Sunday, 30 September 2018

I don't want anybody else ...


I Touch Myself
I love myself, I want you to love me
When I feel down, I want you above me
I search myself, I want you to find me
I forget myself, I want you to remind me
I don't want anybody else
When I think about you, I touch myself
Ooh, I don't want anybody else
Oh no, oh no, oh no
You're the one who makes me come runnin'
You're the sun who makes me shine
When you're around, I'm always laughin'
I want to make you mine
I close my eyes and see you before me
Think I would die if you were to ignore me
A fool could see just how much I adore you
I'd get down on my knees, I'd do anything for you
I don't want anybody else
When I think about you, I touch myself
Ooh, I don't want anybody else 
Oh no, oh no, oh no ....

Saturday, 29 September 2018

Share and Make Others Aware!

Saturday has come round again, so time for me to share my 'picks' from what I've read this week.  Please visit their blogs, leave comments and share to others so that our voices are still heard, loud and proud!  Many people are hoping to go to Eroticon in March, and needing a boost to their funds for the trip, so if you want to encourage what they blog about, pop something in the coffee cup of these awesome writers.

In part 3 of her tale about Sparkle Pony and Blue Eyes,
Sorcha puts them in the same room at last!

Oh there are still some perks to using the landline as Edith
and Maria discover! ~ Teachers Have Sex

Violet has a delicious encounter in which she begs, and enjoys it!

This is D/s powerplay at its finest from Asrai

Ed crosses a new line in his sexuality (part10)   But I’d suggest reading this whole series if you haven’t already, with every new episode it gets hotter and more complicated!

Floss finds out exactly how arousing reading erotica can be!
And lucky us! There’s a second part!

Sadly, Ria’s heartfelt post will make many of us remember
their own #metoo moment

This story of Livvy’s was very powerful emotionally and shows
great strength and patience

Jade shares her journey and her healing techniques

Next : Let me introduce  HisLordship,  Dom to 5ubmissy and co-author of her great D/s lifestyle blog.  He's in my comfy chair now, so I'll turn the bright lights on and get him to answer my probing questions!

  • What made you decide to write a sex blog?

If I am honest I would say that I thought I was a good writer; I did say, ‘thought!’ That misconception came from writing a period story after I met missy.  I was completely consumed by her, and due to recent divorces the time was not quite right. So my energy went into a story that rambled a lot. I even had it printed in a run of one! I still have it and it reads like it was written by a bright fourth year primary school kid! By the time it appeared on my blog my very own English teacher helped tidy it up.  In addition I was also being a bit rebellious regarding the rules of another D/s based site I was a member of.  ‘Thou shalt not write material for anyone but us.’  That nonsense really annoyed me and ‘Thee was asked to sling thy hook and leave.’  Born was The SafeworD/s Club from the ashes.

  • What’s behind the title of your blog or your blogging “name”?

Oh that came from being a member of the aforementioned site which was American. I chose something quite pretentious and overly British that it just stuck.

  • Describe your blog in a nutshell:

It’s really just a mind dump. It is disorganised and plots the highs and lows of being an average kind of guy who chose to be a Dom. There are some random stories thrown in but that is just delusions of grandeur! 

  • How long have you been blogging on this theme?

Since about 2016 I think. Missy and I did have our own private blog that we shared stories and thoughts on before that.

  • What is your favourite type of adult toy?

It would have to be either an electric wand (not battery) with lots of power or very large dildos. Extremes do turn me on.

  • If you were sent to a desert island (with no power issues) name the 1 adult toy you’d take with you:

The Doxy Wand every time. We have three now and the oldest is still the best! 

  • What’s your current sexuality?  At what age did you realise this was the right ‘fit’ for you?

I am hetrorosexual, which does seem a bit boring in some circles in which we mix! I was only interested girls growing up, however, I know a good looking man when I see one!

  • What’s your preference - naked or “dressed up” for sex?  If dressed up, how so?

Dressed up before getting a sweat on, or to get a sweat on! Naked during. 

  • Is there a kink or fantasy you’re yearning to try?

I’ve always had a fantasy of watching missy get fucked by another man. The details are quite complicated, hence a fantasy!  This has developed over the years with missy’s input whereby she is being used under my direction whilst unaware of who is doing what. Again, the finer details are complicated which makes the concept a pile of shifting sand!

  • Name the fictional being or species you’d most like to have an encounter with:

Female vampires. As kid I loved Hammer Horror movies in which Victorian men were overcome by numerous sexy vampires in sheer clothing. Lots of nipples and teeth!

  • Anal sex - Meh or Yay?

Yay for the Anal! It’s one of those things you know you shouldn’t really, but it’s rude not to when invited! Missy can really be an anal queen when it comes down to it. If I want to tip her over the orgasm edge, one touch will do it!

  • Sex needn’t always be serious - do you have a funny moment to share?

I think you have to be there to appreciate most funny moments otherwise the impact is lost. However, I once asked missy to tie me to hotel chair firmly and proceed to suck my cock. Being in control in bedroom never allowed for missy to improvise, so I gave her the chance when she asked. She managed to drive me to distraction and the point of going mad, when the fire alarms went off! Trying to get out of quite tight restraints with one of the alarms outside your door, and a stiff cock getting in the way is quite stressful!  Standing in the hotel car park some 10 mins later I was sure people knew what we had been doing. And no, I wasn’t still in the chair!

