Monday, 31 December 2018

My 2nd Bloggiversary : 2018 Roundup SoSS

Roundup of Blogs and Bloggers who’ve made 2018 Awesome

I’ve already blogged about what I’ve learned in the last year, in which post I thanked some of the people who’ve helped me along the way.  Re-reading who I ‘name checked’ last year in my Bloggiversary round-up I noticed a subtle shift in what I blog about and additions to who I follow.  

The catalyst for the majority of changes in my blog was my visit to Eroticon in March.  I can’t  rave enough about the talks which inspired me, and how fantastic it was to meet in person bloggers who I follow and admire.  Perusing our sponsors’ stands, talking to experts and having the chance to ask questions, handle toys and assess sexy accessories was invaluable. I was both surprised and impressed with the kinky play accoutrements Molly & Michael kindly brought for delegates' experimentation.

Particularly exciting, and vital to my development, were a couple of people at Eroticon who came up to me saying: “So you’re Posy!  I wanted to meet you.”  Those few kind words validated me.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who suffers from imposter syndrome. I sometimes look at what I do on-line and think is this worth anything?  Is it a silly hobby?  Am I just shouting in the dark? Anyway thanks to Eroticon I came home determined to make my blog count.

Having contracted out adult reviews (my inspirational friend Vampy Valentine writes them when I win new toys) I don't visit sites which feature toy reviews as frequently as last year.

Grateful thanks to:  Little Switch Bitch, Aurora Glory, Bondage God, Candy Snatch, May MooreScandarella, Miss Jezebella.

Writing being the backbone of my blog, I decided I should stretch my writing style - so I embraced collaborations, guest posts, opinion pieces, book reviews, competitions and porn.  The biggest leap for me was porn, which I've watched in the past but not very often.  My writing partner suggested I visited a platform he writes for, which resulted in watching the glossy films and writing stories inspired by them. 

Thanks to:  Anna RichardsonJayne Renault, PJA Woode, Joanne’s Reviews,  Pixie Heart, Sent to ThrillA Guy in Panties, Laura & Hannah Lockhardt. 

I’ve used the memes shamelessly to promote my work. I’m motivated by their prompts and new followers find me when they visit.  Memes have also encouraged me to spread my wings.

Thanks to those who host: #SinfulSunday #MasturbationMonday #WickedWednesday #FridayFlash #Elust #KotW (Molly Moore, Marie Rebelle, F.Leonora & Kayla Lords)

I am happy to have featured on some ‘sex blogger’ listings this year, a fact which makes me feel a real member of the community, as I am more vanilla than most.  Some lists are fun, and some are serious (with a nomination and voting process) but I'm in every way grateful I've grabbed the attention of readers and to have built a loyal following - when I hit 1K followers within my first year on Twitter I was delighted.  I’m now firmly settled in the writers ‘corner’ of the sex-blogger camp and this feels a good fit for me.

Thanks:  Floss, Kilted Wookie, Molly & Michael, Kinkly, May Moore, Sorcha Rowan

I follow some people I visualise as 'grown up' writers, with styles I really aspire to and many have published books to their name.  If I want content that I know will get me in the mood I rely on these guys, so they deserve my thanks for that:

Asrai, Scanderella, Lascivious Lucy, Jerusalem Mortimer, Charlton Tod
Cara Thereon

There are some people to thank simply because we talk and really connect.  Friends who have helped me with various dilemmas: blogging advice, kink questions;  those I've met face to face while others remain virtual friends.  All provide vitally important feedback and cheerleading for me and my erotic writing.

Thanks:  May Moore, Elliott Henry, melody, BibulousOne, floss, Indie, Tabitha Rayne, Nero BlackLivvy Libertine, Cousin Pons, Sorcha Rowan, Richard Cunliffe, Petra Pan, Asrai, E T Costello, Simon O’Neill, Kim, AM Harding and my #1 Dark Darling Telugu1.

Finally I reiterate heartfelt thanks to everyone who allowed me to interview them this year and anyone who visited my blog or responded to my tweets.  

Goodbye to the old (2018) and welcome to the new (2019)

Sunday, 30 December 2018

Don't Go!

Don't go

Don't leave me now now now
While the sun smiles
Stick around and laugh a while yeah.

This is the chorus from a song I love by the Hothouse Flowers.  It's very poetic, capturing that moment when something momentous happens in your life and yet the rest of the world carries on as normal, which I'm sure we've all felt at times, for both happy and sad moments.

