Saturday, 30 June 2018

Sharing & Caring Amongst the Fifty-Shaders!

Hello my Dark Darlings, I have only a few links to share with you this week, as I've been more than a little pre-occupied with holiday preparations, but here's what I've been reading, listening to and appreciating.

After that I'm sharing an interview with the erudite Victoria Blisse who I've only been getting to know in recent months, since I met her at Eroticon.  Now, following her BDSM journey through her blog, I'm not only fascinated but am being educated as to the motivation behind a masochists pursuit of pleasure.

  • What made you decide to write a sex blog?

I have been blogging for years but mostly promo for my books. A couple of years ago at Eroticon I was talking to Molly Moore and KD Grace about book promo and how boring it can be and had a bit of an epiphany. From then on I stopped writing book promotion and turned my blog exclusively into a place for sex blogging. I still sell as many books as I used to, which says a lot really and I have much more fun updating my blog now!

  • What’s behind the title of your blog or your blogging “name”?

Victoria Blisse is my pen name and although I thought of taking on another nom de plume for my kink activities, I decided just to put it all out there. I’m lucky, in that my friends and family are very supportive and non-judgemental. So I can just let it all hang out. Oo er. 

  • Describe your blog in a nutshell:

*Climbs into a nutshell*  So my blog is a hub for all things Blisse. You can find all my erotica, information on my role as Reverend to the kinky (yes, really), all my various posts and also links to all the fun stuff I do with Smut.UK 

  • How long have you been blogging on this theme?

Well, I’ve been blogging specifically on my kinky/BDSM journey for the past 2 years. Before that I was more about my erotica (most of which has a BDSM theme) with the odd post about my own life.

  • What is your favourite type of adult toy?

Hitty things. I know that’s a cop out but I love so many of them. I have a special place in my heart for whips but I also love canes and paddles and...well yes, all the hitty things. I’m a masochist, so will take pain over pleasure 9 times out of 10!

  • If you were sent to a desert island (with no power issues) name the 1 adult toy you’d take with you:

Hmmm, hitty things really need other people to wield them to be truly effective. So what would I take? I know, a set of cups. Cupping is fun, it hurts, leaves pretty marks and I can do it to myself! 

  • What’s your current sexuality?  At what age did you realise this was the right ‘fit’ for you?

I’m pretty certain I’m straight. I’ve never felt attracted to women in any way. Yes, I appreciate their beauty, I can see them as sexy and I will happily be beaten by any domme but nope, only guys get my motor running. Who knows what the future will bring though? 

  • What’s your preference - naked or “dressed up” for sex?  If dressed up, how so?

Naked is good for sex. I don’t mind sex whilst mostly dressed, or sex whilst wearing pretty lingerie but naked, rolling around, sexing is the best. I love being naked. 

  • Is there a kink or fantasy you’re yearning to try?

Oh, wow. There’s probably a list! At the moment I find myself pondering orgasm control a fair bit. I’d love to give that a go. 

  • Name the fictional being or species you’d most like to have an encounter with:

Vampire. I am a scaredy cat and tend to hate stuff with horror overtones, but I have always been fascinated with vampires. I’ve written a whole series -Point Vamp- about my version of vampires. I’d love to walk into The Point and meet my vampire characters!

  • Anal sex - Meh or Yay?

I kinda find it hot as a now and then kinda activity. It’s a special kind of hot, hard and dirty sex.

  • Sex needn’t always be serious - do you have a funny moment to share?

Oh, sex is often funny. I mean bits sometimes don’t fit in places and legs cramp at the most unfortunate of times...but it’s all part of the intimacy. 

  • Sexting - love it or hate it?

I am a big fan of written sexiness in all its forms, I’m not a fan of text speak though, so please spell each word or I’m not going to get turned on at all. I’ll be correcting the spelling. I mean, it’s not like ‘you’ takes that long to spell out, really. 

  • Which mainstream film depicts your favourite erotic scene?

What I didn’t realise, until  recently, was that my favourite scene from Flash Gordon involves lots of whip cracking. I always wondered why I liked such a violent scene but now I know. I love being whipped!  That might not be everyone’s idea of erotic though…

At the other end of the scale, the demonstration of a ‘church kiss’ in The Wedding Singer is pretty damn sexy. I love kisses. They’re so erotic. 

  • Do you watch porn?  

Every now and then. I tend to prefer the written word or my own imagination. 

  • Nominate your favourite adult film:

I really don’t think I have one :/ 

  • Before you go, please tell us 1 adult blog (aside from yours) which we must add to our reading list:

Oh, if you’ve not checked out Girl on The Net yet, you certainly should. Her writing is incredibly thought provoking and/or hot. Amazing work. 

Thank you so much for sharing your more ‘private’ side with me and my Dark Darlings!  Victoria Blisse can be found on Twitter and her blog, or get familiar with her books.