  • Sexting - love it or hate it?

A thing we once did but not so much now.

  • Which mainstream film depicts your favourite erotic scene?

That’s an easy one. Dusk Till Dawn directed, and starring Quentin Tarantino.  Salma Hayek’s table dance has got to be one of the sexist scenes I’ve watched in a mainstream movie.   I openly admit that I had no idea it was a vampire movie when I started watching it, so imagine my delight when a sexy female with sharp teeth appeared! 

  • Do you watch porn?  

Yes.  I am not a lover of commercially made movies with terrible acting and perfect bodies.  I prefer more the home made variety where there is some perceived realism. I’m quite happy to watch a broad selection including bi and gay on occasion if the mood takes, however, group sex on a smaller scale would be a preferred choice.

  • Nominate your favourite adult film:

I don’t have one purely because the larger commercial movies don’t appeal to me.  If I had to choose one it would be on a roll of 16mm film that my dad owned. I was 15 years of age when I found it amongst a collection of Laurel and Hardy films that were kept in a box under the stairs.  If my parents went out for the evening I would set his projector up and run the silent film through the mechanism as I had seen him do many times.  
Two school girls on a bus get picked up by two lads and head back to their flat, another was about Nuns and randy window cleaner and (always my favourite in a peculiar way) a dentist that gave a busty blonde too much gas and air. She wore such a short skirt for going to the dentist I thought. Anyway, wanking became my new hobby! 

  • Before you go, please tell us 1 adult blog (aside from yours) which we must add to our reading list:

I think it’s important to promote people with new sites and offer encouragement. Purple'sGem is only a week old, and yet the content is very good for what is there so far. Her writing is of a good quality (says the f@*£%^ expert) and well worth a quick look.

Thank you so much for sharing your more ‘private’ side with me and my Dark Darlings!   

To follow HisLordship on Twitter :  @HisLordshipuk Or HisLordship's blog is here

This week I have shared the following posts:

#SinfulSunday : Pretty in Pink
#MasturbationMonday : Mind the Gap (part 3)
#WickedWednesday : When Masturbation (still) Doesn't Go To Plan! #KoTW : My Camgirl Fantasy

Friday, 28 September 2018

Cam Girl Fantasy

This is my fantasy about being a cam girl 

Which I am submitting for #KoTW: Sex Workers & #MasturbationMonday

I haven’t much clue about the technical details, how I would publicise myself or gather money, but the idea of anonymous people watching me strip and touch myself gets me very wet.

I would get dressed up in something I consider sexy - pretty lacy and silky underwear is usually my go-to with stockings and suspenders and killer heels.  But it would depend on my mood really, because I also love some of the lighter fetish wear - latex, PVC and neoprene are arousing to wear and make me feel more powerful - I love they way they drag me in, shaping my body and restricting my movements.  Hold-up stockings or long boots work well with these types of outfits and I might throw in some fishnet for the fabulous way it shapes and hugs my skin, drawing people’s eyes to my curves.

I have a growing toy collection, but am sure if I was a cam-girl I’d have even more. I would set out a selection in plain sight of my camera, so that my audience could tell me what they’d like to see me play with and how they want me to use them.  

This is the crux of my arousal over this scenario - being told how to play and pleasure myself.  I wrote a post earlier this year about my curiosity about BDSM and how I could (possibly) fit it into my sex life.  I described my attraction to the idea of someone other having the control, but not wanting to totally hand over the reins.  Being a cam-girl would be ideal as the suggestions would come in from anonymous viewers but in the end I would be inserting the butt plugs, riding the dildo or clamping my own nipples!

I am shy by nature, but there is a bit of a show off under the surface!  I think once over my initial nerves I would be able to lose myself in the moment.  I would feel as if I had my armour on - my vampy make up : smoky eyes and glossy dark lips, false lashes and eyeliner flicks to give them some extra definition.  A wig would cover my real hair to disguise its colour and add length and I’d choose a delicious dark manicure for my nails.

I’d start by stroking my hands over my body, as I’d wish a lover to begin, emphasising my curves and smoothness.  I would to pinch and pluck at my nipples and sneak teasing fingers under the edges of my knickers and stocking tops, undoing zips or fasteners a little so my clothes loosened to bare more flesh.

Checking my laptop I’d take note of the comments I was getting: admiring remarks about my outfit or my breasts and legs.  Viewers already impatient to know if my pussy is wet.  Biting my lip I’d dip a finger inside me, sliding it along the cleft of my lips before sinking it into the hot depths of my snatch then showing my glistening lubrication to the camera.  Of course I’d lick my fingers and enjoy the taste of my excitement before rolling my nipples between cruel pinching fingers to drag them into hard, aching stalks.

My next prompt would be to show my tits, so I’d make a little striptease of this, turning my back to the camera as I unfastened my bra or loosened the laces of my corset to let my breasts spill over the strict confines of fabric and boning.  I’d show my audience how I like my breasts played with, stroking and cupping which leads to teasing touches which focus on the sensitive nipple area.  I’d keep up the pinching and pulling and slicing back and forth with my nails until the skin remained puckered into hard points and their throbbing sensitivity gave them the heavy feel of overripe fruit.

