Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Pale Pink Panties

I first featured this beautiful pink thong edged with black on a #SinfulSunday post, along with my favourite pale pink cowboy boots.  Here are a couple of shots I didn't use for that post.

Although I find pale pink 'barely there' underwear beautiful, I have pale skin so I don't think it's the most flattering for my body, although it is great when I want my underwear to fade into the background, a great alternative to beige/nude.

To illustrate my point, I entitled the next photo shoot 'Fur Coat No Knickers' but I am actually wearing some smooth dusky pink panties.

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Saturday, 16 February 2019

elust - 114 ~Shared

Elust 115 Header Image of Kaetteroo in a steamy mirror nude
Photo courtesy of Katteroo

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UK law removes anti-bdsm rules     Elust

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

If I was taking an erotic photograph ...

“If I was talking an erotic photograph of you I would ask you to …”

This week’s prompt reminded me of one of the most erotic play sessions I’ve ever had, because it was spur of the moment, and I was being controlled yet getting pleasured. 

While getting dressed to go out one evening, my b/f caught me, whilst I was only dressed in my underwear, just as I reached up into my wardrobe to get something to wear.  He instructed me to stand there, as if my hands were fastened above my head, while he knelt between my legs and pleasured me.  By the end, I was glad of the wardrobe’s support because my legs felt as weak as a newborn foal! 

I included the incident in this Halloween Party themed story, but I think it’s great inspiration for an erotic photograph too.

Posy standing, dressed only in stockings and sexy lingerie but wearing high heels.

Posy is reaching up, her hands are fastened above her head (ropes or cuffs?)

Male lover kneels between her spread legs and is pleasuring her (orally or with hands and toys)

This photograph would work well from either angle - I like my neat bum so a rear view would look great (let’s dress me in seamed stockings!) However, in a basque or push up bra I give good cleavage, so from the front would look pretty lush too (maybe Posy is wearing a blindfold, or a gag?)

This post is submitted for #WickedWednesday, click the link to see who else is participating.

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Letter to my Lover #Lingerieisforeveryone

#Lingerie is for Everyone

Extract from a letter to my lover ....

I miss you as soon as you leave.  I hear your tread on the stairs and the slam of the door and already I’m desolate with longing.  Your cum is still dribbling out of my pussy, making my fleshy folds wet and sticky, and yet I’m longing for you.

I lie in the tangled sheets, trying to track down the faintest hint of your aftershave (on the pillows perhaps). I pull and drag at my nipples with pincer-like fingers,  an attempt to recreate the ache of desire you put in them.  Bolts of sensation shoot down to my cunt, still gaping and stretched from our fucking, and I yearn to feel your cock between my thighs again, slamming into me.  I like it rough (I deserve it rough, I am your whore, your concubine, ready to be fucked or used to please you at a moment’s notice).

My hand trails down between my legs, roaming over my mons and the tops of my thighs, my bare, smooth skin is chafed and reddened by your stubble since you pleasured me with your talented tongue.  Sir - I turn to liquid once more re-living the feel of your lips, teeth and tongue as you teased me to orgasm, while looking up at me with your startling blue eyes.  I could drown in your gaze, you pin me with it, and I’m trapped like a butterfly in a display.

[For more of this love letter visit here]

Friday, 8 February 2019

Enchanted Valley - Lovers' Tryst #GuestPost & #SoSS

In this second extract from my #GuestWriter, the modern day fades away,
 time slips, taking the reader back to the second meeting between 
Lady Margaret and her elf-enchanted lover.

As soon as Tamlyn saw her standing there, he vaulted off the moonbeam horse, strode towards her and enfolded her in his arms.

"Meggie  - my heart - you came!" he murmured into her hair then his mouth sought hers.

Margaret closed her eyes and clung to him.  As she drowned in his kiss, thrills ran through her body settling in the secret place he'd shown her was the centre of all delight.  His hands were on her breasts, pushing down the front of her gown to fondle them.  Her nipples stiffened at his touch.  She groaned, feverish with desire.