This week I have shared:  

#SinfulSunday:  Candy Shop

#MasturbationMonday :  Lets Go Round Again (part 2 of a fantasy tale)

#WickedWednesday:  My Sex Toy Packing Dilemma

#KinkoftheWeek:  Posy's History of Shaving

Friday, 29 June 2018

#KOTW : Posy's History of Shaving

Image taken from Pixabay

OK - shaving: discuss!  I’ve been shaving since I was 15 - pressure from girls at school made me feel I needed to (I’m mousy blonde, but the hairs on my legs are darkish and coarse).  My mother urged me not to shave before I needed to, saying once you start you have to keep it up, which is true.  I used her electric razor that first time, so although the hairs were visibly absent, I wasn’t silky smooth.  Next time I tried with a disposable razor and soap (ooh ouch!  It’s easy to nick yourself this way, and because you’re legs are wet, any bleeding looks alarming) I applyied baby oil to my legs afterwards - now that was much more glossy and satisfying!

I’m a bit lazy though, I wasn’t about to shave every day, and hated how it felt like ‘cactus legs’ only 24 hours after!  I also found I easily broke out in a rash post-shave, so I continued for special occasions, but was most dissatisfied with the whole process.  I was looking out for an alternative.  Depilatory cream?  Hell nooooooo!  That stuff stinks, and my coarse hairs wouldn’t dissolve, instead broke they off at surface level causing a prickly regrowth as bad as with shaving!

I bought a battery razor and used it to trim my legs, underarms and bikini line - satisfying myself that it looked as if the hairs were gone, but not feeling very smooth (hey I didn’t have a boyfriend much in my teens, so nobody ran their hands up my legs anyhow!)  Once I was with a steady boyfriend I shaved my legs more regularly (hadn’t realised it was key to change your razor often, and get 2 blades instead of 1!).  I also let him shave me.  I began by trimming it all down to ½ cm with scissors, and I’ve written it into this story.  I loved the feel of that, and went to the toilet at work frequently, just to admire my cute bare cunt!  However, I hated how itchy the regrowth was, so only did it once!

Aged 21 my older friends told me they got their legs waxed, which is something I’ve been doing ever since.  I used to have a ½ leg, with the bikini line waxed for holidays only (cos that was excruciatingly painful, and rather embarrassing).  I only reverted to shaving was when I was pregnant and couldn’t lie down on my back & front for the process!  

Armpits: I’ve always shaved, it’s no trouble to do it in the shower, I’ve hardly ever cut myself and I can do it often.  How could I let it grow out to the 5mm I'd need for waxing to grab?  I think I’ve only had my underarms waxed once when it was thrown in as a freebie!

Trying intimate waxing:  OH and I used to watch a programme called Sexcetera (anyone remember it?) and always joked we didn’t want to see anyone with grey pubes having sex on it!  Ageist I know, but this translated to me promising myself I’d shave or wax my intimate area as soon as I began to go grey  (I know you've said the same May!)  

I jumped before I was pushed - so to speak.  In 2013, when I first discovered how much erotica was easily available online, and in e-books, I began to notice how many of the ‘players’ were completely bare of hair, seeming all the more sensitive for it.  I decided to try for myself so booked an appointment at the place I had other beauty treatments done.  As I expected, it was painful and embarrassing, but as a surprise for my OH it had the desired effect, we both loved how it looked and felt!

Critics of waxing say it makes you look little-girl-like:  I’d disagree strongly, for starters there’s a colour change in the flesh as it gets nearer your slit, which a child does not have.  Secondly I do not have a little girl’s upper body!  I have large full breasts, so I think that argument is moot!  Some fans of waxing say it is much more hygienic - I’m not sure that’s valid and the hair obviously serves a purpose, even if it’s only protective padding.  (e.g. Look how much more ‘camel toe’ we see since the shaving/waxing trend;  fully-bushed girls of the 70s/80s didn’t have to worry about that!) 

Anyway I do it because I like the look, the feel and the sensitivity.  I’ve asked my man and he feels the same about the look and feel. While he admires the landing strip style of grooming also, he says all bare is fractionally more pleasant for performing oral sex.  For me: I  like how obvious it is when I become aroused - a sexy betrayal of my body’s desire.

The important thing is not to “yuck somebody else’s yum” because there’s no right or wrong!  If you want to leave any of your hair-growing areas au naturel, do it!  I personally enjoy the sensation and look of ‘smooth’, and I’ve found a pain free way of achieving it (now I use a professional who specializes in intimate waxing).  

When I originally published 'First Experiences with Porn' a lovely guy wrote to me to say his first discovery of sexy pictures was also in porn magazines from the 70s/80s which fixed his preference on the natural look of pubic hair.  This is his choice, and when he described the way it holds a woman’s natural fragrance, I couldn’t disagree.  I enjoy the smell of my  arousal  (also the taste - I’ll admit it!) and one day soon I’ll write a post about when I used to find my pubes sexy.  I also try to mix it up in my erotica, fully aware that the bare pubic area is not to everyone's taste.

For other posts on the #KOTW: Shaving visit Molly's site.

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

My Sex Toy Packing Dilemma

Hi guys, for #WickedWednesday this week you can help me out with my packing dilema, I’m about to go on holiday with my delicious husband of 25 years (yep! 25 years, where did that all go??  Although with a grown up child of almost as many years, I have tangible evidence that the time has passed!)  We are travelling somewhere very exotic and hot, and sunbathing always makes me frisky, so I am hoping for some delicious intimate moments with my man, but what should I pack?  I can’t be all vanilla now that I have sampled the delights of light bondage, anal play, stimulating my g-spot with a vibrator etc. etc.  But I want to take discrete things that will get through customs without too much fuss - I think I can brazen it out but I am not sure Mr Churchgate can!

