell us 1 adult blog (aside from yours) which we must add to our reading list:
There are so many great blogs out there. I could write a list from memory of all the ones I like and it would fill up another page. But if I have to name just one it would be Cara Theron's blog. I love the general style of her writing and even when her topics are slightly controversial she never sensationalises the story, it remains believable. I also enjoy her more personal pieces – If I had time I would read something of hers everyday

Thank you so much for sharing your more ‘private’ side with me and my Dark Darlings!  

It was fun!
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Saturday, 20 January 2018

Over the Knee Sox - Sinful Sunday

Hello my Dark Darlings,

Here's an image to savour for a lazy Sunday.  Greeting my OH wearing a teddy and these delightful long socks with bows on when he bring 2 cups of coffee up to bed ...

#Sinful Sunday

Friday, 19 January 2018

Sharing More of the Good Stuff

Hello my Dark Darlings! It's come round to Saturday again and I need to share
more blogger love! Firstly let me show you some of the blog posts which have
captured my attention this week #SoSS

Hey Epiphora's Great demo of the superiority of rumbly vibrations on the 
Love this discussion, with personal ancdotes on sexting & its value from 
Exhibit A
Discovered a new erotic writer hhastngs: Summer Night
This picture makes an evocative writing prompt.
2 Brief erotic pieces'This' &  'Girlfriends' from Hannah Lockhardt.

Next I want to introduce you to a fellow blogger Emmeline Peaches, who had been very frank and revealing in her answers. 

What made you decide to write a sex blog?

A good question, and one I ask myself at times too.
As the years go on, it becomes a bit harder to pinpoint one specific reason that I decided writing about sex was the right avenue for me. My go-to answer used to be that I was passionate about sex, craving an additional project to balance out my love of writing and the gruelling process of a PhD, and very interested in raising awareness about vaginismus and other important issues regarding sex, sexuality, and sexual confidence.
I certainly started my blog with those intentions in mind, having been inspired by discovering the sex toy greats such as Hey Epiphora, Dangerous Lilly, and the then prolific Marvelous Darling and Toy Meets Girl (the latter two being my icons). Epiphora and Lilly’s guides on starting an adult blog were godsends for me at the time, whereas Marvy was the first blogger I built up the confidence to DM directly to help me with a site concern. I owe these people a huge debt.
But, looking back further, I already had a deep admiration for sex writing long before I launched my blog. I watched documentaries on TV discussing sex writers and sex, and even wrote a few of my own very short (very smutty) product reviews on the Bad Dragon forums. 
So, in this way, I guess I always wanted to write about sex as a young teen. I just didn’t realize I could be a sex writer until I found a space that fit my academic style in until I discovered the broader adult product review community. 
At that point ‘God I wish I could share my love of sex’ turned in to ‘Yeah…I think I can do this…Just as a passion project though. I’m no pro’.
The rest is history.

What’s behind the title of your blog or your blogging “name”?
When I was doing cognitive behavioural therapy with a sex therapist and my then partner (now ex), we were encouraged to come up with a word that we could use to indicate any change in ‘thrusting speed’ as it were. 
I thought for a moment before blurting out ‘How about Peaches?’ and the phrase stuck from there. ‘Peaches’ then evolved in to my safe word and, when I was thinking of my blogging name, seemed like the perfect way to speak for my own sexual situation. 
From there I wanted a first name that felt timeless, dignified, and was associated with feminism and empowerment. Emmeline Pankhurst came immediately to mind (probably because of the shared ‘P’) and so I made my name.
I suppose given that I’m no longer with my ex and partner of 11 years, the name could be considered as somewhat bittersweet (especially considering the emotionally abusive dynamic that emerged come the latter years),  but I don’t see it that way.
At the end of the day, I was the one who selected the term ‘Peaches’ for my own recovery. I then took that word with me into my greater adult adventures, and forged my own unique identity with it.
Now, as I’m expanding in to additional projects too, I’ve even created a business name out of it – Peaches Independent – and I could think of no other way to summarise my contemplations on all that has happened since my recent relationship dissolution.

Describe your blog in a nutshell:
Ha ha, I’ve already waffled so much and it’s only question three (oops). This one is short and sweet: Emmeline Peaches Reviews is an adult product review blog with an educational twist. When visiting my blog readers can expect to find in-depth product appraisals, articles on sex and sexuality, and personal musings of an adult nature (also a whole lot of veganism, when the content allows). I always do my best to balance objective information with my own subjective voice. That’s the theory, at least!
How long have you been blogging on this theme? When it comes to my own site, it’s just past 6 years as of this January. …Wow. I feel old!

What is your favourite type of adult toy?
I was very tempted to say ‘a powerful G-Spot vibrator’ – because this gives the option of a strong toy you can use internally or externally, as you wish – but, if I’m being true to myself, I’d have to say a wand.
I love wand vibrators so much. If my sex session doesn’t involve a wand (usually the Lelo Smart Wand Large or the Doxy Number 3) then it’s probably because I’m using the Zumio. There’s really no other exception. 
I just love how broad, rumbly, and deep a truly great wand is. Wands don’t give me an instant climax – they allow me to press and caress their surface over my vulva and clasp my free hand wantingly around their head. 
They tend to have great handles, simple controls, and the option to pull away easily if things get too intense. 
Plus they have such a rich and powerful iconic history which really plays into my background as a social art historian. 
I just adore them!

If you were sent to a desert island (with no power issues) name the 1 adult toy you’d take with you
The Doxy Number 3. Easy choice.
I love my larger wands, and my Zumio, but the convenience of the Doxy Number 3 not needing to recharge between sessions (what with it being a plug ‘n play) is more my style.   