He picked her up and carried her to their place beneath their trees.  They wrenched off their clothes and came together joyously, melting into each other until they became as one.

Afterwards they lay in each other's arms exchanging kisses, Margaret said, "I hadn't meant to come again until I heard your voice.  How did you call me?  was it one of your elvish tricks?"

He reached out and pulled a white rose, he brushed it across her lips and drew circles with it on her cheeks.  "I called you?  No, Meggie, I came because you picked a rose."

Margaret stroked his hair and traced the outline of his ear.  The evening air was cool on her bare skin and she pulled her cloak over them.

"I heard you call," she insisted, "I was playing chess with Fiona in the great hall when I heard your voice. I looked up, expecting to see you standing in the doorway but no-one was there.  Then I realised the call was in my mind.  I got up so fast I knocked over the chess board:  I picked up my skirts and came as fast as I could."

Tamlyn laughed, "My magic is better than I knew;  you must have read my thoughts and answered my desire."  He snuggled closer, his hands exploring her body again.

Margaret thought dreamily that this was what it would be like to lie in her marriage bed, then she remembered that it would not be the young, lithe body of Tamlyn beside her, but the slack, middle-aged flesh of Sir Nigel.  She began to scheme, to try to find a way that she could be with her elfin lover forever.

"Tell me true," she said forcefully, pushing against his chest, "who are you?  Is Tamlyn your real name?  Are you mortal as you say or elfin as I think?  Or are you, perhaps, an illusion - something evil in disguise?  The priests say the devil can take many forms to lead us into sin.  You might be the devil."

"What does this feel like?" he said, laughing at her, guiding his hand to his warm manhood that was becoming erect again as they touched each other beneath the cloak.  "A devil's prick is cold as ice and mine is hot for you."

She pressed closer to him and he kissed her, a long, deep satisfying kiss that drove away all the questions she wanted to ask.

Later he said, "I don't know my mortal name.  When the  Queen of Darkness stole me, she cast a spell to make me forget it.  Sometimes I almost remember, but before I can recall it, it's gone.  Tamlyn is the name she gave me but, by the love I bear you, sweet Meggie, I swear I am as mortal as you.  I would run away with you tonight if it were not for her spells that keep me bound to her."

"Is there no way out?"  Margaret was sure there must be, she couldn't bear the thought of Sir Nigel's clumsy hands on her body after Tamlyn's magic touch.

"I'm trying to discover how  to break her spell, but it's not easy.  She mustn't find out that I want to leave."  Tamlyn's busy hands made Margaret shiver with delight.  "I love you, Meggie:  I am mortal.  Do you believe me?"

"I want to."  Margaret wriggled her body against him.  "I want to believe you as much as I want you to make love to me again."

"Greedy!" said Tamlyn with a soft laugh but he obliged her.

Much later, Margaret said reluctantly, "I must go, I've been away too long already.  If my father misses me, there'll be the devil to pay."

Tamlyn helped her into her dress and laced it.  It took a long time because he was kissing the back of her neck as he did so.  "Will you come again tomorrow, Meggie?"

"If I can,  My greatest fear is that my father will suddenly move the household - then how shall I find you?"

Tamlyn took her face in his hands and gently kissed her eyelids.  "Love will find a way."

Margaret's mood suddenly changed.  His complacency infuriated her, he wasn't taking her seriously enough and she pulled away, speaking sharply.

"That's fool's talk, Tamlyn!  You'll have to do better than that if you would win me for your bride.  Try harder to break the spell:  there must be a way."

He held out his arms wanting a kiss and a loving farewell, but Margaret flounced out of reach.  Before he could catch her, she took to her heels and ran down the path through the wood, away from her lover leaving him amazed at her fiery vehemence.