Preparation #1 Waxing.
My OH got his upper torso waxed and I booked myself a Hollywood and a half-leg.  Our waxing professional is a darling girl who works from home and offers the most painless and pleasant experience I’ve ever had (I’ve had leg waxes for 30 years) -  this from someone who used to take paracetamol before having an intimate wax.  I think her secret is that she talks very openly, which makes you relax and she always places her hand firmly on the area from which she’s just stripped the hairs - which immediately stops it “zinging” with angry pain.  So we are both silky smooth [tick].

Preparation #2 Privacy.
I have 2 lockable toy boxes, both from Lovehoney, so decided to pack the smaller one in my hold luggage - hoping that customs won’t need to rifle through that one, and if they do I might not be present!

I nearly made a mistake however, I’ve put all my charger cables (phone, laptop, kindle etc.) in my hand luggage and last night before bed I must’ve put the vibe I chose (I’ll get to that in a minute*) in that bag - so as I went to close it today with all my essentials in - it went off with quite a loud buzzing noise.  OH nearly choked he was so shocked. My response was:
“Oh I’m glad that happened, I meant to put it in the other bag!  If it goes off in the case it can give all my clothes a thrill”

Preparation #3 Toy Selection process.

Ideally I’d have taken my glass dildo, as we're staying in a hot country so I would have loved to make it extra cold and see how that felt sliding inside me  (have you read Lucy’s delicious story where her character uses real ice?) but I was afraid it might break.

I’d told one of my writing collaborators that I might take my g-string knickers with a pearl thong - but I felt that item required photos and an actual going out occasion (I heard one user nearly had an orgasm wearing them when she had to climb so many steps) I chickened out!

A tiny bullet vibe (the Rocks Off Bamboo) is a favourite of mine at the moment, being waterproof (shower fun) and is great held at my clit when there’s another kind of penetration going on.  It is also very small, so into the lockable case it went!

Anal play - yeah this is a new thing for me and my OH, I’d like to try using a plug while he stimulates or actually fucks me, so far I’ve only tried wearing one for solo play.  I have a neat one from Lovehoney Cupid's Itty Bitty Beginner's’ Butt Plug, so into the lockable case it went!

Lube - this is very important for anal play and makes flesh lovely and slippery for all kinds of other play too (giving your man a hand job with cold lube is epic!)  so I put a small bottle of Maximus water based lube into my washbag - best to take care with wet things which might leak!

I have previously had all kinds of fun with this  dildo - using one end and for anal stimulation, the other end for vaginal (see my review and our hotel frolics in Paris here!) but I decided instead to go for an insertable that could do lots of things!  So this didn't make the selection process.

Tracey Cox G-Spot Vibrator - this is nice and girthy, with a curve to it which can massage my G-spot (the jury is out as to whether I actually like my G-spot massaged, it often makes me feel slightly “Nooo get off!!” but I’d love to squirt one day, so I persist with the experimenting!)  It has lots of speeds and patterns and is also mains chargeable (yay! In case it goes off buzzing in my luggage.*)  Being silicone coated, this needs water based lube, but I’ve got that packed)

Love egg - hell why not?  I plan to wear one around the hotel apartment (maybe by the pool - I don’t know how devilish I’ll feel) to get me in the mood for sexy times with my OH, so I packed a pretty pink one (although mine is a single)!  It is not a remote control egg, simply relying on a free-moving weight inside.

Nipple play - lets not leave the girls out of the fun!  Both Mr Churchgate and I are coming to realise that our nipples actually like rough play; so some decent pinching and biting, but to start things off how about an insistent icy tingle?  Balm is great for this, and in a cute little tin, so into the lockable toy case it went!

Now some of you (I’m talking particularly to you here Elliott) may be wondering if I have brought my trusty selfie stick so that I can take photos - for #SinfulSunday etc.  Well don’t worry, I have!  I have also brought my laptop, so that I can write, even if I don’t get onto Twitter as much as usual.  I’ll also be reading and voting done on the #SmutMarathon, and probably reading something saucy on my Kindle. This is going to be a delicious holiday, I can tell.

I look forward to sharing some of my adventures with you all, my Dark Darlings.

Monday, 25 June 2018

Lets Go Round Again (part 2)

Lets Go Round Again (part 2)

You're advised to start with Part 1 

It’d been a long, slow day, and he was glad to finally lock the library doors and put it  behind him.  He slung his rucksack in the trunk of his car and checked that his gym bag was there, before reversing and driving slightly out of town to the modern building which housed a swimming pool, indoor ball courts and a state-of-the art gym.  The car park was half empty, but the bike rack was full as the students used the facilities too.  He grabbed the canvas bag and took it to the locker room to change.