More suggestions and demands would pour in whilst I stoked up my arousal with breast play, so I’d fasten nipple suckers to my nips then reach for the lube and a medium sized butt plug.  Camera close up on the black silicone toy which I coat it liberally with clear gel, then I’d turn my back to my viewers and use a well lubed finger to tease my anal whorl.  I would look over my shoulder so that people could see my expression of anticipation and pleasure whilst fingering my butt.  In and out, up to the 2nd knuckle, before pressing the tip of the black toy to my secret place.  I would push the butt plug home - my sphincter suddenly giving in to the pressure so that the slight burn makes me gasp and then it slips inside me!  

I’d tell them how it felt, so full and so heavy, stretching me.  Moving about I would show it off to my audience, wiggling my curvy behind and pulling at my butt cheeks to fully display it’s bulbous grip held snug in my cleft.

My viewers would be clamouring for different things now, so I would announce that if I got enough money they could watch me fuck myself with a particular dildo.  Whilst I waited for the pledges to reach the target, I would use a wand to tease myself.  I’d let its rumbly vibrations stimulate my under-breast and cleavage, I’d trail it up the pale skin of my thighs above my stocking tops and I’d drive it over my swollen and dripping labia, before raising it to my mouth to lick off the glistening fluid.

The pledges don’t reached their target yet but someone wants to see my tormented nipples, so I release the suction, groaning as the blood rushes back to fill them.  I tease them with the rumbly vibes of the wand and my pelvis bucks with spasms of desire that I can’t control.

A sum of money is pledged for me to tease my clit so I kneel on the bed with legs spread wide, leaning back, pushing my pelvis towards the camera, I’d rub and pull at the very engorged flesh of my clitoral hood.  The rumbles would feel so good that my eyes drift shut and I bite my lip, indulging myself in the blissful sensations which wash over me, a warmth and well-being that would have me thrumming.  

I would check my laptop again and if my total had been reached I’d put the wand aside and take up the dildo.  I’d give a great show of giving the dildo oral sex, which my audience loves!  The pledges would increase and the brightly coloured silicone, now shiny with my saliva, would be presented to my throbbing pussy.  I’d ease it in slowly and gradually, being very vocal about how fucking awesome it feels, groaning because it’s such a full sensation to have it inside me while I have the butt plug inserted too!  My legs would be spread wide and my audience would clearly see the two-tone swirling colours of the phallic shaped dildo disappearing inside me before I slowly teased it out again, its reverse journey every bit as delicious as its penetration.

Once I had slid the dildo back inside me I would reach underneath me to agitate the head of the butt plug - oh my!  The sensory overload!  Then I’d continue the tease by stroking my stomach up to my tits to pluck at my nipples again - they’d hurt so good!  Pinching them would make my cunt pulse with lust and my hips buck.  I’d return one controlling hand to the dildo sunk deep inside me and the other hand would locate the wand.  

I’d hover it over my clit and look at the on-screen pledges - once they hit the pre-set figure I would press it to the side of my clitoral hood (directly on it would be too much) and let the sensations build. Fuckity-fuck it would be good!  To come undone in front of complete strangers, who are treating my like their sex-toy puppet, and have paid for the privilege of watching me pleasure myself, that would be the ultimate orgasm! I would cum and throb and buck and keep thrusting that dildo in and out of my slippery hole while my butt was throbbing and my juices would flow out of me in a slick of satisfaction.

Once I was spent, and the throbs had died back and my spread legs had begun to tremble I would withdraw the dildo and show it to my audience, smeared with opaque juices from my pulsing pussy.  A pledge might come in to fellate it clean, so I would gladly lick and suck it, who cares if my lipstick smears now?  The show is almost over!

My followers would get notification of my next show.  Another fan would get my used panties sent to him in the next day’s post, while the readers of my blog would enjoy my next sexy post with pictures to accompany it.  Sex sells, so I’d be happy to provide as long as it gives me pleasure too!

Shout out to Asrai whose serialised story More Than Friends inspired much of my cam-girl fantasy.

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

When Masturbation STILL Doesn't Go To Plan!

Recently I met up with Anna Richards (the creator of classy sex positive films: Site FrolicMe) and one of my favourite erotic writers Tabitha Rayne.  If you haven’t been reading my blog for long (or maybe living under a rock) you might not know that as well as writing erotica Tabitha  invented an innovative sex toy “The Ruby Glow” which is marketed by Rocks Off.

The Ruby Glow is unusual in that it is a hands-free toy for seated use. This is not a review for the Ruby Glow but you can read a great one here and another here!

Tabitha very kindly provided me with my own Ruby Glow when we met up, as we stood on a busy London street in broad daylight she calmly opened the box to check that it had working batteries in!  We had just been drinking cocktails, but still it was a ballsy move!

Back at Churchgate Towers, I was writing an erotic story to accompany a film on the FrolicMe site.  After watching and writing, writing and watching, I began to feel quite horny!  This could be the perfect opportunity to try out my new Ruby Glow.  Tabitha told me she’d sat on it whilst writing porn and it had been the ride of her life!  What better endorsement could I ask for?!  

The only problem was that my teenager was home!  But said teenager was about to go for a shower, so that was my window of opportunity!