Enchanted Valley : Lovers' Tryst

Whilst sharing this lovely piece of writing from an author who's had a big influence on me , I decided my #SoSS theme. Pieces from sex bloggers who've had an influence on my evolving writing skills:

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This week in my blog I have shared:

#KotW & #MasturbationMonday:  Working out the Kinks

#WickedWednesday:  Chips

#FlashFriday:  Interrail Interlude

Interrailing Interlude

Submitted for #FridayFlash - the wonderful meme run by @fdoteonora

This short is stolen from a longer piece I am writing, so any feedback will be helpful to know if the longer work 'has legs'

Interrailing Interlude

Suddenly the crowded train entered a tunnel. Lights within the carriage flickered briefly on before blacking out, plunging everything into darkness.  Amid sounds of startlement and confusion, the young man she’d been fantasising about while they stood at the dusty station stumbled against her. His impact pushed Trudi’s thighs apart while his hand landed just above her breast for balance.  

Trudi jolted with electricity when they touched.  She’d been suppressing how his close proximity sizzled at the edge of her consciousness. Instinctively she covered his hand and dragged it under her T shirt to capture her breast, which she squeezed, trapping his hand in the squeeze.

She almost groaned at his touch, but silence and stealth were imperative.  He didn’t resist or pull back. She was emboldened.  Trudi’s other hand brushed the front of his shorts, discovering the attraction was reciprocated.  His cock was ramrod stiff behind the cotton. Pressing and stroking its outline she marvelled at its size and the warmth it generated.

The stranger’s fingers grasped and explored her breast, tracing the outline of her nipple, toying with the piercing which enhanced her sensitivity.  Without hesitation Trudi unzipped his flies. She slid a hand in to stroke his erection, thumbing a droplet of pre-cum around its engorged tip.  

She bit her lip, breasts responding with such delicious lust that she groaned low when the pad of the young man’s thumb worried her aching nipple to a peak.  She gripped the girth of his shaft, moving deftly up and down. The stranger leaned towards her in supplication.  

Fuck this was exciting, Trudi took what she wanted, in control of what brought him joy!  
The danger of discovery, being in the midst of people while being fondled by a stranger felt so arousing. She continued exploring him intimately, grasping and pumping. His cock responded, swelling and drooling pre-cum.

Trudi’s knickers were soaked through, her swollen labia throbbed against the unforgiving seam of her cut-off shorts.  At that moment light began to pierce the carriage as the train left the tunnel.  Trudi whipped her hand from the stranger’s shorts, pressing his eager dick back into their dark confines before the carriage flooded with low-slanting evening sunlight once more.

As the journey continued, Trudi burned with unfulfilled lust and arousal.  Her breasts ached like overripe fruit, longing to be picked.  The young man caught her eyes, mutual frustration blazed in his look of longing. Trudi throbbed for what could have been.  The tenting of his shorts now disguised with a notebook he held.

Trudi longed for another tunnel, to finish what they’d started, but didn’t get her wish.  Approaching the next station she snatched his notebook to jot down her mobile number.  Her pulse thundered in her ears as she maneuvered off the train onto the arrid platform.  

The departing train whipped strands of Trudi’s hair.  She slipped on her sunglasses and that’s when she saw the same young man standing on the platform, watching her with a burning gaze.

Wednesday, 6 February 2019


The night air was cold, a heavy dampness hanging around, creeping into clothes, seeping through her scratchy wool coat, swirling round legs.  Her breath made puffs like smoke while the orange street lights lit nothing well, everything looked sickly.

The smell of his chips, sharp with vinegar, made her nose crinkle, her tummy rumble. His breath too made clouds as he chewed hot fried batons of potato, trails of steam rising into the inky night.

“Want one?” He startled her, extending his arm to waft the fragrant package under her nose. Her belly growled even as she shook her head.

“C’mon, I got plenty!”  His eyes, a startling blue with long lashes, crinkled.

She shook her head again, conversational shutters down, turning her back on his proffered chips.

“You sure?  They’re lovely and hot.”  His voice seemed nuanced with the suggestion, chips might lead to something hotter

Jess’ hostility increased, cutting off her nose to spite her face.  She was starving, her fingers and toes numb from the cold.