He had a routine of exercise machines and weight stations he used in rotation, as many gym regulars did,  but the weights he pushed were never remarkable and he tried always to blend, not stand out.  Popping his bluetooth earbuds in he selected a playlist of classical music at low volume, his vampiric hearing meant he felt discomfort and irritation from a barrage of loud music.  Warming up on a running machine, he chose one which was not directly next to anyone.  He let his eyes roam the gym, in case his beloved was amongst any of the fitness freaks currently training, but none of the girls snagged his attention.  However, a boy on the cross-trainer seemed familiar, he had broad shoulders, dark hair and wore a clinging Body Armour t-shirt which hugged his spare, muscular frame.  He ran with a relaxed, elegant gait, his calf and quadricep muscles bulging pleasantly with the exertion while his arms reached and pulled at the poles, which moved in time with his stride.

The Librarian realised he was staring, so shook himself, guessing this was probably the student who’d been in the library early that morning.  It was unlike him to pay much attention to boys so he checked his watch and focused on his warm-up for the rest of the allotted time.

He moved to the bench press machine and adjusted the pin in the stack of weights.  Lying back on the padded vinyl he concentrated on pushing away then lowering the bar to his chest in a steady motion - whatever he did his body wouldn’t change from the stage it was at when he was bitten and became a vampire, he’d been a sporty young man of 28 - but not ‘fit’ by today’s gym-honed standards.

The classical music in his headphones swelled to a crescendo then died away, signalling it was time to change to another piece of of equipment on his circuit.  He looked up and found himself face to face with the student from that morning, waiting his turn on the chest press.  What shook the Librarian to the core was his eyes - they were her eyes, or like her eyes and he felt really unsettled!  

For a split second his heart had leaped, he’d found her!  Then his brain caught up and he realised that it couldn’t be, because this was a boy.  For over a century his love had been reincarnating and her soul had never chosen a male body.  Whilst these thoughts bounced round inside his brain he did his best to act normally.  He picked up his towel and wiped the machine over, then he grabbed his water bottle and moved away, gulping great mouthfuls of cool liquid to give himself thinking time and to round up his scattered emotions.

He moved to the rowing machine (he’d been on a real rowing crew in the edwardian era) and began adjusting the leg length, resistance and the foot straps of the static equipment.  Then he allowed himself another furtive look in the direction of the boy who’d just turned his world upside down!  The student was lying back on the chest press with his eyes closed, all concentration going into the press away and controlled return of his work-out, then suddenly he opened his eyes and the Librarian was blown away!  It was her, it had to be!  Her precious soul, inside this young male body.  The boy was lean and toned, his upper body an inverted triangle of broad shoulders and pumped arms which narrowed to a hard trunk where slabs of muscle overlaid his abdominals.  His legs looked strong, the quadriceps and calf muscles defined as he braced himself against the weight machine.   

This was a lot to take in so the remainder of the Librarian’s gym session passed in a blur.  He kept coming up with questions which he needed search engines answer, while others he would prefer to put to the runes.  He found his eyes drawn back to the student at every possible opportunity, and subtle though he tried to be, sometimes he was caught looking.  At first it felt awkward, but then he got a-hold of himself: how different was it really?  Each time he’d courted his beloved in the past it had begun with shy meeting of eyes, then looking away, only to be caught looking again.  Social conventions had evolved and sped up over the passing decades, so it wasn’t really strange to keep looking at each other when there was a mutual attraction building, 

As he left the exercise zone for the changing room, he took a last look over his shoulder, and his heart lurched because the young man looked back at him boldly, then raised one eyebrow, with his lip curved in the hint of a smile!

That night in front of his computer the Librarian went down many internet rabbit holes pursuing answers to his questions on reincarnation. The answer kept coming back the same, that there were no hard and fast rules regarding reincarnation, the re-visiting spirit does not limit itself to the gender of the host body it originally occupied.  This made the Librarian think again about the one occasion when it had seemed as if his beloved had not reincarnated during the usual 17-20 year span, he’d waited and checked the runes obsessively, convinced he was in the right place, but he had never recognised her.  He wondered now if she had been presenting as a man on that occasion too, but had the tighter, binding social conventions of the era prevented him recognising his beloved?  

He would never know, but he felt deep regret all the same.  Their time together, falling in love, was always fleeting, but all the more precious for it’s doomed trajectory.  How he longed to find a way to break the curse so that he could show his love in a physical way, to press his flesh against the skin of his beloved.  To share kisses and steal one another’s breath, to twine fingers and legs or feel another’s heart beat against his ribs.  His cock stirred at these thoughts, unfurling and firming behind his flies as he day-dreamed moments of intimacy he could share with the person he was destined to love for eternity. 

This serialised fantasy story is submitted for #MasturbationMonday.  Why not visit Kayla's site to see what other folk have submitted.  
The photo at the top is an image from Pixabay.

Sunday, 24 June 2018

Candy Shop

#Sinful Sunday

Candy Shop

50 Cent

So seductive
I'll take you to the candy shop
I'll let you lick the lollipop
Go 'head girl don't you stop
Keep going 'til you hit the spot, whoa
I'll take you to the candy shop (yeah)
Boy, one taste of what I got (uh-huh)
I'll have you spending all you got (come on)
Keep going 'til you hit the spot, whoa

I'm not a big fan of rapping, but I do find this one catchy - hope you like my picture!  Click the lips to see who else is sinning this Sunday.