I hustled the dark pink toy out of its box and positioned it underneath me, I was sitting on my bed at the time, while the ubiquitous dogs were lounging on the carpet near the TV (yes, they were witnessing it again!).   I switched the toy on and it was buzzing merrily away (not a low steady vibe for me, No! I selected a pattern). I was just getting myself comfortable on the Ruby Glow's bumps and ridges when the teen reappeared in the bedroom to make a fuss of the dogs!

Argh! What to do?  Style it out and pretend nothing out of the ordinary was happening?  Just me sitting here clicking about on my laptop.  But I could hear the buzzing sound and I realised the teenager could too when they began to tilt their head as if to determine the origin of the sound!  I tried to adjust how I was sitting on the device to muffle it. Problem was ... pressing the Ruby Glow into the mattress meant it vibrated into the mattress cavity. It got louder!

Teen was still looking puzzled, a state which only increased when I pointed the remote at the TV and turned the sound up!  I also fidgeted about,  trying to drag a pillow onto the vibrating device and take my weight off it. 

I’m not sure I styled it out very well, but teenager left the room for a shower so with all haste I whipped out the Ruby Glow from under me.  I switched it off by removing the batteries (I was too flustered to work out how to turn it off correctly!) and hid it under the pillows in case my 'visitor' returned!

I kept trying to think of something to say to the teen which would normalise the incident, but I came up blank!  My only hope was that my youngest had thought the noise was their phone on vibrate.  In the end I decided the old adage “least said, soonest mended” could work in my favour.

I was so embarrassed! I couldn’t even bear to tell my OH what had happened till a couple of weeks later.  He laughed and called me a minx and asked why I did not wait until youngest had gone to university.  I know I should have, I was just so curious to try my brand new Ruby Glow!  Anyway, I’m sure it’ll work better and feel more comfortable when I am sitting at my desk chair - I think seated with legs straight out in the bed was not the position the device was designed for.  I am not saying it is a really noisy toy, but anyone in the same room as you will hear it!  
Trust me on this!

This story was submitted as part of the #WickedWednesday meme - check out who else is participating by clicking the link.

"You better stop, children, what's that sound
Everybody look what's going down"...
Song by Buffalo Springfield

Sunday, 23 September 2018

Pretty in Pink


Pretty in Pink
By: The Psychedelic Furs

... Pretty in pink, isn't she?
Pretty in pink, isn't she?
All of her lovers all
Talk of her notes and the
Flowers that they never sent
And wasn't she easy
Isn't she pretty in pink?
The one who insists he was
First in the line is the
Last to remember her name
He's walking around in this
Dress that she wore
She is gone, but the
Joke's the same
Pretty in pink, isn't she?
Pretty in pink, isn't she?

Iconic song from an equally iconic movie.

My picture is about being impatient ... 

To try on your latest purchase
To pleasure yourself,
luxuriating in delightful endorphins ...

You decide!

If you want to see who else is sinning, click the link!

Friday, 21 September 2018

#SoSS Notes from my 'Interviewing' Scrapbook!

This week I did not get an interview lined up and ready by Friday afternoon!  Sorry loyal readers - but don't feel let down!  I have spliced together an 'Interview' made up of answers to my usual questions from Sex Bloggers who have gone before!  I've given each person a tiny strapline so that you know the 'context' from which they are answering.

I've decided to share only 2 post links this week - because they were so powerful that I don't want to dilute their impact.  Please take the time to read and digest the heartfelt content these bloggers have shared.  Why not follow their blogs to see what May & Floss post on a regular basis, or check out Floss' podcast which she hosts with her partner Bakji.

May finds her real roots and her revelations make her stronger

Floss remembers a painful event and the fall out which resulted in her kinky roots

My Interviewing Scrapbook

What made you decide to write a sex blog?

Nero Black (blogger & teller of  erotic tales) answered:
 ~ There was no-one I could talk to about my issues - my ‘issues’ being that my wife’s libido seemed to have dropped to desiring sex once a month, if that, and I didn’t know how to deal with it. I figured ‘talk therapy’ was best but had no-one to confide in. I know women will discuss sex related matters with their BFF’s but guys don’t. They only times we discuss sex is to talk about what virile men we are and how many times we banged some women that night. Hence I use my blog as a way to vent about what’s going on in my head. Stress causes cancer IMO so I don’t want that.

What’s behind the title of your blog or your blogging “name”?

Cara Thereon (sub in a long-distance relationship) answered:

~ The thing that made me “Cara” was almost being outed to my family. Long story short, someone who was following my blog before I started writing kink tried to expose me. I needed to move, and am not super creative in other areas of my life, so I had to come up with a name. Cara Thereon is an anagram of my given name and has become very much who I feel I am in life. 

Describe your blog in a nutshell:

Lascivious Lucy, who crafts wonderful erotica answered:
~ Smutty stories with a supernatural & kinky theme.  One underlying rule I have for all of my stories is consent - it’s explicit and sexy.  

How long have you been blogging on this theme?

Kilted Wookie (blogging creative) gave a very detailed answer:
~ My blog has been through a number of guises. Originally It was a site for just my stories.  Then I started adding my photos, and then I started including thoughts and opinions. Then, in one of my blacker spells in 2016, I ripped the whole lot down.