He grabbed her from behind, suddenly. He pulled her close, her back slammed against his broad chest.  A strong arm wrapped around, bound her to him.  A hot ketchupy chip was held close to her mouth.

“C’mon, you know you want to.” 

Jess’ stomach growled. Her mouth watered.  She could smell his maleness, a musk of shaving products and clean sweat.  His breath, warm against her neck, she felt a tickle of anticipation.

“Open wide little bird.” His sing-song tone dripped with menace and power.  His arm tightened like a vice.

Jess opened her mouth.  The chip went wide, daubing her cheek with red.  He smeared it around before feeding it to her.

“Good girl,” his voice remained stern.  

He fed her more. Jess chewed mechanically, heart thumping.  What did he intend? Suddenly he spun her round 180°, holding her when she stumbled.

“Dirty girl,” his growl held tightly reigned arousal.  Leaning in he licked her face, slowly, deliberately, sensuously.  Moisture flooded Jess’ slit, coating her knickers even as she felt humiliation.

He bent to kiss her, his tongue probing, chasing and capturing hers in an exotic dance.  When it broke, they were both breathing heavily, dragon puffs in the night air.

“Forgive me?” he said, dipping his head, to pierce her with sincere blue eyes.

“So damn annoying!”  Jess couldn’t stay angry.  

“But you can’t resist me.” Ray’s smirk brought heat, even as he snapped playfully at a chip.

“C’mere you sexy bitch, before the bus comes.”

Grabbing Jess by the lapels he pulled her in tight to his hard body, fumbling under her coat to drag up her skirt and grab at her pussy.  His strong, thick fingers worked under her knicker edge and pressed inside, a hot knife in her buttery hole.  Ray found her pleasure spot, rubbing as he probed. Jess moaned and gasped, on buckling legs.

Her mewling pants fuelled his questing, her anguished gasps hung in the velvet night even as they misted around her face. 

“Come for me, dirty girl.”  

Ray’s permission tipped her over. Jess crumpled against him as the throbs of pleasure flooded her core.  His strong arms held her, until she steadied.

The bus was approaching, headlights sliced the gloom. Quickly Jess straightened her clothes and pulled herself back to reality. With a hiss of wet tyres and automated doors opening, their ride home welcomed them aboard. Climbing on, Ray stood protectively behind her as Jess paid, before moving up the bus. Other tired passengers made their way home.

Once seated Ray fed Jess a cold chip.  Eating the proffered chip, she could smell her own ocean fragrance on his fingers.

The prompt for #WickedWednesday this week is : Go to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and use the first thing you see as a your prompt.  I saw this picture posted by @ollie_dave and a memory of keeping warm with a portion of tightly wrapped chips sprang to mind.  Check out the others who are participating by following the link.

Sunday, 3 February 2019

Working out the Kinks

#Kink of the Week : #Masturbation Monday

Mutual Masturbation

This rarely happens, but as soon as I read the prompt for Kink of the Week I knew what I wanted to write, actually I wanted to start writing immediately!

I love reading erotica with passages where one person masturbates for the other’s pleasure. Perhaps the partner is in the room watching, or maybe they capture a voyeur moment. so the masturbating person is watched through an open door, un-drawn curtains or from some other vantage point. 

Fiction featuring absent lovers is enticing. They might sext, better still they have phone sex, talking dirty before getting their hands and/or toys involved and letting their partner listen to their sighs, groans and the delicious squelch of engorged flesh and body fluids. This is very arousing to read, I'll admit I’ve never tried it.

Nowadays most phones have sophisticated cameras, webcams on their laptops and computers get utilised. There are stories where 1 party puts on a sexy display for remote lovers, receiving instructions on how and where to touch/ play with themselves.  These tales tap into both the mutual masturbation kink (because participants can often see one another), the voyeur kink, and perhaps a domination submission vibe - things can play out with so many nuances, all delicious.

The mutual masturbation I want to discuss though, was less in ‘fantasy’ realms than necessity. For myself and my OH we used it to cure an issue.  We had a big problem, we'd enjoyed a very satisfying sex life for several years but, following the birth of our first child, sex began to cause me pain.