It seemed to to fit my selfie, modelling my new Christmas scanties. I  giggled at the  word 'stick' in the lyrics - my friend Elliott calls me the Queen of the Selfie Stick as I generally use one to take my #SinfulSunday shots.  I'm not equipped to take fancy photos although I'm very admiring and impressed by those who can.

Take a visit to to the meme site and see who else is participating.

Monday, 24 December 2018

Photograph from Pixabay (girl wearing headphones on pink background)

This story was originally submitted to the #masturbationmonday meme.

Sunday, 23 December 2018

Bonk Holiday!

Ha Ha!  I'm joking!

My house is populated with my offspring and I'm in full 'hostess with the mostest/mother hen' mode so sexy times are on the back burner.  With it goes my erotic writing I'm afraid.  Whilst I shall probably be checking my Twitter feed for conversations with my friends and amusing chat threads, I'm not sure when I'll next get the chance to immerse myself in erotic wordcrafting.

I am very grateful to Michael (Domsigns) who's letting me use a little corner of his web platform to play around with new site design, as my new year's promise to myself is going self hosted (sorry to drone on about it, this is a big deal for me).  Floss has also given me some great nuggets of advice and May often explains blogging stuff, so that's what I'll mostly be doing at my laptop!

Christmas can be a great time of year; people catch up with each other who normally live far apart, or make time to meet up in their otherwise rammed schedule.  There are Christmas parties which can produce awkward moments or great opportunities for cosying up to someone you've been eyeing up all year.   If you don't want to be kissed under the mistletoe - speak up!  It's nobody's excuse to invade your personal space.

Alternatively, for some people Christmas can feel overwhelming - too much inter-personal contact, no chance for alone time/ down time.  If you haven't got family you want to visit, the scheduled TV and radio programmes can make you feel very isolated, as if you are somehow out of step with the world.  This is not true, because many people don't celebrate this holiday if Christianity isn't their religion.  Anyway if you feel the opposite of festive, join Floss on her blog as she is happily 'Home Alone' (one of my favourite Christmas-themed films!) and will be getting up to all sorts of web cam mischief to keep you company and entertained.

I want to give a big shout out to my favourite two destinations for quality erotica and porn, there will be stockings galore (of the more sheer kind) in the films and stories and you'll be entertained by many people who are happy to feature on Santa's Naughty List.  I have become virtual friends with many of the writers who contribute to both these sites and their clever, risque stories are a great source of entertainment to me, particularly if I can sequester some 'alone' time.

To finish off this post I want to share a few sexy images submitted to this week's #SinfulSunday which are deliciously festive and hopefully you'll think so too.  It's a meme I only join in with occasionally but am in full admiration for the cunning and skilful pictures which other bloggers post here. 

Missy's glorious picture :  Christmas Stockings

Elliott's naughty festive photo : Happy Holidays

& LSB's sassy image which comes with an apt quote from the Grinch : Maybe Christmas

All that's left to say is have a great holiday break friends & Merry Christmas if that's your thing!

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

What I've Learned this Year

[5 minute read]

I am responding to the #WickedWednesday prompt ‘Time’ and taking the opportunity to look back on how I have developed and grown as a writer and blogger in the last year.  When I started this blog on NYE 2016 I was initially writing for myself, and blogging into the silence (just a handful of followers).  

Once I began to use Twitter this changed, I found lots of like-minded kinksters to bounce ideas off.  I got feedback about my writing, discovering other people’s blogs and different ways to do things.  I learned to use Twitter to share links (my own and other people’s)  I participated in the regular memes which bloggers use like a pinboard to post stories, pictures and opinion pieces which also gave me the opportunity enjoy other people’s submissions.  It became clear that it’s important to give feedback to other bloggers on their posts, in reciprocation for them reading my work and commenting.

I reached out to several other bloggers whose writing I particularly appreciated & began to make real friends. I met up with @BibulousOne - having shared DM’s which let to each of us writing posts on being ‘Boarding School Survivors’ which cross pollinated!  He’s a charming guy who reassured me that I would enjoy Eroticon, that attending could help me make like-minded friends.  He kindly DM-ed a few contacts to ask them to look after me there.

I was 'virtually' befriended by Elliott Henry who always encourages me in my writing, his participation made me curious to enter the #SmutMarathon.  Getting an email from Marie Rebel suggesting the same thing, I felt I should give the writing competition a try.  Unfortunately I only qualified for the minimum rounds, but it made me question my writing standards and styles. Reading the entries in successive rounds and their constructive criticism helped me learn. Congratulations to everyone who participated, particularly those who lasted the course until the finals.  