First to return in late 2016 were my stories, under the banner Kilted Wookie Writes… There’s a slight irony there in that, apart from my #SmutMarathon assignments, I haven’t written anything since March 2016.

Kilted Wookie’s Photo Album began in February 2017 when I decided to take the plunge and join in with #FebPhotoFest. I still had the back-up of my old blog, so I was able to include almost all of my old photos. I haven’t missed a #SinfulSunday  since my return and I also did the #FebPhotoFest again this year.

Finally, last April saw the birth of The Zen Nudist. This is where I share my thoughts and opinions on life, the universe and everything. It’s a mix of sex and mental health and is really simply somewhere I go to howl at the moon when I need more than 280 characters to express myself.

Although all three blogs are separate, earlier this year I took the step of merging them into a single site. As I said, the lines between the online versions of me are merging.

I also have a tumblr site: Kilted Wookie’s Sexual Artistry, where I share some of my own, more explicit photography, and reblog other images that I like.

What is your favourite type of adult toy?

Quinn Rhodes (a blogger who has recently re-invented herself) answered:
~ Without hesitation, it has to be clitoral vibrators. As someone who takes SSRIs, and struggles to orgasm because of this, and has vaginismus, meaning any kind of penetration is incredibly painful, powerful rumbly vibrations are my favourite thing! So clitoral vibrators (do wands come under that heading too?) are the only thing I can get myself off with, and thus my favourite.

If you were sent to a desert island (with no power issues) name the 1 adult toy you’d take with you:

Pixie Heart (a submissive living a poly life) answered:
~ No brainer, We-vibe Sync. Then maĆ®tser could play with me, even from home! 

What’s your current sexuality?  At what age did you realise this was the right ‘fit’ for you?

Barefoot Sub (a relative ‘baby’ blogger) answered:
~ I have struggled with this for a very long time. I would class my sexuality as submissive. I love to have sex with men and women with a preference for cock. I am Sir’s slut, and love the way that I am free to be myself with him and his guidance, but without the power exchange I could almost class myself as a-sexual. 

What’s your preference - naked or “dressed up” for sex?  If dressed up, how so?

5ubmissy (a sub who lives & blogs about her D/s relationship) answered:
~ I am nearly always naked for sex but what I wear or don’t wear will be entirely up to HisLordship. Sometimes he will request an item of clothing, or a specific ‘outfit’ but usually I am ‘au naturale’. If I want to feel sexy and entice him I will usually wear something rather than nothing. Sometimes I will dance or strip for him and I will select some lingerie that I feel sexy in, and usually add stockings and heels. The most I often end up wearing for sex is a blindfold lol.

Is there a kink or fantasy you’re yearning to try?

Livvy Libertine, who recently got her blogging mojo back, answered:
~ I’d love to try pegging if I were given the chance. Something about being the one in charge (why having a cock puts me in charge I don’t know, maybe because I am naturally submissive) just flips my switches.

Oh-Tom-Starling (creator of erotic and unusual artwork) answered:
I would like there to be whole websites and escort agencies that particularly focus in on the kink of World War One nurses. That area of fetish is criminally undermined.

Name the fictional being or species you’d most like to have an encounter with:

Candy-Snatch (sex blogger & reviewer of adult merchandise) answered:
~ If you mean a fictional character, then one of my all time favourite books is Glass Books of the Dreameaters by G W Dahlquist. So I would love to spend an afternoon with the formidable Miss Temple and take an elegant afternoon tea whilst discussing her adventures. 

Indigo Byrd (creative sex blogger) answered:

~ Tentacles are very popular in my fantasies. I have a collection of tentacle dildos. Hilarious preference in that I don’t like the ocean much.

Anal sex - Meh or Yay?

May Moore (blogger and erotic author) answered:
~ I used to really enjoy anal but I had it too much with a past lover and now me and my man only venture there once in a blue moon. I have enjoyed it in the past though and the intense orgasms it helps you achieve.

Sex needn’t always be serious - do you have a funny moment to share?

Floss (bi-sexual who hosts a kinky podcast) answered:
~ My funniest moment was actually after the event. Myself and Bakji had just finished a really intense session, in a lovely bungalow that we were looking after for my Dad and his girlfriend. Perverts that we are we’d been filming it too, toys and clothes were everywhere. Bakji was naked, I was half dressed, ready to get some serious aftercare cuddles in, when we realise someone is at the door. My Dad and his girlfriend have come home about 5 hours early with no warning. 

I promptly open the door a bit saying it’s very messy and could they come back in about 30 minutes. My Dad, who knows all about my kinky life, is being the dumbest he’s ever been and just keeps saying they don’t mind the mess. In the end I just declare ‘Bakji is naked and it's messy.’ My Dad finally twigs, bursts into laughter and says they’ll go to Costa while his girlfriend gives him a bollocking for not calling ahead like she told him to. Afterwards she says to me ‘I hope neither of you are embarrassed, I couldn’t give a fuck what you do while you’re here, so long as you have fun.’ Funny and weirdly heartwarming! 

Sexting - love it or hate it?