Saturday, 23 June 2018

Sharing it like Pass the Parcel

Here we are, ready for another #SoSS Saturday of sharing?  Not only blog posts I've enjoyed but a great interview with a sex blogger - lets get cracking!

My Dark Darlings, I'd like to introduce you to a friend of mine who has always encouraged my writing - in fact she was kind enough to publish my "Burlesque" post on her site.  You might have seen her at Eroticon, although she was feeling fragile with morning sickness so was rather quiet. A very hardworking blogger and a beautiful soul - meet Pixie who blogs at

  • What made you decide to write a sex blog? 

Blimey! Well I started submissive hart as a creative outlet, to share an insight into my lifestyle choices and maybe meet new people. But it quickly became something so much more than that. It is something that makes me happy and I take a great deal of pride in it.

  • What’s behind the title of your blog or your blogging “name”?  

Well I’m Submissive and everything I do is done with heart. It also ties in to my name!

  • Describe your blog in a nutshell: 

It is the life, love and ramblings of a submissive housewife. Living a poly, bi, D/s life, with my husband and 3 submissive playmates

  • How long have you been blogging on this theme? 

18 months in this incarnation. But I have blogged for 3 years before hand and also write a blog for my day job.

  • What is your favourite type of adult toy? 

Oh that’s a tough question…. would have to say rope and floggers. I’m a huge pain enthusiast and love being tied up!

  • If you were sent to a desert island (with no power issues) name the 1 adult toy you’d take with you: 

No brainer, We-vibe sync. Then maîtser could play with me, even from home!

  • What’s your current sexuality?  At what age did you realise this was the right ‘fit’ for you? 

Hmmm well I’m bi sexual and have knwn this since I was 15 years old. But for me sexuality is so much more than which sex you fuck. I’m poly and open, that is a huge part of me, I have other male and female partners and we as a couple (or family) play together, and that is because I feel happiest doing that. I'm also deeply submissive, and that impacts on the type of sex I have, but again that makes me happy.

  • What’s your preference - naked or “dressed up” for sex?  If dressed up, how so?

 Oh dressed up all the way! There is something about maîtser undressing me that I love. I also love quickies in public spaces or playing in public places. Like when I had a dress on and got told to take my panties off while sat in Starbucks . His wandering hand made me cum quite hard and knowing we could get caught was amazing!
Maîtser say his favourite form of dressed up for sex is posh undies and a collar.

  • Is there a kink or fantasy you’re yearning to try? 

Knife play and needle play. But we have to find a way that is really low risk of infection. The other one is some form of pet play, but just for fun!

  • Name the fictional being or species you’d most like to have an encounter with:

Owwww tough one, well I would say a werewolf. I have a big thing about being hunted and preyed upon. Think kinky little red riding hood.
But in a non sex way I would have to say unicorns!!

  • Anal sex - Meh or Yay? 

Yay all the way on this! Even more so with a bullet vibe on your clit!

  • Sex needn’t always be serious - do you have a funny moment to share? 

God so many, where would I start? We had a contest once to see who could deep throat a banana and then bring it out again without marking it. One of the girls taking part was super competitive and open her mouth so wide she dislocated her jaw.
There was also the time kitten decided to eat fruit out of my pussy and lost a strawberry . I had to go to A&E and had a sho looking for it for 45 minutes, oh the shame Lol

  • Sexting - love it or hate it? 

Love it!
I use to not even think about it , but then I read a great article by candysnatchreviews and now I’m hooked on it! Maîtser love the cheeky leg or boob pics and naughty text he gets through the day. It’s led to a few lunch time dashes home to punish me and I’m pretty sure it was one such trip that led to baby number 3 being on its way.

  • Which mainstream film depicts your favourite erotic scene? 

The phone sex scene in the Truth about Cats and Dogs. It’s a late night phone call that leads to them having amazing phone sex. Something I now love doing with maîtser when he is away.

  • Do you watch porn?  

Hell flippin' yeah! Why would you not?

  • Nominate your favourite adult film: 

Don’t have a favourite film, I’ve not found a BDSM one that actually looks realistic. However I adore Dana Jones stuff. It’s good clean, hot fucking at its best.

  • Before you go, please tell us 1 adult blog (aside from yours) which we must add to our reading list: 

Oh lord I can’t give you 1 , so your getting 2!  My editor and writing partner Aedan O’Healy. When he write he sets fire to the screen! And also tits and test tubes , huge fan of this young lady: Beautiful , thoughtful and thought provoking writing, that is hot a hell!

Pixie, thank you so much for sharing your more ‘private’ side with me and my Dark Darlings! 

To follow Pixie on Twitter : @PixieHeartblog

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To recap what content I've shared this week

A writing collaboration with PJA Woode for FrolicMe:

#WickedWednesday on the theme Release:

#MasturbationMonday - A fantasy story I'm serialising:


Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Jack Off

“Is that what you’re wearing?”  The note of disapproval was unmistakable.

Immediately I tugged the skirt down a bit and tweaked the shoulder straps, uncomfortable with how much flesh was on show, although it had looked fine upstairs in my wardrobe mirror.