May More did very well in the Smut Marathon.  She and I became firm friends at Eroticon, although our DMs had already indicated that we were on the same page!  Visiting this wonderful conference, I met people I already admired (Cousin Pons, Cara Thereon, Molly Moore, Jaime Mortimer, GotN, Masters’ Eye, Kayla Lords, John Brownstone, Luv Bunny  and Tabitha Rayne) to name just a few.  I attended several educational talks on diverse topics. Leaving with fired up creativity and determined to push the envelope when I got back to writing.

Another attendee at Eroticon was Anna Richardson, the entrepreneur behind the site FrolicMe which provides classy erotica for women and couples.  Chatting with her made me keen to become a contributor and I’ve since written erotica and non-fiction pieces which she has published.  Frolic Me was also the catalyst which brought me together with my some-time writing partner @PJAWoode.  Never having co-written before, this represented growth and a new skill.  

I’ve tried my hand at taking erotic photographs for #SinfulSunday, but always more lighthearted shots than skilful (Elliott calls me the Queen of the selfie-stick).  So I was particularly delighted when one picture was used as the sidebar of E-Lust.  I’ve also expanded my blog to review adult toys, although not with the thoroughness and depth that bloggers such as Petra Pan and Emmeline Peaches do.  I often prefer to farm the task out to Vampy Valentine, a collaborator who injects a twist of humour into the whole proceeding.

I have got better acquainted with many bloggers through my regular Saturday interview slot so am massively grateful to those who have given the time and opened themselves up to scrutiny from fellow bloggers. There is much to be gained from knowing what their roots and preferences are, and I particularly like their responses to my ‘film’ question.  I've approached Michael (@DomSigns) regarding tech troubles and May explained the intricacies of dofollow links.

I have recently joined in with the Smut Relay - where the instalment you write must follow on from previous episodes yet leave room for later writers to continue the thread.  I’m also practising being more brief and concise, participating in #FridayFlash a weekly meme on @fdotleonora’s site which stipulates you tell a story in a maximum of 500 words, the less the better!

I continue to forge partnerships and collaborations, my latest being with @Aguyinpanties. He’s shared both his feelings and his well-crafted erotic short stories on my blog.  May, Nero Black and I intend to write a serial together also I am very happy to have had a 2-part story published on the U.S. site Bellesa which features female-centric erotica.  Working closely with the Editor there I gained a crash course in editing to inject emotions and change of pace into my writing.

A fellow blogger Swirling Fire has taught me the importance of content warnings, not only when setting up my blog post but also when tweeting about it.  This important lesson has not come easily to me,  I have inadvertently touched on her triggers  by re-tweeting things without adding the necessary CW tags.  At the very least a #NSFW tag helps people avoid/prepare for seeing overtly sexual images, people such as she have certain content words blocked from appearing in their feed.  I’ve also discovered that noting the ‘reading time’ for things I post increases reader engagement, allowing people to plan whether they have time to read a piece now, or to schedule it for later.

So from my humble beginnings as someone who reviewed books and thought she could maybe craft a sexy short story, I have learned and grown a lot this year.  With a ticket booked for 1 day of Eroticon 2019 I am hopeful that I can continue to make improvements for a steady trajectory, maybe getting ranked a little higher in Molly’s esteemed Sex Blogger Top 100 next year.

Click on the link to see who else is participating on the theme of 'Time' 
- image is from Pixabay.

Elust 113 : December 2018

By Quinn Rhodes a picture of a Doxy on a white hotel bed for Elust 113

Photo courtesy of Quinn Rhodes

Welcome to Elust 113-

The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you're looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it'll be here at Elust. Want to be included in Elust #114? Start with the rules, come back January1st to submit something and subscribe to the RSS feed for updates!  

~ This Month’s Top Three Posts ~

The Source of Control Town Use FOMO is NOT how my vagina feels about sex.

~ Featured Post (Molly’s Picks) ~

The Weight of my Red Self Mistletoe kisses

~Readers Choice from Sexbytes ~

If you want a job done… *You really should consider adding your popular posts here too* All blogs that have a submission in this edition must re-post this digest from tip-to-toe on their blogs within 7 days. Re-posting the photo is optional and the use of the “read more…” tag is allowable after this point. Thank you, and enjoy!  