Elliott Henry (fiercely hetero) answered:
~ Absolutely love it. Only with the right person though. I do share thoughts and occasional thoughts and photos with friends, but actual sexting only a couple. I have a friend I hear from about every nine months when she is drunk and lonely, after a breakup I suspect. It’s intense and so much fun. Then I don’t hear from her for some time. 
She was the first person I had ever done anything with on a phone, they were new for that purpose, first person I ever face timed with. I had skyped naked on a computer before, that was fun. That would be fun to do again: maybe one of your readers would like to try it sometime.

Which mainstream film depicts your favourite erotic scene?

Miss Jezebella (pansexual sex blogger) answered:
~ This will probably sound odd, but the first thing that came to mind is the sex scene from My Beautiful Launderette. I can’t remember when I watched it (I was young) but it left a big impression on me because it was the first film I saw that showed queer sex, and there was a massive tense build up to it. Watching it now the whole scene is really short and bizarre, with Omar’s uncle waltzing around with this lady while Johnny and Omar are fucking in the back. It seems I remember the impression it left better than the scene itself. 

Do you watch porn?  

Joanne’s Reviews (activist for body-safe sex toys) answered:
~ I watch a lot of porn when I masturbate and enjoy lots of different genres.

Joanne’s favourite adult film:  A really old series that we used to rent on VHS when we lived in Germany and it is called Excuse Me. It features an old guy called Harry who approaches random women and asks them to go back to his hotel room to strip and model for him for cash. Its corny and he rarely gets his end away but it’s just so naughty and it definitely has a nineties vibe to the series.

Nominate your favourite adult film:

Emmeline Peaches (blogger producing epic sex toy reviews) answered:
~ Crashpad’s Guide to Fisting, because I like my smut to be educational!

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Pandora Blake’s Dreams of Spanking blog. A lot of the posts are commercial, promoting products, which is fine, but sometimes she rants on matters more related to politics and censorship, and that’s the reason I’ve nominated it. 
I admire Pandora Blake enormously, I think she’s a heroine and general Good Thing.

And to finish off, one of Oh Tom Starling's stunning pieces of erotic art:

This week I have shared a 3-part story using the #MasturbationMonday & the #WickedWednesday memes:  A MF romance between an older woman and a younger man.

Mind the Gap  (Part1) (Part2) (Part3
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Thursday, 20 September 2018

Mind the Gap (part 3)

(You're reading Part 3 -may I suggest you read Parts 1 & 2 first!)
6 minute Read

I hadn’t got naked in front of anyone new for nearly 4 years, so I should’ve been nervous.  I was so caught up in the moment, however, that I barely thought what I looked like, I was so eager to unwrap this delicious viking treat!  Pressed against his lean and hard young body we kissed and shed clothes! I ran my hands over his shoulders, pushing off his grey hoodie.  I tried not to wince in sympathy when I noticed the multi-coloured bruising around his ribs.

Hamish was not so subtle when he lifted the sweater over my head, he groaned his appreciation of my green bra with breasts jiggling invitingly in its lacy confines.  It felt wonderfully powerful being so admired - Hamish was reminiscent of a cartoon character whose tongue rolls out of his mouth like red carpet!  He pressed his hands to my abdomen to unfasten my jeans, then began to peel them down my legs, sinking to his knees so he could kiss the path of bare skin he revealed.  Sensations of lust curled and swirled in my belly and goosebumps raised on my skin.  His butterfly kisses were delightful. Looking down on his silky blonde hair I was tempted to grab a handful to pull his face into my pubis, but I decided to let him do things his way.

His smooth hands grasped my buttocks and  I thought he would pull me onto his face. My anticipation was escalating to fever pitch, but he bypassed my melting folds and simply dragged my scanty lace underwear down with his thumbs.

“Wait a minute!  First let’s take my boots off!”

I balanced on one foot, he pulled at my long boots, then helped drag my jeans from my legs.  When I popped his fly buttons open I was delighted to see his boxers distorted by a delicious bulge!  There was a damp stain of pre-cum and when I drew the waistband down an impressive cock sprang free, engorged and curving slightly towards his smooth belly.  

Sinking to my knees on his mattress, which was on the floor, I opened my mouth to swirl my tongue around his glossy helmet.  I looked up in Hamish’s face, and he was biting his lip, watching me intently.  Great!  I maintained eye contact as I enveloped his cock in my mouth, fastening my lips around his girth to move slowly up and down.  I wasn’t able to deep throat him, but I took as much in my mouth as I could. I used one hand to tighten round the base of his member, bobbing up and down with a tight grip combined with constant mouth suction.  It felt good to me, I liked when the tip touched the back of my throat, my pussy throbbed with appreciation.

It felt good to him too!  He sank his fingers in my hair and thrust his hips gently into my face.  When he began to shudder and tense, I pulled back, clear strings of saliva still connected my mouth with his dick.

“Did you say you had some condoms?”  I enquired, a glint in my eyes.

Hamish grabbed a small decorative wooden box, removed a foil packet and tore off the corner with his teeth.  I watched as he pinched the tip and rolled it down his length, then we tugged his jeans off and sank down onto the mattress.  He pulled me on top of him, reaching behind me to unfasten my bra - but then he groaned - not in a happy way.

“What’s the matter?”

“My ribs,” he moaned, his eyes squeezed shut.

“Oh God, I’m sorry!”  I was mortified, rolling off him onto his good side.

“S’ok.  Please don’t stop.”  His eyes were wide now.