“Don’t you like it?”  I could feel my face and neck flush with anxiety.  “I’ll go change.”

But the moment I turned to go back upstairs he replied brusquely, “We don’t have time.  It looks fine.”  I had never heard the word ‘fine’ sound so negative, but I shrugged my denim jacket round my shoulders and hurried after him, Jack wouldn’t wait for me, I scuttled behind him on my red high heels.

When we got to the pub where the band was playing, Jack shouldered his way confidently in, letting me fend for myself.  I was shy anyway, but his constant implications that my look was wrong made me wish I could disappear.  I worked my way to the group of chairs where Jack was already sitting, his cronies around him, there didn’t seem to be a seat for me so I hovered uncertainly at his shoulder.

“You gonna get the drinks in?” he growled.
“Sure.  Lager?”

He barely acknowledged me, but was a creature of habit so I went to the bar, apologising and weaving between bodies to stand and wait my turn.  There was a new, young guy serving tonight alongside Vick the big bellied landlord.  As he pulled pints and flipped caps off bottles of beer he smiled at me.  I felt a flutter of pleasure in the pit of my stomach.

I paid for Jack's pint and my half of lager and carried them back to the table, already crowded with bottles and glasses.  Then I located an unoccupied chair and dragged it near Jack’s.  The band was going to start soon and I wanted a good view.  It was only a tribute band but they did covers of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and the Darkness, weaving in some oldies from the 70s - they were really good.

It was a great show, I wanted to get up and dance, but I knew Jack wouldn’t dance with me, nor would he approve of me dancing alone.  I tried to enjoy it as best I could sitting in my seat and tapping my feet.  The young bartender came and cleared the empties from the table to my right and he caught my eye again.

“Having fun?” he mouthed at me, and I smiled and nodded.  It was nice to have that moment with him, but I turned my eyes back to the band, knowing it didn’t take much to make Jack jealous.

The longer I sat there, just behind Jack, not included in his circle of friends who were making snide remarks and swilling down their lager, the more I wondered what I was doing with my life.  It had seemed exciting to be asked out by Jack, a local bad boy with a motorbike and tattoos  It was thrilling to be singled out by him and kissed until I felt giddy, while his rough fingers roamed under my skirt and pushed past my panties to invade my moist pussy. Here was my moment to shake off the goody-goody image my catholic school education had given me so I grabbed it with both hands!  I ground up against him and pressed my face to his shoulder, faintly aware of the tang of his sweat, but wondered when his touches would make me tingle and feel good, like when I touched myself.

It didn't take long, however before I realised that there was nothing remotely rebellious about going out with Jack.  His bike never left the garage, except 1 Sunday a month, when he rode it to a bikers' cafe where the guys admired one another’s machines!  His tattoos were crass, done on Southend Pier when he was drunk,  the final let down being he was really tight!  I always ended up paying for the drinks at the pub, the chips or the chinese take-outs we bought, then took back to my house to eat.  Since going out with Jack I spent more evenings on my own sofa watching TV than I had when I was single!

I felt trapped in this relationship with Jack, who was jealous and petty, not liking me to talk to other guys but barely bothering to talk to me himself.  It was as if I was just an accessory to add to Jack’s look.  I loved retro clothes and dressed like the girls did in the 60s, it’s one of the things he liked about me, or so I thought.  I remembered that first night when his roaming hands had snagged my fishnet tights and he felt my thighs and my bum - his watch got caught - and he cursed.

“Just rip them!” I’d laughed, so he had, tearing a great hole in the hypnotic lattice pattern they made, then he snaked his hand in and started fondling and fingering me through the gash in the fabric.  It had felt so illicit and urgent, and we had kissed until my red lipstick smeared.  He’d sucked and nibbled at my neck until it ached, making my pussy throb in response, then he’d popped the buttons open on my blouse and coaxed my titties out of the cups of my bra.  We were only half-way down a side alley, and I could hear people passing, so the stab of fear at being seen acting like such a slut made my pussy hot and wet.

Jack had fumbled his flies open and released his cock.
“Suck me off!” he’d said, and I’d dropped to my knees right there.

My head was nearly exploding with excitement as I opened my mouth to tentatively touch his swollen dick with my tongue.  I hadn’t ever done this before, but I’d read about it in books.  Jack seemed delighted with my technique, unaware that I was inexperienced.  He urged me to suck it harder, sinking his hands into my hair to move my head faster, while thrusting his hips at me with increasing urgency.  It got difficult to breathe, as his cock was bumping the back of my throat, and each thrust buried my nose in the wiry hair at his groin.  Then suddenly he was cumming, and jets of thick warm liquid were filling my mouth.  I was so surprised that I swallowed it down, as if it was medicine, but I hoped I wouldn’t always have to, as I didn’t like it.

Thinking about it, was that the only thing Jack ever gave me?  His spunk!  He hadn’t yet managed to give me an orgasm and he claimed he never did oral sex.  No I was wrong, Jack gave me the benefit of his ‘advice’ all the time;  offering opinions on how I dress, what I should say to my boss, whether I should eat things or buy things - yeah he was pretty generous in that department.  It's all part of his plan to keep me down I suspected, because the confident girl I had been when we first met was slowly shrinking, diminishing under the weight of his critical remarks.