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

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Erotic Non-Fiction

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Body Talk and Sexual Health

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29 Blog Maintenance Things You Can Do

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

Champagne boys apply here The other end of the cane Giving me a frill


-05.12.18_23:04-       Elust

Monday, 17 December 2018

Here Cum the Girls!

This is a 'blast from the past'!  A chance to catch up with an early episode of my series #Cleaner Close which I began just before I created this blog.  
I'm going to drop you in at the start of Episode 3  but you can go back to Episode 1 and Episode 2 to find out how Josie, a girl with no previous experience of D/s, got herself into this situation.

Josie’s excitement made her heart thud in her chest, looking down at herself she detected a slight tremor in her breasts in time with her heartbeat and rock hard nipples, the areola appearing dark and tight.  Within her lacy black bra, her breasts were heavy with arousal; intent (like heat-seeking missiles) on homing in to whatever could give them stimulation, the rougher the better.  She longed for them to be suckled hard, better still bitten and pinched, her dark side manifested itself as her eyes roved over the other female slave.  The shine of the dildo pants she wore made them look slick and wet, but Josie’s attention was focused on the hard, veiny dildo now attached to them, how it curved up towards the slim girl’s stomach, it looked longer and thicker than any real penis Josie had ridden in the past.  

The other slave prowled round Josie, acting predatory.  Their Master sat back in a deep leather chair to watch, his cock still on display, it stirred in his lap, already showing signs of arousal, as Josie knelt, looking helpless and apprehensive.  Her legs were fixed and parted by the spreader bar, her hands locked to her sides with the leather restraints.  The slave girl moved close and unclipped Josie’s bra - which slid away from her body allowing her full, tender breasts to spring free.  With a flick of her wrist the slave whipped those bobbing breasts with a leather flogger which Josie hadn’t even noticed she was holding.  Josie’s chest felt a flash of pain, but it was a slight, stinging assault on her straining nipples which she welcomed.  She bit her lip, waiting as the girl paced round behind her.  Flick! There it was again, stinging blows from all those little strands of leather, they beat on her nipples and the rounded globes of her breasts, causing a burning and tingling til Josie drew in a shuddering breath. Flick, whip, flick, whip; the blows fell closer together now, the flogging alternating between breasts and bringing a heat and tingling to her nipples and pussy which made her moan out loud.

Josie focused her gaze on the bobbing latex dick in front of her as she endured her punishment, she became delirious with desire and was barely aware of her surroundings.  She felt sticky goo oozing out of her and the heaviness in her pussy as the lips became fully engorged but she was oblivious to the Master scrutinising the sexy tableau she made (bound and being flogged by another slave) whilst he lazily stroked his cock up and down it’s shaft. All Josie could think of was the large latex dildo before her and “Stick it in me!  Pleeease!”

“Maya, enough teasing!”  Master barked.  “I want to watch you pounding her pussy.”

Josie snapped out of her lustful trance at the sound of his voice.  Maya moved around her to remove the wrist to leg restraints, then she pushed Josie forward none too gently, til she was kneeling on all fours.  Next she removed the leg spreader - uncuffing Josie’s ankles until finally the only thing she wore was the black thong she’d had on under her maid’s dress.  This was soaked with Josie's juices, which continued to gather at her moist slit.  Maya dragged the scrap of fabric and lace down Josie’s hips and off her legs, then she moved and stood in front of her, holding the thong in front of her face. Josie’s ragged breathing dragged in the musky aroma of her arousal, and she felt her cheeks heat with shame.

“You are a horny little creature aren’t you?” the Master chuckled.  “No self control at all - and for that you should be punished!  Wash those panties!”  
His command puzzled Josie, but only for a moment, until Maya forced the thong into her mouth.  

“Suck and lick your pussy juice off your panties, then maybe you won’t be such a dirty slut next time.”  Master’s growled his command.  
Josie complied straight away, tasting the sweet, tangy taste of her own arousal, a blush creeping up her cheeks as she did so.

“Plug that sopping hole Maya!”  he ordered.  “She’s been gagging for it all morning.  I caught her spying on your punishment and diddling herself!”

This story is submitted for #MasturbationMonday but to continue it's thread you can read the conclusion of Episode 3 here.  Click on the link to see who else is participating ~ They may be following the delicious Christmas prompt!

Friday, 14 December 2018

A Guy Wearing Panties - Next Step

Guest Post : A Guy in Panties - Next Step

I got a lovely e-mail yesterday (13 December 2018), it started: 
"Hey Panty Pal!  As promised, here's my account of my 'panty morning' today."  