“I don’t want to hurt you.”

“You won’t, go on top.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure.”

I felt his gaze on my neatly trimmed pussy as I straddled his hips.  There was no bruising around that area, so I felt more confident I wasn’t causing him pain.  Hamish watched me like a kid in a sweet shop as I slowly drew the zip at my cleavage down to reveal my breasts.

He had a firm grip on my hips, digging his fingers in just how I’d dreamed he would, as I rose high above his slender cock to tease it between my slippery lips.  It felt divine when it brushed against my thrumming clit and I teased myself for a few moments, but Hamish was impatient, pulling me onto him, impaling me on his length, to fill my slot.  He thrust up with his hips as I sank down and ground against him, using my upper leg muscles to rise and fall like a pony on a carousel pole.

A vortex of pleasure began to build inside me, while a flush crept over my skin.  I looked down at the young buck beneath me, his golden hair fanned out on the pillow and a sheen of exertion on his brow.  His face was contorted with pleasure and I realised he wouldn’t last much longer.  I was, however, not as near the peak of my pleasure; condoms always slow things down for me, and my clitoris doesn’t get the stimulation it needs when I’m on top.  Time to get creative!  I leaned forward to kiss Hamish while sneaking a hand in between us to rub and strum my little bud.

A great plan, but hatched too late!  Hamish began to buck up into me in such a way that I knew he was cumming.  I continued to bob onto his thrusts whilst clenching my muscles to squeeze his cock.  He gasped and grunted, involuntary twitches running shock-like through his torso.  I still felt thrills and pleasure at our coupling, but I couldn’t climax.  It was like shooting for a goal and missing, not the delightful release that I’d yearned for.  The tenseness of my arousal sat coiled within me like an unfinished sentence.

Hamish was all delight and satisfaction, a puppy who’s had his tummy rubbed.  He pulled me to his un-bruised side and kissed me deeply, fondling my breasts as if sculpting them into shape.  I tried to embrace the moment, this handsome young guy was into me, we had the house to ourselves and several more days before my vacation was over. I had high hopes it would be better next time, once we were more familiar with the geography of one another.

“So Posy, I promised you supper,” he smiled.  Rising to his feet, Hamish moved awkwardly on his sore leg, dragging his boxers and jeans back up to fasten them.

“Yes, thank you.  I’ll be down in a minute.”

I found the bathroom and cleaned myself up a bit.  My make-up had smudged and my hair looked slightly wild!  I tried to dismiss it, but felt the now familiar cramp of frustration inside, a hard, aching ball in my gut. I was so disappointed, our early kisses and fiery touches had seemed so promising, but all they’d done was rev my motor!   

I didn’t want to bruise his ego, but I was definitely going to use my experience to guide Hamish.  It seemed he might need this older woman to show him what he was missing, and I bet he’d be up for another session once we’d grabbed something to eat!

The luscious underwear photo is, as previously, provided by Petra Pan.

This story is submitted for the #MasturbationMonday meme - click the link to see the other entries, who may have used Missy's inspirational picture!

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Mind the Gap (part 2)

(Part 1 is here)

7 minute read

I woke with the sheets tangled round my legs and an aching tightness which gnawed at my abdomen, I felt agitated but couldn’t place the source of it.  I lay in bed while the unfamiliar curtains and wardrobe came into focus and struggled to remember where I was.  

My labia were slick with arousal and my breasts felt heavy, slowly I ran my palm over a hardened nipple and a thrill buzzed direct to my pussy.  It seemed I’d had a sexy dream, the frustration of unfinished business cramped - a tangible ache deep inside.  Grasping at the wisps of my subconscious thought I realised I’d been dreaming about Hamish; a materialisation of my longing to get to know him intimately.  Hazy memories of hands exploring each other’s curves and crevices remained, alongside us kissing, his fingers digging into my flesh while his hips ground against mine.  

I swung my legs out of bed, reluctantly shrugging off the hot dream.  It was Christmas morning, back at my parents’ house but, unlike bygone days, no stocking was waiting by the Christmas tree.  We spent a quiet day - helping my Mum cook the Christmas dinner and watching TV while my Dad fiddled about with the jigsaw puzzle that I’d given him.  Boxing day was more of the same, the jigsaw was halfway completed. I was chilled, but alone in my room my subliminal frustration surfaced.  I went to sleep thinking wistfully about Hamish, his sensuous lips pressed against mine, before they travelled lower.

We were clearing the lunchtime plates away when the phone rang.  To my surprise I overheard my Dad say,

“Hello Hamish.  Yes she’s here.”  Who me?

He handed me the phone.  “Hello?”

Hamish asked me how I was,  if I’d had a nice Christmas, - we exchanged small-talk.  I was having a phone call reminiscent of my teenage years!  My parents were hanging onto every word at my end of the conversation!   When Hamish invited me over to watch films and have a bite of supper, I realised I had to check with my Mum - this was awkward!  She smiled and made a “shoo” gesture so I agreed the visit, feeling both flattered and flustered.

Driving to Hamish’s home I questioned what I was doing - he was so much younger than me, was it inappropriate?  The devil on my shoulder took on the persona of David who I worked with.

“Go on Posy! A younger bloke with an older bird?  He’ll love it!  Teach him some new tricks!”