Just then Jack caught my eye and held out his empty pint glass.
“Time for another,” he slurred, and I took the glass from his hand, before standing up and smoothing my dress down over my thighs.  Not because it was too short, but because I liked the way it clung to my figure.  I straightened my shoulders and took my glass and Jack’s to the bar and waited patiently until the young barman caught my eye and came over to serve me.

“Same again?” he said, raising his brows at the 2 empty glasses I’d placed on the bar.
“No thanks, I feel like trying something different.  What d’you recommend?”
He looked at me appraisingly.
“You seem like a woman of taste, how about a gin and tonic?”
“Is that what you drink?” I asked and looked up at him from under my lashes.
It was as if he changed gears then; realised I was out and out flirting with him so he had licence to flirt back.  “No I drink whisky and coke.”
“Then that’s what I’ll try,”  I said, “will you join me?”
“We’re not really supposed to drink when we’re tending the bar, but my shift’s nearly over, so yeah!  Thanks.”

He made our drinks, then came back and set them both in front of me, and we picked them up simultaneously and took a mouthful.  I felt the burn of the strong spirit and it was as if it triggered a release for me.  I wasn’t going back to Jack, I wasn’t even going to tell him it was over - he could work it out for himself.  I was going to explore new horizons, and as soon as I found out the bartender’s name, I was going to ask if he wanted to come with me!

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Monday, 18 June 2018

Lets Go Round Again (Part 1)

For #MasturbationMonday this week I'd like to share part 1 of a fantasy story I'm crafting.  It is a slow burn, more romance than sex in the early parts, but I'd be very grateful if you'll bear with me my Dark Darlings and read on because I'm breaking new ground.  Some people (who know me better) will wonder why it's taken me so long to write a piece which features a vampire!

It sounds trite to say their love could not die, because die she did!  Every time!  As soon as she fell in love with him, once they’d shared kisses and promises, the moment she began to trust and feel a burning desire to give him her all, to surrender her maidenhead and become one body with him … she died.  He was left alone and heartbroken, unable to forget and unwilling to replace her with another.

He did not die.  No - he didn’t even age, and this was a problem because it caused deep suspicion amongst his human companions, so he needed to disappear and reinvent himself every 20 years or so.  He’d arrive in a new place, establish a home, perhaps set himself up in business. Nowadays he gravitated towards schools or colleges, that way he could scan the student body for her, because she always returned.

He used various methods to identify where she would reincarnate, runes were the most accurate.  In the early days, before he learned how to cast them and interpret how the stones answered his questions, he’d had to consult with witches to find her.  Ironic really, as a jealous, bitter wicken had created the curse which caused his beloved to die, but he no longer dwelt on that.  He cast away emotions which did not serve him, he was even working on his arrogance, which had cost him dearly over the years.

That morning, sitting in his car with a cup of coffee, he watched the students make their way through the gates and was struck by how vastly the rules of dress had changed over his ‘lifespan’.  No longer were girls modestly covered by swathes of fabric hiding their bodies from a high-necked dress collar down to floor skimming hem, with tightly buttoned ankle boots, with demure gloves and body morphing bustles or corsets in between.  The young men too, had ditched the high collars, stocks, waistcoats and jackets with tails.  He conceded modern trousers were far more practical than those from his victorian youth, except for that phase when guys started wearing their jeans low on their backsides, precariously hanging off their designer underwear!

In this decade jeans were the uniform, although with plenty of variety in how to wear it.  Girls still wore dresses or could style themselves in a pretty or formal manner, but many chose to show lots of flesh or dress more androgynous than previous eras.  He was fascinated by the way modern youth looked after their bodies too, although there were exceptions who ate junk food or spent hours on a computer/ games consul.  He was entertained by the sports which had evolved over decades while he loved the discipline of the gym, the muscle definition and tone people worked towards there.

He didn’t drink coffee, but he enjoyed it’s strong, tangy aroma, while purchasing the hot beverage daily from the local cafe helped him blend with the people in this town.  Going to the gym was another social convention which helped him fit in, although he had to act out his ‘exertion’ and take care not to be too closely observed, because he didn’t sweat!

He grabbed his cup, backpack and a paper bag from the cafe (packed with paper napkins to mimic sandwiches or salad for lunch), blipped the car locks and headed towards the college library, which housed his office at the back.  Teenagers were still spilling off yellow buses and milling around on pavements and grass verges, calling to each other about homework, sports - the usual teenage banter.  His gaze roamed over them, waiting for recognition, it was still early in the term so he hadn’t seen all the new kids yet.  When he saw her he always felt “that spark”, despite the fact that she was within a new body and had an unfamiliar face.  Her eyes gave her away:  a soft olive green with starburst flecks of gold around the pupil and an expression which indicated compassion, empathy and unfathomable depths. 