Mark - known on Twitter as @aguyinpanties - and I became friends because I admire men in women's underwear.  I noticed him modelling a pair of black lace panties which were almost exactly the same as some I have!  We compared pictures and became friends. 


Mark shared his panty-wearing experiences with me so that I could write a piece of fiction for #Kinkoftheweek and he's since shared his erotic fiction on my blog:

*   A voyeuristic story  
*   Christmas-themed fantasy  

I hope you'll enjoy this non-fiction piece which Mark is kindly allowing me to share:

My name is Mark, I'm in my mid-thirties and for the last couple of years I've occasionally worn knickers when I'm alone. At first I borrowed my wife's, then I began buying my own. It was something I'd been curious about for a while but had never wanted to cross the threshold and take it from fantasy to reality. When I finally did, it was a revelation and I've been indulging myself ever since.

Yesterday my manager said that I could work from home today, so my first thought was "free house, panty morning!" And that's exactly what I did. 

Mrs Guy in Panties would be out until 1 pm, so I planned, for the first time, to wear knickers for an entire morning. I live tweeted my experiences via @aguyinpanties but also kept a diarised record which you can read here. It's honest and raw and I hope you enjoy it.

- 0 -

7.15am - the front door clicks shut and I'm alone for the next 6 hours. I choose three pairs of knickers - one black, white and lacy, a purple-y pair with little flowers and lace detail at the front, or dainty green French knickers. I hand over the responsibility of choice to my Twitter followers and wait.

8.00 am - Their vote is unanimous - green. It's Christmas after all. 
I pull on the panties and feel that familiar cocktail of excitement, naughtiness, arousal and a touch of shame. The fabric nestles between my bum cheeks and the mild chafing feels great. With no elastic at the front, I have to arrange myself to stay in them. 

I look at myself in the mirror and consider the contrast - masculine vs feminine. A bulge in knickers that shouldn't be there. The hairy trail from my belly button, disappearing under the bow-fronted waistband. I pull some joggers over them and head downstairs to begin my day.

8.15 am - Before starting work I fold the washing and take it upstairs and as I climb each step the fabric caresses my bum, little movements that feel lovely, but just on the right side of arousal so I'm not tempted to touch myself. Perhaps I will later, but it's much too early for that.

8.30 am - I empty the dishwasher. Moving to and from the cupboards as I put things away causes more movement and I can't work out whether I've fallen out of these things. I peer down the waistband of my joggers. Negative. All still in place.

9.10 am - I'm Skyping my boss while wearing size 14 green French knickers under my clothes. This is bizarre in a wonderful way. I feel alive!

9.30 am - Toilet break. Even though it's a number one, I sit on the toilet, girly style. I gaze down at the lacy knickers inside my men's joggers and feel compelled to tweet a photo. Has this gone too far? 
When I pull the knickers up, I hoist them high onto my hips, accentuating the bulge at the front and drawing the fabric tight between my buttocks. It's the most aroused I've felt all morning as the lace tickles my anus when I bend down to pull up my joggers. I re-adjust the knickers lower down and get back to work.

10.10 am - What if Mrs Guy in Panties comes home early? OK, she won't KNOW I'm wearing knickers, but I know I'd panic and she'd see it in my face. I put a contingency plan in place for this eventuality before returning to work.

11.00 am - I pull my joggers down and snap myself leaning back against the wall. My bulge is perfect, pulling the knickers down at the front and creating a tantalising outline of my cock while exposing the top of my pubes over the waistband. I feel a heady mix of masculinity and femininity and begin to swell. Joggers up and back to work.

11.30 am - At my desk, I slip a hand into my joggers and cup myself over the knickers. This feels gorgeous through the silky panel at the front, and strangely not in an overtly sexual way. It's a nice sensation. Comfortable. I stand and feel the rough pattern of lace around my bum through the cotton of my joggers. I feel good.

12.00 pm - 'Lunchtime'. I head upstairs. 
At 7.00 am I wasn't sure how this experience would end but I am now. I strip down to the knickers and lay back on the bed. I caress myself through the material and feel tingles shoot down my legs and up into my stomach. Soon I'm hard and the knickers no longer contain me, my erection poking through a leg hole.