What’s your current sexuality?  At what age did you realise this was the right ‘fit’ for you?
I identify as bisexual in the sense of being attracted to more than one sex/gender (bi then referring to ‘same’ and ‘different’ rather than the restrictive ‘male’ or ‘female’ often imposed on bisexual individuals rather than meant by them). 
I also use the term queer with open confidence, as I’m rather gender fluid too, and really pretty much ‘anything goes’. 
For as early as I have felt attraction, that attraction has mainly been towards those with female physical features or a feminine identity. As I got older I found I was even more attracted to women who showed traits that would be considered as ‘butch,’ ‘gender fluid,’ or ‘androgynous’. But I also knew that I liked other options too.
As a teenager, the best term I had for this was ‘bisexual,’ and that was the term I used when ‘coming out’ to my partner (and then casually mentioning it to most others). I suppose that’s why the term resonates with me so strongly, even though I’ve since  learned a lot more about sex, sexuality, and gender.
Now when people ask me ‘What are you attracted to?’ I typically answer ‘Anyone and everyone’ before elaborating and bringing out the B-word, but I doubt I’ll ever drop ‘bisexual’ from my lexicon altogether. 

What’s your preference – naked or “dressed up” for sex?  If dressed up, how so?
Does ‘decorated in the cosy embrace of a thick blanket’ count?
Nah, just kidding, I tend to go for naked or very minimal aesthetic complements. These would usually be a body chain, a faux leather harness, or a collar. 
Oh, a collar *melts*
Is there a kink or fantasy you’re yearning to try?
If given the chance I would love to get in to fitness domination (either being the Domme or getting dominated), branding (as a sub), or cupping (again, as a sub).
I really don’t get enough chances to be a pup either.
I should rectify these things.
That being said, I am a very shy Peach and usually don’t have the confidence to ask for my kinks to be fulfilled (nor the people around me to help me explore them).
Coming from a place of emotional abuse (and sexual, at a much younger age and with a family member), I also struggle with giving people control and can have a rush of panic if I feel I no longer have power in a sexual situation. 
I haven’t ever told the greater adult community my own biggest fetish. Only a select few people know what makes my clitoris instantly throb. 
Name the fictional being or species you’d most like to have an encounter with:
Gosh, that’s a hard one (and kind of gives hints towards that currently unspoken fetish).
I think I’d have to say…a werewolf. 
God, I’m such a tween cliché. 
Second choice has to be a very adept spell-caster (or Raksha from the roleplaying game, Exalted). 
The kink clues are dropping hard now.

Anal sex - Meh or Yay?
‘Yay’ when giving it to others.
‘Stay the eff away from my sensitive IBS booty’ if asked to receive. 
Sex needn’t always be serious – do you have a funny moment to share?
Oh, where to start!   I guess the beginning is a good one. 
The first adult product I was given ‘free’ to review was (believe it or not) a fully functional fucking machine, which you sat on as it thrusted mechanically up and down. I won it by changing the lyrics of Bohemian Rhapsody to be about using the toy, and I’m still proud of that achievement. 
At the time I pretty much lost my mind with excitement. An actual fucking machine! It even had a squirting feature. I was screaming.
Buuut, when it arrived my emotions soon balanced out a bit. 
The toy was not dreadful, by any means, but the attachments were porous, the saddle wasn’t made from antibacterial material, and, deep down, I knew thrusting wasn’t my most loved sexual motion. 
I was still excited, though, and I tried and enjoyed the product with my, now, ex multiple times.
The first time we tried to use the ‘squirting feature’ though – which involved essentially pouring water down its spout so that it could squirt out on activation – we weren’t even sure it had worked upon release. 
After we’d finished up I checked the saddle and it was semi-damp but not massively. Curious, I picked the entire saddle up and gave it a little shake.
Sure enough, water sloshed mockingly inside of it. 
My, now, ex and I were baffled. Wide-eyed, daunted, and oh so new to the whole ‘technical issues’ thing with sex toys, I did the only thing I could think of: I tipped the entire saddle upside down and gave it a shake. 
Water spurted flaccidly out, like vinegar from a semi-blocked container. 
All we could do was laugh our heads off.
The water never fully came out of that saddle. It sloshed and dribbled for the entire time I had it, until I decided that I didn’t want such an unhygienic product in the house anymore. 
I imagine/hope that someone (a very bemused waste disposal employee) had the same amused moment as I did with shaking and tipping my old fucking machine. 

Sexting - love it or hate it?
Love it. Don’t get to do it enough. Interested people hit me up.
The disclaimer being that it needs to be consensual and I need to be in the mood to it. 
Sometimes I’m feeling incredibly receptive and want to talk to everyone in all capacities. 
Other times I want nothing more than to be left alone with my own thoughts. If someone were to try and persist when I was in the latter mood, I think they’d likely get the cold shoulder and accidentally land on my list of ‘people who I find mildly annoying’.

Which mainstream film depicts your favourite erotic scene?
Oh gosh, that’s tricky. 
It’s not a ‘sex scene’ in the conventional sense but the climax to the Little Red Riding Hood story in the Trick ‘R Treat horror anthology movie is unrivalled in terms of erotic allure.
No spoilers.

Do you watch porn?  
Yes, but only professionally. 

Nominate your favourite adult film:
Crashpad’s Guide to Fisting, because I like my smut to be educational. 

Before you go, please tell us 1 adult blog (aside from yours) which we must add to our reading list:
Squeaky Bedsprings is a brilliant writer, a beautiful individual, and needs to be on everyone’s radar. 

Thank you so much for sharing your more ‘private’ side with me and my Dark Darlings!  
You’re most welcome! Thank you for having me.