He ascended the steps up to the red brick building without seeing anyone who struck a chord, so he sighed and shouldered the door open, heading towards the privacy of his office.  He enjoyed the unmistakable smell of old books and polish as he moved between the shelves of books filed alphabetically by genre.  At this time of day the study areas were mostly empty and the table lamps switched off, in his peripheral vision however, he noticed a dark haired, broad shouldered boy gathering books into a canvas bag which hung at his hip, then checking his watch the lad hustled out of the silent library. 

The Librarian treasured the peace before Delores and Hannah came in to oversee the front desk and catalogue the books, interrupting him regularly with offers of tea or coffee throughout the day.  The caretaker, of course, unlocked the doors for early bird bibliophiles, so for another 20 minutes probably, he had the building to himself.

He switched on his computer and, while it warmed up and opened its programs, he allowed himself to daydream back to the ways in which they had met in the past.  He had been introduced to her at evening soirees and dinner parties, their eyes meeting while his heart warmed instantly to recognise his beloved within each new girl’s body.  They’d been introduced at church, at fundraisers, at picnics and in the park.  She’d acted in shows with him or played music in recitals, but for every reincarnation he recognised the old soul of his beloved within the new body which hosted her.  However he had to befriend and court her each time because his true love never remembered him.

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Saturday, 16 June 2018

... A Bad Girl's Dream


The power of love ~ Lyrics by Huey Lewis 
[Huey Lewis and the News]

The power of love is a curious thing

Make a one man weep, make another man sing
Tougher than diamonds, whips like cream

Stronger and harder than a bad girls dream
Make a bad one good, mmm make a wrong right
Power of love will keep you home at night

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Friday, 15 June 2018

S is for Summer #SoSS

For this week's #SoSS I'm once again sharing posts I enjoyed reading, although of course there are also great images to be found by visiting #SinfulSunday and great podcasts to be listened to - I've been catching up with those on Kayla Lords' site read in dulcet tones by Southern Sir.  I am also picking up on some new blogging voices from the #summer100 meme.

My Dark Darlings, please get ready to meet Livvy Libertine who describes herself as "a geek who likes trying out gimmicky sex toys "

  • What made you decide to write a sex blog?

I thought it would be a fun, new hobby to try out. Turns out that I was correct and so here I am!

  • What’s behind the title of your blog or your blogging “name”?

My pseudonym is partially based off of a really early piece of erotica that I wrote several years ago and I just liked the way that it flows together.

  • Describe your blog in a nutshell:

My blog is a mix of erotica, sex toy reviews, and random posts in which I share my thoughts on various sex related things.

  • How long have you been blogging on this theme?

I sort of started in September of 2015 but fell off in November of that year for health reasons and only really got back into in the late spring/early summer of 2016, so all total almost three years with a several month hiatus at the beginning.

  • What is your favourite type of adult toy?

Anything that I can use to target my g-spot is generally an A++ toy for me. I have such amazing orgasms from it.

  • If you were sent to a desert island (with no power issues) name the 1 adult toy you’d take with you:

Hands down, the Njoy Pure Wand. 

  • What’s your current sexuality?  At what age did you realise this was the right ‘fit’ for you?

I identify as queer and have for several years. I realized in high school that I was (I thought) bisexual and over the years as I grew up and became the person I am it all came to light over a period of time where I went from gay, to pansexual, to finally settling on queer as it just feels right to me. 

  • What’s your preference - naked or “dressed up” for sex?  If dressed up, how so?

I can be a bit of a hedonist and want my pleasure when I want it. Naked makes that far easier!

  • Is there a kink or fantasy you’re yearning to try?

I’d love to try pegging if I were given the chance. Something about being the one in charge (why having a cock puts me in charge I don’t know, maybe because I am naturally submissive) just flips my switches.

  • Name the fictional being or species you’d most like to have an encounter with:

An Orc. A big green lumbering World of Warcraft style Orc. Or a dragon.

Posy says:  Goodness Livvy - you ought to read my 6 part Dragon Tale!

  • Anal sex - Meh or Yay?

Somewhere in between honestly. It is something that only came up on my radar very recently and it is something that I haven’t played with a whole lot. According to my blog Wishlist page though, that needs to change: I have so many butt toys on there!

  • Sex needn’t always be serious - do you have a funny moment to share?

Sex in my house is never serious. Life is too short for that which means there’s always something funny or silly going on, usually in the form of me waving dildos around like weapons or pretending to chew on my partner in weird places like their elbow. I do things specifically with the intent of making them laugh.

  • Sexting - love it or hate it?

I’d love to do more of it, but my partner and I are often home together and it seems silly to randomly sext them from across the room. When it has happened it has been great fun!

  • Which mainstream film depicts your favourite erotic scene?

Was Secretary considered a mainstream film? Anyway I love the scene near the end where she is tied to the tree and getting royally fucked.

  • Do you watch porn?  

Sometimes. But I prefer to read it generally.

  • Before you go, please tell us 1 adult blog (aside from yours) which we must add to our reading list:

I’d have to suggest Scandarella at Her stories are often so very erotic and thought provoking at the same time that I am simply stunned by them.

Thank you so much for sharing your more ‘private’ side with me and my Dark Darlings!  

Tweet Livvy Libertine   or visit her Blog for more of Livvy's great erotic writing, reviews of those kinky toys and lovely 'ranty opinion pieces!