I pull the knickers off and drag them slowly over my balls and cock, their delicate lace grazing my most sensitive parts exquisitely. I continue teasing myself with the lightest strokes down my shaft until desire takes over and I take myself in my hand. Slow, rhythmic strokes bring me to the edge almost immediately before a huge climax bolts through my penis. I come hard and long, massaging my glans through the aftershocks to wring out every last drop of pleasure.

The knickers return to their hiding place ready to be washed (when I have more time) and I'm back in a pair of boxers and back to reality. 

What a ride, and one I want to repeat soon.

Monday, 10 December 2018

Killing Me Softly

Browsing through my Twitter feed last week I spotted this provocative image which spoke volumes shared by @xenon0codex - so I sent it to @AuthorRowan to inspire her too.  As a result we both wrote stories which start at this point but go in different directions.  You can read hers here.

[6 minute read]

I looked down on the perfection of her body, marvelling at the glow of her skin and her hourglass shape as she prostrated herself in front of me - the whip presented on her hands like the royal orb on a velvet cushion.

Towering above her in tightly-laced boots with vertiginous heels I was glad her eyes were lowered, that way she wouldn’t detect my knees knocking. Talk about in at the deep end! I didn’t usually do domination but a double booking mishap meant I was covering for Vindictive Violet, poured into a scandalously tight leather corset and panties.

Slowly I circled the prone sub, delighting in her smooth undulating back and curvy buttocks. The supplication in her attitude was clearly defined, as was her arousal, betrayed by dewy glistening on her labia. I lifted the flogger from her hands to swipe it, slicing the air and narrowly missing her.  Not a wince or a gasp, she was well trained.

“Name?” haughty and commanding, if I projected it, I would be it.

“Anita Mistress.”  That gave me a frisson of power, corrupting me from the off.

“Are you a good sub Anita?”  I trailed the tails of the whip in a silky, stealthy path from shoulder to buttock.

“Yes Mistress,” she answered, but I heard a questioning note.

“You don’t sound so sure Anita.”  The whip came down hard, its crack in the silent room almost broke the spell.

“Yes Mistress,” she corrected herself, to my satisfaction.

“Are you obedient?” I teased as I questioned, trailing and stroking.  I drew goosebumps with the path of the leather traces.

“Yes Mistress!” She’d found her voice now, clear and confident like a private to my drill sergeant.

“How many strikes should I give you?”

“Twenty Mistress.  Thank you.”   She dared not lie, I could check with Violet.

So I laid the blows on her, mostly striping her buttocks but sometimes allowing the leather strands to wrap round her ribs or mark her back.  I varied the direction the whip landed, but mostly focussed on the sweet spot on her buttocks.  My subject maintained her position well, only beginning to squirm on the last few.  By then I could see the swell and ooze of her pursed pussy lips, my reward for a job well done.

“Stand, eyes down and touch your toes.” Keeping her off balance sharpened the punishment, but I must let her circulation recover. Positioning myself behind the sub, I rested my leather-gloved hand on the small of her back.

“Well done Anita, you took your beating well.”

“Thank you Mistress.”  Her reply hid tears. I detected a wobble at my praise 

Through my glove the heat from her thrashing glowed.  Featherlight pressure smoothed the stinging heat around until it abated. An invasive leather finger parted her lips.  I pressed into hot depths and her gasp was rewarding, almost distressed as I removed it.

“What’s this Anita?”  My tone snippy, to shame her.  “Did you enjoy your punishment?”

“Yes Mistress.”  Her head was already hanging, but her face flamed.

“I don’t think that’s the intention of a punishment.  Clean my glove.”  Unceremoniously the digit got shoved between her lips to lick and suck it clean.

I strode towards the carefully racked toys and bondage gear, made my selection and returned.  Using a spreader bar I shackled Anita’s ankles, to hold her legs in a spread position.  I unscrewed the lids off two water bottles and set them aside.  Plugging in a powerful Doxy I switched it on, then held it against my pubis. Its distinctively rumbly buzz filled the room.  l sighed with building rapture, feeling my own pussy lips part and swell.

“I am allowed to have pleasure.”  I gripped Anita by the chin and pulled her head to look into my eyes. “You are not.  You are here to please me!”

“You need to learn discipline - luckily I am here to teach you. Stretch out your arms.”  

I pressed a water bottle into each hand then opened a third bottle to fill them up to the brim.

“You will not.  Spill.  A drop.”  I paced in front of Anita, staring her down with my strictest look.

I took a long drink of the water from that third bottle.

Picking up the Doxy I let it run and buzz in my hand, before teasing it over my breasts in the leather corset. I bit my lip exaggeratedly at the ache I felt in each nipple when it was focused on their tips.

