Sunday, 14 January 2018

A Little Bit of the Side!

Good afternoon my Dark Darlings!

A little bit of side-boob encased in the softest, halterneck black lace bra.

See who else has been / is sinning today!



  1. That is a very sexy glimpse and a very sexy bra


    Ps... Welcome to Sinful Sunday, I really hope you enjoy being part of this community. I do urge folks to try and take some time to comment on other peoples work as it helps to foster and maintain a strong and support community

  2. Very sexy side shot! I love lace bras and this one looks amazing on you!
    Aurora x

  3. How lovely you look Posy. That really is a delicate bra and to see your breast resting so gently in it is really delightful. And sexy too.

  4. My downfall is lingerie and cleavage, I was just about to go to bed and thought to myself I think I'll see if there are any more Sinful Sunday entries. Well, there is, I guess sleep will have to wait a bit.

  5. So glad you posting photos - This is a very sensual shot - i love it!

  6. A lovely bit of side boob and lace...beautiful.

  7. That bra looks so pretty - I love lace <3 x

    Welcome to Sinful Sunday Xx

  8. Such a pretty bra and angle. :)