It did stroke my ego to imagine I could ‘mentor’ him!  A vision of ‘Mrs Robinson’ popped into my head but I shook it off - the age gap wasn’t that big!  Besides, Hamish’s previous girlfriend had also been older, so I wasn’t likely to corrupt him!  I wore tight, dark jeans with a slouchy jumper and long ‘riding’ boots.  Because the jumper had a wide neck which showed off my shoulders a lot, I’d worn a cute emerald green bra and (of course) a matching stretchy lace thong.

I parked in the town square - deserted on a Bank Holiday - and rapped on the front door.  When Hamish swung it open my knees nearly buckled in the glare of his megawatt smile!  He looked good enough to eat in a casual grey hoodie and button fly jeans which hugged his bum.  Moving to the kitchen to get a drink, I noticed he was no longer using a stick, although he still limped.

“I see your leg’s getting better!”

“Yes, it’s less painful.  Just my ribs bothering me now - keeping me awake at night.”

I think I blushed a little, reminded of the steamy dreams which had been slicking my knickers since we last met!  I watched his elegant long fingers fiddle with the fancy coffee machine, making a latte for me and a cappuccino for him.  I couldn’t  block the image of those fingers plucking at my nipples and I felt the delicate skin pucker in response.  I needed to get hold of myself.  Although we were alone together he’d invited me over for company - he was probably just lonely with his family away.

We adjourned upstairs to the living room - an informal den, nothing like the reception room for the party.  The sofa was a large L-shape and a flat-screen TV dominated one wall, with speakers for surround sound.  Hamish sank into the cushions and offered me a bowl of popcorn.  The conversation was not quite so easy, we were being so polite, neither of us even wanted to choose a film genre!  In the end we opted for comedy, so sharing snacks and sipping coffee we laughed along to a classic.

When the credits rolled Hamish looked at me and a frisson of sexual tension ran right through, we had a moment there!

“Would you like something stronger Posy?”

“A drink would be nice, but I have to drive home.”

“But not for hours surely?”  He cocked his eyebrow and my gut twisted with desire.  “And we’ll be eating later.”

“Okay then, what have you got?”

“Let me show you,” and natural as anything he took my hand and led me down to the kitchen.  My heart thrilled, I wasn’t imagining our attraction.

Hamish proudly showed me an array of spirits, left over from the party.

“What’s your poison?” he put ice in two large tumblers then turned back to me.

“Whisky and diet coke please.”

“Really?  Not vodka?  I think I’ll try that too!”  His grin was infectious, I smiled back.  “You have a really beautiful smile, you know that?”  He was suddenly serious, his pale eyes meeting mine.

I didn’t know what to say, I’m rubbish at accepting compliments, but he moved in for a kiss so I melted into the moment.  One of his hands went under my hair, to the nape of my neck and the other started at my waist, but as our kiss deepened and our tongues danced it slipped down to my butt and fondled the curve of my rear.  I cashed in on the moment and let my own questing hands enjoy his deliciously muscled back and chiselled pecs.  Pressed together I could feel the outline of his cock trapped in his jeans and I moistened the narrow gusset of my thong in response.

“I didn’t think you’d be interested,” Hamish’s voice was hoarse with wonder.

“Why not?”

“You’re so sophisticated.”  This was music to my ears!

“You’re not exactly a shy innocent,” I giggled up at him.

“You don’t know the half of it!” he laughed with a wink and went back to making our drinks.  

Taking my hand he led me upstairs to the den, and this time we snuggled close together.  The film didn’t make much sense as we took so many interludes to kiss and touch.  Here’s something you forget once you get into a long term relationship - the excitement and build up caused by heavy petting!

He swung my legs over his lap and cupped a buttock whilst pushing up my sweater to nibble at my breasts through the lace of my bra - bliss!  I loved that he could tease me even with my underwear still on.  I ran my hands over his chest, bare under his hoodie, which I’d unzipped.  His flawless skin was smooth and so taut over a layer of muscles.  I nibbled a line from his neck along his collarbone, before latching onto a neat pink nipple which I nipped and sucked, making Hamish groan aloud.

“You little minx!  I like that.”

I switched sides, where I nibbled and pulled at that nipple too.

“I must have my revenge!” he cried and reached into my bra to spill my breasts from its emerald cups.  Mirroring my tweaking and pinching he sucked on the buds of my nipples, til my pussy was soaking and slippery, and I felt dizzy from gasping!

“Hamish, I’m not sure we should,” I tried to exercise some self control, despite the pulse in my pussy thumping loud enough for him to hear. 

“Why not Posy?”

I was so horny I could hardly think straight, why not indeed?  It wasn’t like I was corrupting him or cheating on anyone.  Should I sleep with this younger man who I’d only just met?  My libido was twanging like a bow string, and my pussy was melting like chocolate.  Hamish was gazing at me with a deadly combination of lust and adoration in his eyes, there was only one more thing to settle;

"As long as you have some condoms, lets do it!"

His eyes twinkled wickedly and he took my hand, leading the way to his bedroom.

To be continued ...

This story is submitted for Marie Rebel's great meme #WickedWednesday.  The prompt this week was roots, so you should check out the other participants to see what they submitted.  My delectable 'emerald bra' picture is courtesy of Petra Pan who's fabulous reviews can be found here!