Many of you will know that after childbirth the hormones released, and those involved with the process of breastfeeding, can mute a woman's sex drive. It’s probably nature’s way of ensuring you care for your vulnerable newborn instead of abandoning their care to shag each other senseless.  Mindful of that, I was very conscious that I was neglecting my OH’s needs for those of our child’s.  All the text books tell you that your partner can feel very excluded by the breastfeeding bond.  

I needed to have sex with him to reconnect.  I wanted to remind myself I was a sexual, desirable being as well as a mother (for mother read ‘frump’ - because pregnancy had made me feel the opposite of fecund and attractive).  Anyway, trying to utilise some ‘us’ time, light foreplay led to an attempt at penetrative sex which led to yelping squeals from me and hurt puzzlement from him. 

I had an episiotomy scar (a cut to allow baby’s head out of the vagina). Books had advised a tear would heal better, but I suspect with the forcep intervention, both had occurred.  I’d been stitched up with sutures that were supposed to dissolve over time.  Our painful, failed attempts at penetration had me convinced that one or two stitches still remained, causing the problem. A trip to the doctor disproved my theory, so what next?

My OH was prepared to be patient, he listen to me and was mindful of my needs - thank goodness for that.  We settled on mutual masturbation as our way forward, and you’d be amazed at how shy I felt about it!  Here was I, a woman who’d been pleasuring herself for over ten years, feeling bashful because my husband was watching me touch myself, how I made myself wet and, more cringey still, brought myself to orgasm.

We started gradually, luckily there was no shyness when HE showed me how he touched himself and we broke the ice that way.  I followed his lead and added extra things, like nipple play and perineum massage, and soon he was lustily showing his appreciation (all over his stomach and chest!).

Our next encounter was more about me, he lay with his head down near my hips to watch how I stroked and smoothed myself with a questing finger, building up to feeling warm and wet and in the mood.  He took over with his digits, mimicking where and how I’d touched myself, checking in with me if it felt good, which it did.  When he tried probing inside me with his fingers though, I started to wince, so he went back to just stroking and stimulating my labia while I rubbed my clitoris till I came.  It was so wonderful to be flooded with those endorphins, such a relief to feel sexy again, that we vowed to try again soon.

This is how we progressed, gradually pushing my boundaries of penetration, til one finger became 2, til tongue and lips took over from fingers for external stimulation and finally I was ready, we were ready, to try again with PiV penetration, and it worked and it was lovely.  

Hats off to my OH, he was massively patient, he was a great study and he took direction very well.  He’d never been confident about his oral skills before, but was so determined to make sex something we could both enjoy as before, that he applied himself to learning what I worked for me, in the process discovering what he enjoyed too. I guess many women will relate to me saying I loved oral sex, but I hadn’t previously wanted to ask for it because I suspected it was something he didn’t enjoy.  

Our sex life moved from strength to strength now our communication and understanding of each other’s pleasure and techniques had been so enhanced.  It was obviously still difficult to find moments when I wasn’t too tired to have sex, or when the baby didn’t cry, causing ‘coitus interruptus’, but we managed.

Writing this reminds me we should revisit mutual masturbation, my OH watching me play with myself, it would be extra sexy without the pressure of our old agenda.  I often watch him play with himself which I find it incredibly hot (and educational) - it’s a great way to remind myself of his favourite techniques.  Of course he can’t suck his own nipples, so I can help out there!  Yes! I feel determined to put on a show for him soon, lots of touching and panting and circling and dipping.  I think we’d both enjoy that.

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Friday, 1 February 2019

The Doctor Will See You Now : February #SoSS

It's February, my Dark Darlings, and with the new month comes a new interview with a prolific and talented writer of erotic fiction.  Through Dr. J's participation in the weekly memes of #WickedWednesday and #MasturbationMonday I quickly discovered that she crafts stories I love to read.  Then I found the SistersinSmut - nine like-minded writers who blog as a co-operative.   Read my interview to find out more about what sparks her interest.