“You” I said menacingly, taking a step towards my captive sub, “will not come.  You are my silent, submissive plaything.  You may not come without my permission.”

With that, I held the buzzing head of the Doxy against Anita’s right nipple and watched as the dark flesh peaked to a point almost instantly.  Anita bit her lip, a chunk of her rosebud bottom lip clamped by her teeth in an effort not to moan or cry out.  I moved the wand over to her other breast, the full flesh jiggled and her pierced nipple clattered against the head, while my pussy throbbed in sympathy.

Cat like I watched her, my canary in a cage, as she struggled to maintain her position, arms spread out horizontally while buffeted by this onslaught of sensations. She hadn’t slopped any water yet, but I soon changed that.  I pressed the bulbous head of the doxy against her pouting pussy lips, where I could see her clitoris already standing proud and distended.

Without the spreader bar I knew her knees would’ve buckled.  She mewled, distraught as the insistent rumble awoke and assaulted her most sensitive nerve endings.  Her breathing became ragged and her arms and legs began to shake.

“Fight it Anita.  Stand up straight.”  I commanded, cheerleading her now.  

She was enduring well, her babydoll face streaked with tears and her lip was dotted with blood where she’d bitten down too hard.  Her nipples were engorged dark with blood and pinched into hard points which made me clench to look at them.  I couldn’t drag my eyes from her anguished face, but I heard the splat of water hitting the floor.  I pressed the Doxy harder to its target, she couldn’t escape, and her hips began lewdly thrusting as much as the spreader bar would allow.

“P-p-p-p-” it was on her lips to beg me, but she tried to stay strong.

My pussy throbbed in admiration at her tenacity and in recognition of her raw animal lust.  I smelt her arousal while streaks of lubrication drooled down from swollen pussy lips.  Mine echoed hers, but I wore leather-trimmed panties which hid that her display was unravelling me.

“P-p-pleeease M-mistress.” She sobbed.  “Neeeed to come!”

“Count to three Anita” I commanded.  She wanted this control as much as she yearned for release.

“One,”  I admired her streaked make-up.
“Two,” Her outstretched arms strained.
“Three,” Her juices pooled on the floor between her feet.

“Come” I urged her.

And she came in a glorious burst  of emotion, with thrusting hips, clenching pussy and breasts that jiggled.  Ejaculate splashed down her legs and water sloshed from the bottles which wobbled precariously in her hands.  I set them aside then held Anita round the waist as she throbbed and bucked, the aftershocks of her climax whiplashing through her grateful body.

“Thank you Mistress,” she mumbled, her face buried in my hair as she leaned on me with legs weak like a foal.

“Well done Anita,” I crooned, smoothing her hair and stroking her back.  

I knew full well what it meant to be on the receiving end of so much sensation and deprivation, and the aftercare and space to come down were as important as the play.

This story is submitted for #WickedWednesday where the prompt is "Song Title"

Sunday, 9 December 2018

Santa Baby : Guest Post

Santa Baby by A Guy in Panties

It was that time of year again. Halloween was done and the fireworks had disappeared from the shelves, replaced by Christmas cards, gifts and decorations. The most wonderful time of the year was upon her. Caroline Stone’s husband was kissing her neck and she knew his hands would begin their work at any moment. 

Of all her fantasies, not many were seasonal, but like It’s a Wonderful Life and mince pies, it didn’t feel right to use this one outside of December.

As the movement of the duvet betrayed Mark’s shifting hands beneath and light tingles gave way to a growing ache between her legs, Caroline closed her eyes and let the images in her mind play.

Click-clack. Click-clack. Narrow heels carried her over the car park towards the shopping centre. She strode with purpose, a heady mixture of excitement, anticipation and nervousness swirling in her stomach.

She was going to see Father Christmas. She’d walked this walk several times in her youth, yet this was adult Caroline, wearing a short brown suede skirt and a thin cream sweater. No bra. No knickers.

The jiggling of her breasts had rubbed her nipples deliciously against the woollen sweater, causing them to noticeably tighten and protrude. Hordes of men streamed towards her, their day’s shopping mercifully over. She watched their eyes dart downwards, stealing a glance of the wobbling swellings beneath the material before making eye contact with her and shamefully looking away. Knowing the effect she was having on these helpless men made her rising arousal all the more delicious.