Dr J. - Author

What made you decide to write on an adult/erotic theme?

After nearly 40 years in my professional life as a sex educator and therapist, it was a way to keep teaching. I had taught about the research on fantasies, and when I left the college classroom, my students said I had to keep going, that I told good stories. Writing erotic fiction had never been on my radar until then. So, two years into retirement, I went for it. That was three years ago.

What draws you to the blogs you follow?

I love creativity in all forms. Blogs that show me a different take on a topic are the ones I follow.

List 5 words you use to search for the content you want to read/view

Don’t laugh, but that’s not what I do. I go to places where other people curate content and I peek in there. That’s why memes like Masturbation Monday, Wicked Wednesday, and Friday Flash are unique. It combines the location and the creativity of a topic. People are passionate about what they write. I love that energy.

What is your favourite type of adult toy?

Hands down, or hands on the Magic Wand!

If you were sent to a desert island (with no power issues) name the adult item or film or book you’d take with you:

The Vibrator

What’s your current sexuality?  At what age did you realise this was the right ‘fit’ for you?

Heterosexual. It was an early on clarification in my life. I couldn’t tear my eyes off the hunky lifeguard at our local pool. The fantasies I created with him, phew. I can still pull them up today.

What’s your preference - naked or “dressed up” for sex?  If dressed up, how so?

Naked, but with jewellery.

Is there a kink or fantasy you’re yearning to try?

Nothing pops to mind, but if it did, I have a willing partner.

Name a pivotal moment in your youth which may have set the path for your sex life:

Oh, Posy, this is a great sex history question. When I was in the 5th grade my cousin from Canada sent me a short wool skirt and vest she had outgrown. I loved it and couldn’t wait to wear it to school. The day I did, we watched a film. This activity meant moving the desks, and I ended up sitting next to the new student. In the dark, he told me he liked the skirt and touched the fabric. His hand slipped down to my naked thigh (I was wearing knee socks) and the sensation that flew through my body riveted me. As I write these words, I can still experience the muscle/emotional memory. Yes!  In that moment I appreciated my body’s response and kept looking for it.

You’re going to a party - if you could pick 5 ideal guests (living or dead) to meet and party with, who would they be?  Expand a little on why you chose them:

I would make it a sex theme group, no surprise. I’d want a dinner discussion to start.
Cora Crane, wife of author Stephen Crane. She was a businesswoman, writer and bordello owner where I live.
Margaret Sanger founder of Planned Parenthood
Phil Harvey owner of Adam and Eve (my former employer)
Plato Let’s discuss homosexuality
Anais Nin, I’d have a list of questions about her writing controversies. 
Together I’d love to hear about similarities and differences of sex at the time.

What would you choose for your drag queen / burlesque dancer name?

Cherry Sunset (I have red hair!)

Sex needn’t always be serious - do you have a funny moment to share?

You mean like dealing with height difference, me standing on a stool and falling off of it. Not exactly to the climax we were looking for.

Sexting - love it or hate it?


Which mainstream film depicts your favourite erotic scene?

9 1/2 Weeks because of where I was and who I was with when I saw it.

Nominate your favourite “adult” film or book:

The Siren Tiffany Reisz

Before you go, please advise us 1 sex blog which we should add to our reading list:

I must toot the horn for the Sisters In Smut Blog. It highlights sex-positive erotica, friendship, and craft. Nine of us form the group and the combined energy is pretty special.

Thank you so much for sharing your more ‘private’ side with me and my Dark Darlings!  

Dr. J. Author

Bio: Dr. J. arrived at her writing career after being a condom packer, sex educator, sex therapist, and finally a college professor of human sexuality. Using her vast knowledge and experience of sexuality and the mind, she continues her education efforts by integrating positive sexuality into the human experience through her stories. She writes Erotica and Erotic Romance. Living the island life on the Atlantic coast, Dr. J. plays petanque, knits, and supports all the visual and performing arts of the area. 

Facebook Fangroup:
Amazon Author Page:
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