Meanwhile the cold air that gusted up her skirt contrasted with the warmth between her legs, the icy tingle tantalising a shaved, exposed pussy that ached for attention.

The heat of the air curtain enveloped Caroline as she entered the mall before heading for the escalator. Nearly there.

As if to confirm that this was mere fantasy, the queue for the grotto was non existent. Two grinning elves, one male and one female, welcomed her before drawing back a red velvety curtain. Caroline stepped inside and the curtain fell back into place.

And there he was. Saint Nick himself, sat in the corner, complete with white hair and beard, red furry costume, hat and boots. Caroline's knees loosened.

“Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas!” he bellowed. “What’s your name, my dear?” His voice gave him away. This wasn’t an old man playing Santa; whoever was in that costume was 40 at best.

Rubbing her toes on the carpet with cod sheepishness, Caroline stated her name. “Why don’t you come and sit on my knee and we’ll see what I’ve got for you?” said Santa.

Caroline skipped over and, facing away from him, jumped on his lap, almost sending them both tumbling backwards. Instinctively, they grabbed one another - her hands on his thighs and his round her waist. His legs felt thick and muscly beneath the costume. Caroline shuffled round and swung her legs over Santa's thighs so she was sideways to him.

“So, have you been a good girl this year?” asked Santa, his eyes suggesting a devilish grin beneath the beard.

“Oh yes,” replied Caroline. “I’ve been ever so good.” As she spoke, her fingers walked along his thighs towards his crotch while his hands slid down and around her bum.

Caroline got a buzz from seeing his reaction at discovering she was without underwear. A combination of shock and delight filled Santa’s voice as he said: “My goodness, that is rather naughty, you’ve forgotten to put any knickers on!” 

Meanwhile, his hands were moving round, up and over her thighs and into her lap. So close to her throbbing, swollen sex, and she instinctively lifted her hips towards his strong hands. “And what would you like for Christmas, Caroline?” he asked, his voice becoming breathy and urgent. 

“Something I’ve never had before” whispered Caroline, turning to face away from Santa so she could feel his bulge against her. She wriggled back until she felt his shaft lie perfectly between her legs. It was thick and warm. He began moving his hips, sliding himself against warm, yearning lips. Caroline let out a deep sigh as her arousal multiplied.

A noise. Looking up, she was startled to see the two elves stood inside the grotto, flushed and open mouthed. Caroline’s shock quickly turned to excitement and she breathed: “Do you like what you see?”

Neither of the elves said a word, only nodding slowly in unison while each moved a hand southwards. The male slowly slid his hand into his ill-fitting green trousers, while the female put hers up her red and gold skirt.

With a single smooth movement, Santa released himself from his trousers, bent Caroline forward and placed the glowing tip of his penis at the entrance to her sex. Caroline gasped and pushed backwards, feeling him enter her as he reached up and fondled her breasts through her sweater.

Caroline felt Santa’s beard tickle her neck as her nuzzled her there. Just when she thought his whole length was inside her, he surprised her with a final thrust, filling her entirely. Lust flowed through every part of her and she reached between her legs to locate her clit.

All the while, Caroline’s gaze was focused on the elves, both now masturbating rhythmically. Their garments jiggled as the hands beneath did their work.

Santa rocked with metronomic grace, allowing his penis to almost leave her and letting her savour the stimulation at her opening before pushing back in. All the while she circled her clit and felt exquisite joy begin to build there.

Santa’s movements suddenly became more urgent, and his voice bore a shaky desperation as he said “I’m gonna come.” Caroline felt his warm release ooze inside her and pressed more firmly on her clit. A hard, fast climax gripped her and she rode it out on Santa’s still-solid cock, letting out a long, satisfied moan.

The elves were open-mouthed and frowning, leaning forwards as they surfed the wave of orgasm. They slowed to a stop before running out of the grotto in shame.

“Merry Christmas,” said Caroline with a smile, standing up and feeling Santa’s now-flaccid cock flop out of her with a wet slap, giving her a final jolt of pleasure.

At that moment, she snapped back to reality and found herself climbing off her panting husband as he said “We haven’t done reverse cowgirl for a while. That felt amazing.”

A sheen of sweat on her face, Caroline lay beside him and smiled. “Merry Christmas darling.”

This sexy tale was written by @Aguyinpanties and kindly shared for Kayla Lord's meme #MasturbationMonday, the theme for week #223 being inspired by Cara Theron's hot picture

Anyone not familiar with the phrase "cod sheepishness" it means faux or fake sheepishness.